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Purple Sweet Potato Fries

Hi, all! Today I will be sharing on fries. Speaking of fries, it instantly reminded me of McDonald’s french fries. How many of you love McDonald’s french fries as I do? 622 more words


Romanesco Broccoli

Romanesco broccoli may cook like regular broccoli, but it looks like it was stolen from the Smithsonian.

Purple Sweet Potatoes

Something else that will get your recipe published in a magazine? 132 more words


Rainbow on a Platter

Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Standard sweet potato fries get a violet twist with the addition of a Japanese sweet potato. The mauve exterior and pale buttery flesh pair up beautifully with the rust orange of the traditional sweet potato we see so frequently in the south. 245 more words


Purple Sweet Potato Snacks

Baked up while listening to Ed Sheeran – Photograph

Did you know that there’s more than one kind of sweet potato? The picture above is of the purple skinned variety, in Ecuador we call it “camote” ;) The purple skinned variety is a delicious alternative to the traditional sweet potato. 140 more words


Purple Sweet Potatoes?

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I had a purple sweet potato for the first time a few months ago and I have to say that I am sad that they aren’t year round. 129 more words


Root Veggie Medley

I stopped eating meat about 6 months ago and I am always experimenting with new and interesting ways to prepare veggies. I was excited to find some beautiful purple sweet potatoes recently at our Fresh Market. 222 more words

Stone Soup And Other Delicacies