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It's Time For Sumptuary Laws To Regulate Facebook And Make Us Truly Happy And Free

I am old enough to remember the utopian hopes for the internet.  Sadly, the era of friendly little chat rooms (I exaggerate a bit) has given way to the era of dystopian fears: of Big Social Media, of the Deep State, and of our semi-voluntary servitude to the cookies and trackers. 349 more words

Sexual Assault & Masculinity

For More: Sex Assault Claims Don’t Prove Male Toxicity, But The Absence Of Masculinity

I always suspected the left would circle back to Puritanism. What strikes me about most of the allegations so far, however, is how unmasculine the men are. 260 more words


Chapter 25: A drop of sweat spent in a drill is a drop of blood saved in a battle

píng shí duō liú hàn, zhàn shí shǎo liú xuè

Previous chapters already brought up the problem of the demonisation of physical relation­ships.[1] 920 more words


Quotable Church History: "Be killing sin..."

This is the seventh in a series on famous quotes from church history. We’re looking at who said these famous words, in what context, and whether it’s biblical. 760 more words

Church History

Josiah Collier, Grindletonian

The 17th-century religious movement known as ‘Grindletonianism’ is mainly associated with the preacher Roger Brereley (1586-1637), who was at one time curate of Grindleton in Lancashire. 395 more words

Quaker History

Dowden — Puritan and Anglican

Dowden, Edward. Puritan and Anglican: Studies in Literature. London: K. Paul, Trench, Trübner, 1900.

Jeremy Taylor, John Bunyan, Sir Thomas Browne, Richard Hooker, George Herbert.

Digital version: HathiTrust.

17th Century



Trump has predecessors in history. The womanizer King Henry VIII, angered at the pope for not approving one of his divorces, started his own church, a church royalty and not the pope heads, and one which survives to this day with Queen Liz at its helm. 302 more words