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Teaching Philosophy

Anyone can learn anything if they only believe they can, and have the will to try. Many students arrive in the classroom missing part, or all, of that simple equation. 202 more words


Why marriage is not for me (yet)

For too long I’ve looked at marriage as the ultimate goal in life.  A diploma, a career, a new city, an apartment and a pet were all just add-ons to a life centered around being married. 214 more words

A ministry of death!

Since the beginning of recorded history, law based theology has made the attempt to prove itself on the battlefield. One nation against another, each bringing its most highly esteemed set of principles to bear against another; only to find death in the end; which of course is all the law will ever produce! 334 more words


Creation Regained

Sometimes I forget why I want to do what I want to do in life. In short, I want to spend my life making education accessible to people globally. 689 more words


Love with purpose

You cant love others without purpose, if you do, i think that is just “a feeling”. Jesus knew His love could save us, He gave all to get it. 65 more words


Just getting by.

I am no where near a health nut or gym rat but I do try to live a healthy lifestyle and that includes working out. I have been slacking even though I have physical fitness this semester and am required to workout a certain amount of times. 187 more words


Month 4, Day 17 (Day 107)

What do you want to do when you grow up?

This question seems harmless and the candid answer little kids give are often cute or amusing.   434 more words