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Play It Like Picasso!

Pablo Ruiz y Picasso, was a Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, stage designer, poet and playwright who spent most of his adult life in France. Picasso is an idol, one of those rare creatures who act as crucibles in which the diverse and often chaotic phenomena of culture are focussed, who seem to body forth the artistic life of their age in one person. 128 more words



C: I forgot my cell at home again :(

A: You know it is good that you forget your phone. Shows that you are not attached to your phone unlike me. 823 more words

Quick Post: Our Hearts Are Restless

“You have made us for yourself,

O Lord,

and our hearts are restless

until they rest in you.”

-St. Augustine of Hippo


What is The Purpose of Life?

The question itself is contextually inaccurate. Life as it is, is centralized on us being humans. Therefore, it is appropriate to rephrase the question: “What is our Purpose?” Or better yet, we can ask “What is our purpose in life?” Some are clueless, some take it for granted, some are fanatics and fundamentalist, some are just too practical. 151 more words


Let’s pretend to know our career and life goals!!!

HBR and Forbes have published a lot of articles about how “successful” people achieve their “career goals”. But no one has talked about the elephant in the room – Do we all know our career goals? 294 more words

God looks at your hearts not your wealth...

Owning properties, having lots of money or running around in flashy cars doesn’t mean Allah (God) is pleased with you. Wasn’t Firawn (Pharaoh) one of the most wealthiest people on earth?



It’s been three days since I last blogged. They say you should update your blog only 2-3 times a month for readers to value your content. 546 more words