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It’s not WHAT you say, but HOW you say it.

This statement can be the difference between landing the perfect job or having your resume swept under the rug. Your ability to nonverbally and verbally communicate effectively during the interview process will make you stand out from the other candidates. 193 more words

Americans losing confidence in the economy: Fannie Mae - Yahoo Finance

The Fannie Mae (FNMA) Home Purchase Sentiment Index (HPSI) was formally launched earlier this week as an predictive indicator of the housing market’s next move. In the last couple of months, the index dropped to 80.8 from its record high of 84.7 set back in June.

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-- My First Common Room Meet --

Date – 01st August 2015

This was Actually my first such experience of a #CommonRoom sort of a thing… To be frank I didn’t expected it to be so much Fun but, My Word, it was !! 143 more words


The Problem With On-The-Job Training

I have learned many things in the job environment.  It can be a high stress bang your head against the wall until the right answer comes out state of being. 139 more words


I'm Waiting To Hire The Perfect Candidate

By: Jill Reynolds, Quantix President and CEO

“I’m holding out for the perfect candidate.” We hear this phrase or something similar on a regular basis from clients and prospects. 545 more words

Career Advice

Our job in this world is very similar to a System Analyst. The only difference is that the job of a System Analyst is to analyze the current system of an organization and propose a course of action whereas our Creator has given us a job to analyze our own system of life and propose a course of action for our own selves based on our deeds….The feasibility report by the system analyst reflects his thorough study on the current system and the feasibility report we have to prepare is a thorough study of our own lives in which we have to propose a new line of action for our lives which would rectify our old system and point us towards Jannah and take us away from Hell…..So dear System Analysts try to prepare a state of an art feasibility report and reflect on the cost and benefit analysis so that your rectified system may directly take you to Jannah! 18 more words


Is No Loaf Really Better than Half?

I was talking with my friend – the one with the corrosive attitude mentioned here and here – and he described how he had unsuccessfully interviewed for a Quality Manager position over a year ago.  2,002 more words