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Reasons for Seasons and Rain

Sometimes, when we go through difficult times, we call them “storms”. If you ever watched Winnie the Pooh, gloomy old Eeyore was often pictured with a storm cloud hovering over his head. 524 more words


The Purpose of Pain

I have always loved all the excitement, activity and tradition that leads up to Christmas. Mama and Daddy would take us walking through the woods on our family land in mid-December to pick out a tree. 1,080 more words

Strength For The Journey

A Letter to my Daughter

My last post was on “being well.” The lapse of time between then and now is because I have been. I’m finished with all required clinical hours for medical school and currently at the beginning of a required vacation time for interview season. 1,833 more words

What Makes You Think God Is Real?

How do you know there is a God?
Why do you believe He exists?

Personally, I was born into a family where so much evil was present, that I simply never doubted God’s existence. 225 more words


Affliction? Horror? Pain? Why must I endure them? Then scarred hands reach out. Then I realized that He was answering me.

Affliction? Horror? Pain? Why must I endure them? Then scarred hands reached out. Then I realized He was answering me.

I prayed every night, “Dear God, just give me some hope to make it through another day, hour, minute.” 949 more words

God's Promises

Life Is A Matter Of Perspective

Everything happens for a reason and God can make good out of anything Satan throws our way.
For this, I am grateful! 194 more words


Jessie ~ Painted Desert Serenade

Artist: Joshua Kadison
Album: Painted Desert Serenade
always a favorite…

Do you believe in living your dreams? I always have… and until the past couple of years, I’ve been very fortunate to do just that. 311 more words