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Defining the Purpose of Your Life (2 min read)

What is my definition of success?

Your definition is yours, no one else’s, so you don’t need anyone’s approval and you don’t have to alter it to fit into some little “acceptable” box. 454 more words

Millionaire's Digest

Mining the New, Leaving the Old.

We are all sent here on a mission to this planet, with our own unique expression of The Most High. We are here to share, redeem, restore, and partake in the re-creational activities for ourselves, future generations and Planet Earth with great joy.  267 more words


Time to Think of Renewal

Since time is always of the essence, it is never too early to do first things first. As we near the end of 2017, we can begin to set our sight on the times ahead. 457 more words


Decision time

Written on 30/11/17

The words are stuck again. It’s been a while since they erupted from me and it’s because I pushed away this side of me. 177 more words


Finding Purpose

“So I have this theory,” I started, the silence too much for me to take any more.

“Oh yea, what’s that?,” he asked, barely looking over at me as we came to a red light. 865 more words


The Universe's Dream

I wonder what the dream of the universe has for me. We are all so infinitesimal – the mind reels when I think about how many people on earth, billions and billions of people on this earth, roam around and wander, drifting like ghosts, possibly wondering just like I am right now what the universe has in store for them. 55 more words


Live Your Dream!

Mark Twain said that “The two most important days in life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Sometimes we struggle to find our purpose in life. 367 more words