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Importance of routine

We underestimate the importance of having a regular routine as we grow older. And when you suffer from mental illness this can be very dangerous. Not staying in step with your day to day can cause anxieties, depression, and generally have you lost. 52 more words


Running Away

What happens when you run away from God? The story I’ve always been told is of Jonah, and the fish. The idea is that you can run, anywhere, but there’s no where you can actually hide. 331 more words


“What kind of company should we be and do we all agree on that?” - Interview with Tomás McKenna (part 2)

Blog Post + Podcast Episode – Part 2

Last week I published the first part of my conversation with Tomás McKenna recorded in December 2019. Tomás is a former post-doc colleague of mine who left our lab 1,5 years ago to create his own company – … 434 more words


on communication - iii

face to face, we speak
making sounds is not enough
ears must do their part
and then, hopefully, some brains
decode words of war or peace


Daily Challenge: Attitudes

For today’s challenge, journal about your mindset. What attitude or presuppositions are holding you back from the person you want to become?

Pro Tip: Brainstorm ways to transform old thought patterns that hold you back and implement them.

Daily Challenges

The Cost Of Leadership

You cannot grow beyond the price of your cost to the agreement of who you are. You must pay the price and the cost of calling yourself a leader or a boss. 240 more words


I was almost giving up on her

Familusi, Ayowole Victor – PIGIN National President

Some years back, while I was in my third year during my undergraduate programme in the university. I conceived an idea on my editorial team called “VOICE OF GOD YOUTH EDITORIAL (VGYPEN)” where I was the Editor-in-Chief. 1,228 more words