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Like New Year's Day

It was like New Year’s Day when I brought her home, my gorgeous first-born.
When that child, now a woman, came out of surgery with a spirit and a smile unscathed by the scalpel. 236 more words


What's It Worth?

Last week I was having a conversation at work and struggling to figure out how best to explain why I’m moving to Peru without being able to use Christian-y phrases like “redeemed” and “called” and “building the Kingdom” and “sharing the Gospel.” 1,028 more words

What is my purpose in this life?

A difficult question, if ever there was one, but a query which might be apprehended easier if we asked ourself an equally difficult question:

Who am I? 239 more words


What Really Matters

Our culture is obsessed with love.

Similarly, the church is obsessed with marrying off the singles.

Either way you look at it, our culture and church can see how relationships make the pain of life easier, which I am thankful to God for. 348 more words


The Plan

I see it every day. I ask myself: why are we to deal with this crap in our lives? I ask philosophical questions every day now. 855 more words


How To Deal With Passion?

I have a fair idea of how odd the question in the title might sound because many of you would say, “is there even a know how to deal with passion? 924 more words


Project Finish Line: The Definition of Success

Welcome back, friends and few readers I have remaining! I am a neglectful blogger as of late, but rest assured this is the one time you’ll hear the words “It’s not you, it’s me” and have them be 100% fact. 1,183 more words