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born into this world,
if lucky enough and know how to be grateful,
will treasure every moments in this earth,
stop lazying around,
become useful, bring no harm to others; 89 more words


Always Wondering ...

What is life!? What is the purpose!? Why are we here!? Why do some people seem like they have it so easy while others fight life’s struggles everyday!? 123 more words


Oh yes!..its a new beginning

Excited..puzzled..where to start..what to write..typing and deleting..with a smile on face.I am sure most of us would have gone through while writing our first blog post.I was feeling no different. 204 more words



On the eve of a new year, we are full of joy, cheerful for what lies ahead, hopeful for a fresh start, and happy for a bright future. 483 more words


Path to Happiness

I recently quit my job without any other place to join. Work was good but I had lost my inspiration and peace. I followed my gut and gave my notice. 590 more words

Be Happy Now

Know what you are...

Beautiful and energetic..O’ my friend
Where you are loosing yourself!
Sporty and resourceful..O’ my friend
Why you are stuck with petty matters!
Commanding and visionary ..O’ my friend… 80 more words