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marrying the senses: illustrating music

The Daily What recently highlighted the incredible Russian duo People Too‘s gorgeously illustrated sheet music, a piece that makes the visual audible and the audible visual. 266 more words

Miscellaneous Oddities

our recording deal accident!

yeah, our recording deal is a classic example of an accident… in fact, i got to know about the whole story only recently. now, let me unwrap it in the order of events…  this is shiva, not susha (by now i guess you guys should be able to figure this out yourself) 1,598 more words

Looking Back

yodhakaa, our band and our album

this is a ‘hello world’ post… and in many ways, marks the beginning of yodhakaa as a full fledged operation… a band, our first album ready for release and us, starting to make contact with… the world. 296 more words