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What Shall We Eat? Part 2: The Mental Aspects

For me, there were several pieces to this food journey. Of course, the first was an open mind – a willingness to challenge my own actions. 915 more words

Simplifying Life

Something happened since I left the country...

This blog has been put off for three weeks — for good reason.  I’ve been in Turkey to spend time with my children and grandchildren.  Now I am in Nairobi, Kenya helping some old  friends write the story of their ministry in Africa. 532 more words

Courageous Woman

Bending Time

I am told time feels slow when you are young and passes too fast when you are older.

It is a matter of belief.

If you believe your remaining time is getting shorter, this is a false belief. 119 more words


Sentimental Clutter

Finally! The spring semester has finally come to an end, and with it all the responsibilities of classes.  Having taken my last final and found myself back home again, I have begun my personal ritual of self-assessment. 575 more words

Purposeful Living

Being in tune with your real self

Being in tune with your real self.

Finding yourself is a quest you take on for the rest of your life. Now for many people who are following and in pursuit of purpose, they cannot always know why things happen to them or why they make certain choices but everything becomes clear some time after the light or revelation of who they are dawns on them. 216 more words

Purposeful Living.

Why Give Thanks?

It is the will of God for us. 1 Thes5:18. We are not thanking Him for unpleasant situations around us but for making us more than conquerors by Christ Jesus in all