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Journey to Peace Part 3

I hope you have been finding this series helpful.  I find that many of us that grow up with an abusive parent, or other extreme family dysfunction, struggle to be understood, and struggle to find peace and stability.   930 more words


Add 20 Years to Your Life

I often wonder if zombies can breathe under water. Being undead could be a pretty interesting superpower, minus the whole rotting body, attacking humans thing. I used to think that, given the option of any superpower, I’d choose flight or invisibility. 569 more words


To be as free as I want to be

There are times I look at birds flying in the sky, carefree and brave, and wish I was them. I am not particularly fond of heights, but it is their freedom that I envy them. 723 more words


Special Needs Family Outings: Decision Making

Today we continue the series on special needs family outings, including vacations, day trips, or even simple play dates.  Special needs families have extra considerations when planning an outing, and people outside of the family are often unaware of what those extra considerations are, or even of the fact that they exist.   1,579 more words


How to Simplify Fear

If you’ve ever struggled with fear and anxiety, you know how crippling it can be. Fear can hold us back from so much – from doing small things like jumping in a pool to bigger things like making a career change or traveling the world. 577 more words

Simplifying Life

How to Make Your Job Search Easy-Breezy

This practice landed me a job without applying.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but your job search does NOT have to feel difficult, clunky, overwhelming, emotionally draining. 587 more words

Career Development

Special Needs Family Outings: Boldly go. Or not.

For many people, summer is a time to escape the house to see friends, explore nature, visit local attractions and travel near and far.  Planning these outings is a worthwhile but complex undertaking for any family.   372 more words