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The Anatomy of Fake People

My sister and I always joke about how much people complain about their relationships around summer’s end. It happens like clockwork – some friend misses a lunch appointment while another misses a wedding. 387 more words



What a Monday! Back from a week off of work, it was a mind melt, for sure. But it was a great day – I recieved an award! 427 more words


The Ghosts I Choose

I used to hate giving any of my works a title. I didn’t like naming poems, essays, or even posts like this. I remember a while back on Tumblr someone had asked me about titles and I was so ashamed. 1,252 more words


I am an aspiring multi-business owner and I was reminded of that dream today. The Wandering Lesbian is an endeavor to claim my writership, something I never claimed to be any good at, despite having ideas about penning lesbian short stories and my autobiography. 441 more words


Content Whatever the Circumstances

Several weeks ago I struggled with pending changes in my horse life, my horses’ living arrangements, in my financial situation. I lost sleep dwelling on the potential outcomes of these changes, fighting with myself over what would be the best decisions. 270 more words

Find your voice.

2  years ago my arms started to go numb, I was so fatigued I could barely get up to fold laundry let  alone go for a bike ride or run. 560 more words


Does Writing Matter?

What does it mean if I’m a writer? What does it mean if I write horror? I could blame the wool suit, and now momentum. I can say I have no choice. 955 more words