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Root Veggie Medley

I stopped eating meat about 6 months ago and I am always experimenting with new and interesting ways to prepare veggies. I was excited to find some beautiful purple sweet potatoes recently at our Fresh Market. 222 more words

Stone Soup And Other Delicacies

Friday Night Meal Prep

Happy Sunday everyone! I am back in action with Mommy Run Fast and Jill Conyers for their weekly link-up! I am sharing my meal prep from Friday, since it was my rest day! 215 more words

{recipe} Slow Cooker Apple & Sweet Potato Pork Chops 

This recipe is so simple, it’s why we all love our crockpots! It took all of 10 minutes to prep. Throw everything in the slow cooker and hours later there’s dinner! 85 more words


Mashed Purple Sweet Potatoes with Maple Butter & Toasted Pecans

Tested Recipe with Slight Adjustment Adapted from www.spoonforkbacon.com

Ingredients (serves 4 to 6)

2 to 3 large purple sweet potatoes (about 2 lbs), peeled and chopped… 151 more words

okinawan sweet potato scones

At first glance, Okinawan sweet potatoes look pretty ordinary. The skin of this starchy root vegetable is thin, dull, and beige. However, slice one open and you’ll find that the insides are a marvelous violet!  636 more words


Sweet, Salty, Savory Tofu & Purple Sweet Potato Sunday Breakfast

Sunday is our Fun Day.  A perfect morning for a bit of sweet, salty and savory to start out the day.  The Tofu & Purple Sweet Potato ‘Hash’ 706 more words

Purple sweet potatoes & skirt steak 

quite a quick post this one.

I saw these purple sweet potatoes on red ticket.. Had to try em..

With a great piece of skirt.. Dusted in secret Irish smuggled seasoning mix.. 73 more words

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