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Set an Intention to Live on Purpose

This bracelet came in the mail today. I went to a workshop recently and had the opportunity to make it. I was asked to come up with… 482 more words


Time- a constant

James 4:14 “You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.”

Time can be defined as the progress of events. A constant of moving forward. 261 more words


When you pray for rain - you'll get a flood.

This may be ironic considering North Carolina’s position with the current weather lately; however, this is perfectly relevant to us, and what prayer looks like. How many of us have just PRAYED so diligently for something to happen whether it be big or small? 524 more words

The Life Of Ich


I have always been very emotional.

I would get hurt at the slightest thing, cry so hard whenever something unfavourable happened to me. I made decisions based mostly on my emotions. 279 more words

The Badge of Truth

Peace & Grace Beautiful Ones…

My heart bleeds red tears of disappointment in those that pride themselves on wearing the friendship badge whose loyalty diminishes when one’s (I’m) down… BUT my soul delights in gratefulness for those that live in action of true friendship, true sisterhood and true brotherhood… Valleys don’t last a lifetime and through the experience I’m able to get a glance of the mountain ahead.  75 more words

No, I can't cut back on my drinking.

The stigma that comes with getting sober can be very overwhelming at times. Overwhelming because a lot of people do not understand you. In an era where unlimited information is at our fingertips some people still refuse to learn about something they know nothing about. 902 more words