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every road
a keyboard
every step
giving either
a sweet note
or sour note
tandem tones
ringing a range
of experience
ears might
obtain and… 77 more words



Hamorton was always just on the edge,
Celebrity found its way in the east where
The Wyeths entertained Fitzgerald and Gish,
While to the west… 53 more words


World on Fire!

As a Christian, I am under no obligation to attempt to reconcile the Bible’s teachings with modern philosophy. Biblical truth does not parallel human opinion of  any generation; it usually opposes it! 273 more words


Pursuit Of Purpose, Vital Ingredient For Our Success And Breakthrough In Life: part 2.

This is the second part of the series. Hope you have read part one for a better understanding? If you have not read it, try to read it before continuing this parts two. 715 more words
Your Breakthrough

Living in God's Favor

Since today is July 4th, I thought I would declare my independence and start my own place where I can continue to share my heart with you all. 914 more words


purpose of christians (or simply humans)

(inspired by the homily given by fr.syril)

okay so let me an incident fr told us so, he went to visit a nursing home and met with the resident who told him about the carers that work there and how they did not care about the elderly, treats them almost like farm animals. 290 more words

In the Sleeping Bag - Part II

Still Dreaming in the Tent

Since I wrote part 1, life has continued to happen, and in many ways, even accelerated.

Coming home with a handicapped ankle and late on projects, I felt the need to share my epiphany. 642 more words