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On Laziness vs Purpose-less

I can’t seem to know the line between lazy and unmotivated or just losing your drive. I don’t know if laziness is just a purely stupid decision that we make or a product of not having a valuable reason to do something. 226 more words

Peace, Purpose, and Power

Thanks for visiting our web-site. We have also written an extensive reference – How to Study the Bible – which you can always access by clicking on the “Study Guide” tab above. 1,289 more words


It's Ok to Say No to Negativity 

We all know someone that always answers with a negative if you ask how they are. Or that person that laments about how life is getting them down and all the ways that it sucks but may not be doing much to turn it around. 165 more words

Sheri Musings

Keeper of the flock

With eyes on the prize,
the guardian knows his purpose.
Be present, be still.


Why exercises are important?

Like the mind, the body has also to move and deserves the proper careness.

Exercise boosts our energies, gives us a chance to take out all the negative emotions, makes us mindful of our body. 100 more words


Say "No" to Say "Yes"

These past few weeks, we’ve been focusing on what it looks like to be the bride of Christ.  Keith did an incredible job this past Sunday describing what we have to look forward to in eternity as His bride.   366 more words

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