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The Trayvon Martin Case, Update #50: Anniversary

An anniversary approaches. It is an anniversary most Americans do not anticipate or celebrate, but for those worshipping at the alter of racism and social justice, February 26, 2012 is a holy day. 1,957 more words

The Trayvon Martin Case

When 'Go Lean' Has Nothing To Do With Diets: What You Need To Know About 'Drank' or 'Sizzurp' To Protect Your Teens

Yet another death being possibly related to chronic drug abuse or opioid overdose is in the media, as 27 year old rapper Fredo Santana was found dead Saturday. 698 more words

The Medicine Chest

Writing Under the Influence ...

ONE. I’m ONE measly DEGREE over the normal temperature. Incredible.  One degree … yet I can feel the skin on my cheeks twinkling like Christmas lights.  202 more words

Journal Blog

Sipping Lean In 2017: It's Not A Good Look Being A Codeine Fiend

If you don’t know, Lean or Purple Drank is a recreational drug, a concoction made by mixing cough syrup containing Codeine and Promethazine with Sprite (and sometimes a hard boiled sweet such as a Jolly Rancher for some extra sweetness). 46 more words


Ocean City Maryland : Destination Crab Feast

Orchestrating a group trip is always a challenge. The original plan was a quick weekend in New Orleans, but coordinating seven people’s life and work schedules led us to an East Coast mini road trip to Ocean City Maryland. 373 more words