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What's a Word Worth?

As part of my resolution to try new things, I’ve been doing some transcription work for an on-line company.  The pay looks possibly decent on paper, but it’s factored per audio minute, so the actual rate per hour depends on how quickly the transcriptionist can complete the job.  331 more words



And yet your Lord Knows exactly how you feel.

It’s 11:38pm and I have nothing to write for today.

Not because I haven’t thought. Not because today wasn’t particularly amazing (though it was, alhamdulillah).

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Motivational videos for success in life

Motivational videos for success in life, intro
What tools are needed to succeed in life? Artist Mikael Avatar makes a series of 12 videos on this topic. 146 more words


In life, we are constantly comparing things. We compare our clothes, our houses, our cars, our jobs, and even our children. But when we start comparing our identity to that of others, it will certainly lead to problems.   570 more words


Pushing Through

I don’t remember when it started, but “pushing through” has become almost a life motto somewhere in the parts of my brain I tend not to examine even though I follow their incessant advice. 425 more words


All Signs Point To Creativity!

As I shared in my last post I’ve decided to focus on writing the book I have swimming in my head. I am still going to be blogging of course, just not as often as I was…which was a lot. 265 more words


FULL of Emptiness (Poem)

I am full, yet I am empty. It is not simply content that can fill the void inside of me, but only silence; only solitude will truly bring me into a place of fullness of joy and identity. 275 more words