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Whatever happened to motivation? 

Whatever happened to motivation?

Motivation is an important things when it comes to following passion and fulfilling purpose. But motivation can be a tricky thing. 312 more words

Purposeful Living.

Testing Space and Stillness

Life is so much kinder and wiser than your mind imagines. Trust and be still. – Mooji

Some days, I wish my bed would swallow me whole, incubate me for a while, then spit me out, rearranged, refashioned and with the “Forward” button firmly pressed. 743 more words


Special Needs Family Outings- What Didn't Work (for us), Part 1 of 2

We conclude our special needs family outings series with a discussion of what did not work so well for us when traveling.  I’ve divided the post into two parts, the first being an assortment of issues/examples and the second will cover difficulties we had while flying and handling a medical emergency away from home. 1,197 more words




As a strategist, I’ve seen many people mistaken a strategist for a soothsayer, a prophet or fortune teller. This is because many people (in this part of the world that I have encountered) are poor with observation and Intel gathering (even when this Intel could be their lifeline to safety or providence) 209 more words

Purposeful Living.

A Trust Exercise

Those who know your name trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you. Psalm 9:10

Have you ever done one of those trust exercises where you stand in front of someone and fall back into their arms hoping beyond measure they will catch you? 619 more words

The Black Sheep

If you’ve dealt with a narcissistic/BPD mother, you know the loneliness that comes with it. I don’t know when, if ever, some zings don’t hurt. Recently I was talking with my brother, and he mentioned a few things that just felt like daggers in my heart. 278 more words


#FridayFictioneers - Repetition - #100WordStories

Turning began as some of the hardest work she had ever done, round and round; round and round; the repetition creating soreness that seeped into bone.  142 more words