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“God’s Righteousness and Ours” A Devotion on Psalm 111:2-3

“Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them. Full of honor and majesty is God’s work, and God’s righteousness endures forever.”—Psalm 111:2-3… 326 more words

Christian Faith

I Understand The Wire, but The Crown?

What should we stream on Netflix or Amazon Prime? Should we do what the Puritans did (even though they didn’t have wifi)?

Here’s one piece of advice… 370 more words

Being Human

Stacked odds

I noticed http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=41720&headline=Pilot%20scheme%20will%20help%20support%20young%20gaming%20addicts&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2018 when it first went up on the website, and nearly fell off my chair laughing.

I wish I could decide which is dumbest – the scheme, the news that it will get charitable funding, or the sheer, unquestioning cretinism of the comments below the article. 648 more words

Pantheism! The horror…….

Recently I was walking with some family members down a river-walk in town.  One of these members is a Protestant/Fundamentalist and someone with whom I cannot talk about anything serious, especially anything that may challenge his preferred worldview.  1,238 more words


Thaddeus Russell and Dave Rubin: Socialism, Authoritarianism, and Liberalism

Puritanism is not about working hard so that you get nice things, it’s not the materialism we see manifested in our consumerism culture. It’s more a work ethic where work in itself is virtuous regardless of what you might get for it – and you should work all the time. 439 more words

An Essentialist Making the Case for Nominalism

In a post entitled “‘Essentialist’ means just what I say it means…,” anti-liberal blogger Zippy Catholic described the terms “Essentialist” and “Nominalist”:

[A]n antiessentialist (or 

875 more words

Puritanical Groups: Frankenstein’s Monster

Recovered post.

A story emerged recently, not nearly as interesting from an ideological point of view as from a psychological one.

In a way it’s classic: someone founds a group or participates in its founding, based on a set of principles. 539 more words

The Artificial "Culture War"