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On trees, birds and lofty things

How wonderful it is, to glow under a February sun! To let your leaves, yellow and green turn a shade of gold. To stand still and let your bare branches frame a sky – serene and blue. 249 more words


Effective Communication Advances the Mission

A professor of communication once told me in conversation that for each person in the congregation there is a different form of communication. People communicate in a countless number of ways. 580 more words


Don’t let critics take your calling.

The disciples— the men who walked the dusty roads of Israel with Jesus, reclined at tables and ate with Him, whispered to Him amongst the throngs of people, laughed and shared light, happy moments with Him, witnessed the deaf hearing their first sounds and the lame taking their first steps, experienced what it was like for water to be the only support under trembling feet, and were His closest heart-bound friends— yes, those disciples, led a church where there were “rumblings of discontent.” 757 more words


Battling with the imposter


Like any sane person, I have an internal dialogue. First memories include pretending to be a TV cook whilst making a cup of Horlicks…must have been a very fancy cuppa (“and then the biscuit, it’s important to choose a biscuit of robust quality…”). 328 more words


America, 2016, #2 - On Gravel to Avoid the Hit

One in front

of the other they

said and no

one would love

me again, tossed I am on

rusty grills.

Carl’s dystopia today shot near Gibbon, Nebraska, September 2016


Esoteric Soul.

Are you certain that the path upon which you place your feet every day is true to the soul and its intentions? Do you have a beacon of guiding light in your life? 743 more words


I feel like an empty bottle

“I said nothing for a time, just ran my fingertips along the edge of the human-shaped emptiness that had been left inside me.”  

Hey, it’s me, I’m alive.

241 more words