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The light of faith. 

​Why do some people get faith wrong?
Faith always gets results.

…so if you’re not getting results, it may not be faith.
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Purposeful Living.

Don't dig, EXCAVATE.

“Don’t just dig at the surface of scripture, EXCAVATE it!” -Dr. Cindy Trimm

Often times, the scriptures are read like a book. We read it, we think about it, we close it.

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Purposeful Living

Increase Your Capacity

From the day you were conceived, you were given a purpose. It qualified you as valuable and worthy for something very significant. It’s such a magnificent one, that if you knew about it, you would drop everything and start running towards it. 222 more words

Purposeful Living

#GimmeAminute : who do you think like?

Who do you think like?
Find this person because it giveba guiding trajectory for your actions and results.

Purposeful Living.



“Mortals amaze me. They are afraid of being their true selves. They are skeptical about living the life of “gods” that they really are. They made themselves hu-mans yet break every code of natural laws they can find. 108 more words

Purposeful Living.

Planning for the Future While Living in the Momment

What a wonderful balance life is of planning for the future while savoring the moment.

I’m futuristic by nature, according to my Strengths Finder profile: “You are a dreamer who sees visions of what could be and who cherishes those visions.” The profile goes on to say that people need a vision to “raise their sights and thereby their spirits,” so “…paint it for them…Make the picture as vivid as possible” (Rath 105). READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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How To Know What Tomorrow Holds

My tomorrow is not an uncertain  issue. #WednesdayMotivation