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“Purpose is never final. Purpose is not a destination. Success is not the mark of purpose.
Truth is, many people can be successful in what is not their purpose. 34 more words

Purposeful Living.

Knowing What The Future Hold For You

We all want to have a glimpse into our future. We want to know how our lives will turn out. If we will get that job and what career we will build or what structures, we will set up and possible who we will marry. 166 more words

The Intentional Lifestyle: Living Well Alone

This past week my family was on vacation and for the first time in my life, I was on my own for over a week.  Normally, my living quarters are full of people.   779 more words

Purposeful Living

Value Your Friendships

You get fond of a guy/girl and they begin to think that your world is solely depended on them? What a fallacy. People chose to be friends with you or make you a part of their world not out of your superiority but out of sheer understanding that we all need each other to survive and because people offer us room to learn and grow. 126 more words

We've moved...for now..

I had mentioned that we that we were eager to get out of debt. That is something we are striving for as we look towards a bigger picture. 597 more words

Purposeful Living

​The roadmap to creating an ideal brand. (Podcast)

​The roadmap to creating an ideal brand. (Podcast)

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Do you have a brand or an idea and you don’t even know where to start with taking it out there? 28 more words

Purposeful Living.

6 Reasons Why Your Job Promotion is Elusive

In my last blog post (check it here: https://mokinda.wordpress.com/2017/08/04/how-to-get-that-promotion-easily-a-personal-testimony/ ), I highlighted how one can get that much desired promotion at their place of work. Today, I would wish to look into some of the reasons as to why most of us stagnate at a job position for years without prospects of ever rising up the corporate ladder. 1,022 more words