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Puritanism: Revivalism and the Great Awakening

For those (especially the Culture I’s undergrads) in wanting to learn a bit more  about the American religious movement so-called “The Great Awakening”, just click on the link below. 18 more words

American Culture I (2019/1 N4/N5)

Notes from a Facebook Exile

Once again the ghostly powers of Facebook have judged me and found me wanting.

Or wanting of the veneer of non threatening, amiable posts. Nothing that would offend a Humming Bird of nerve endings. 639 more words

New Poetry

Puritan Economic Experiments (Gary North)

This is a summary of North’s PhD dissertation, though it reads better than most dissertations. North outlines three major economic experiments in Puritan New England: 1) govt control of land; 2) govt control of prices; 3) govt control of fashion. 410 more words

Book Review

The best thing to do now is to legalize public masturbation

Courts in Sweden and Italy dropped charges against men arrested for public masturbation in recent years. This seems trivial in the week we learned that  1,233 more words


A Short Life of Jonathan Edwards

A Short Life of Jonathan Edwards

George M. Marsden

George M. Marsden—widely acclaimed for his magisterial large study of Edwards—has now written a new, shorter biography of this many-sided, remarkable man. 702 more words

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