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wanted to write
erotic poetry
but feared an
army of
stern priests
101st airborne

odds on one
hitting a
big miss
(sexually… 7 more words


#Movember (the 6th)

By Elizabethan times, beard styles varied enormously in shape and size: styles like the Stiletto, the Pisa and the Swallows Tail required careful dressing using a beard brush and, at night, a wooden press. 238 more words

"We can do nothing without Him" by John Newton

“We are never more safe, never have more reason to expect the Lord’s help, than when we are most sensible that we can do nothing without Him.” 29 more words

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"After preaching the gospel for forty years" by Charles Spurgeon

“After preaching the gospel for forty years, and after printing the sermons I have preached more than six-and-thirty years, reaching now to the number of 2,200 in weekly succession, I am fairly entitled to speak about the fulness and richness of the Bible, as a preacher’s book. 116 more words

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Postcard No. 44: Chapel Street, Salford

Ye―it’s all about ye.
A pub with ye should never
be torn down. Ye has history,
more street-smarts than any old thee.
Ye has an air of distinction―

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"Watch me" by D.A. Carson

“As a chemistry undergraduate at McGill University, with another chap I started a Bible study for unbelievers. That fellow was godly but very quiet and a bit withdrawn. 828 more words

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"Be Bible readers" by Charles Spurgeon

“Let us stop and consider the merciful nature of God, in having written us a Bible at all. Ah! He might have left us without it, to grope our dark way, as blind men seek the wall. 436 more words

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