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'Basher' Dowsing of Suffolk!

William ‘Basher’ Dowsing (1596 – 1668) was born in Laxfield, Suffolk, was a puritan and made his name during the English Civil War (1642-49), a war that split the country between Parliament and Royalty. 257 more words

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Cult of Vegans

There is always a story, a history, a process that takes it roots somewhere that eventually leads to a movement. Such movements take many forms, the people, culture, rhetoric changes but the ideology remains the same. 383 more words


Jesus Christ the Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever

When you get in a car accident, you sometimes, even usually, go through a physical shift known as whiplash. This shift is typically defined as some form of jerking or jolting, typically of your head, and usually causing some level of injury. 378 more words

13th July 1590. The Infamous Tracts.

Archbishop Whitgift’s actions against the Puritans and vigorous enforcement of the Subscription Test were carried out in the name Queen Elizabeth’s policy of religious uniformity. 467 more words


Tribes and Sects - One Nation, Under Siege

When the Stories We Tell Ourselves get so long and involved, embellished, enshrined in ritual, and removed from the very people doing the telling that it takes longer to understand them than it does to get drunk on Bud Lite, things usually begin to change. 3,505 more words

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Considering Spurgeon on the Christian Life

As a former Particular Baptist, as they used to be called, I had an appreciation for Charles Spurgeon. While in seminary I did a paper in one of my history classes examining his sermons during the revival of 1859 to see how the doctrines of grace (aka Calvinism) were prominent and therefore consistent with revival. 1,929 more words

Pleasure Seekers

Pleasure seeking animals
with little self-control
satisfy our libidos
with stiff pegs in soft holes.
In need of self-fulfillment
we’re like moths to a flame, 242 more words