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Me, you and leadership

I’ve written stuff about leadership before (for example, here and here), and I want to develop some more thoughts about the topic; not necessarily ground-breakingly different from others’ views but hopefully interesting for you! 1,014 more words


a short list

A short list of things I’ve outgrown the need for evidence to support:


Proof is in the pulsing of my heart.
This is not a foolish statement. 92 more words


El Poder de la Bendicion

Genesis 12:2

“Hare de ti una nacion grande… diga grande! Y te bendecire y engrandecere tu nombre  Y seras bendicion. 3 Bendecire a los que te bendijeren… 666 more words


Your Word for This Day: My True Image, My True Worth

Friday, February 12, 2016

“Why, even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows.” Luke 12:7… 133 more words

Your Word For This Day! Devotional

The Body of Christ

I am not ashamed of my eyes, for these are the eyes the LORD has given me to
see HIS creation and HIS children.

I am not ashamed of my ears, for these are the ears the LORD had given me to… 178 more words


A Self-Empowering Question

Purpose can be animated by a question: What result do I want to create? It comes from Robert Fritz who is deeply insightful about the process of creating a meaningful life. 298 more words

Live Your Song, Bravely

“Be brave. Your melody’s worth it. Be strong. Your melody is needed. I dare you to live out the purpose for which you were born. That your melody would soar above the past, above the pain above the dissonance. 47 more words