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Why bad things happen.

Someone once asked me why Allah allows bad things to happen when He is our Protector. Feeling the weight of the question and the responsibility of having to answer it, I gave a long, long answer in hopes of trying to get the message across. 519 more words

Through the Kitchen Tools

If I were to walk up to you and say that the cliché question that we all see in movies when the depressed main character looks up to the stars one night and the tools you find in your kitchen were related in some very important way, you’d call me nuts I’m sure. 306 more words

My Faith Story

I was in A-levels when Benazir came back to Pakistan and was welcomed with a bomb blast. A lot of people died (I just checked, 139 people died and there were 450 injured people). 1,237 more words

The Purpose Of Life

We live in a huge universe, with a wonderful Nature, a wide space, which contains galaxies, these galaxies have solar systems, in these solar systems a huge number of planets. 1,155 more words


What if you interviewed GOD ?

Having spent 21 years on this blue dot called Earth I have come across many people of different religions and have really tried to get in their shoes when they enthusiastically teach the tenets of their religion. 836 more words


…/ The individual consciousness is paramount to the societal impact one may have and it is your reality that dictates your actions, not anybody else’s. 665 more words


The answer...

How many times have you or someone you know questioned what the meaning of life is?  What is the actual point to life?  I know that this is a question that has been pondered over throughout the ages.   189 more words