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Dear Heavenly Father,

May your desires become my desires. May I learn to “present my body as a living sacrifice to you.” I want to do what is right and pleasing to you. 469 more words


Series: 3 Passages of Scripture I've Glossed Over & Underappreciated

Luke 16:10

Pastor Peter C. Steele at Harvest Church
December 7, 2014


Romans 8:28a

Pastor Peter C. Steele at Harvest Church
November 16, 2014… 26 more words


Confidence in God Despite Circumstances

Dear God,

You tell the birds when to sing, assure them it is time to find a mate and get ready for eggs and baby birds even when it is snowing hard outside. 140 more words


I Write to Live

I have a soft spot for teenagers. Perhaps because it was not so long ago that I too was one. Okay, it’s been over a decade but that’s besides the point. 647 more words

When the Brook Dries Up

The first mention of Elijah in Scripture is when he pronounced a judgment of no rain for over three years against Ahab. When Elijah had delivered God’s message, he was instructed to go to the brook Cherith, where he would be fed by ravens and drink from the brook. 328 more words

What is Success?

Someone once visited my blog for the first time, read the stuffs and came back and asked;
“Are you not bothered?”
“About what?” I said. 892 more words


The Circle of Life

If you remember the 1994 Disney movie, The Lion King, you probably remember its theme song, “The Circle of Life.”  In the movie, there is a quote from king Mufasa to his son, Simba.   589 more words