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Do you think you’re different?

We are almost born the same way, months may vary. We breathe the same air, live on the same earth. Yet we always cannot stand the fact of two individual being the same, compared to us. 292 more words

OCEAN POLLUTION WORLDWIDE: #oceanconservation needs global #awareness

Every Earth citizen requires a healthy functioning ocean to sustain our ecosystem. From weather, to food, human life cannot be sustained without our Earth’s oceans.  As an overall global society, we have failed to take full accountability and action to actively reside on this planet without destroying our environment.   147 more words


Purpose of life.

Few days back, I was driving with my friend and he was telling me how he has lost so many things (‘so much of life’) since he joined in a company for a job.

596 more words

What do you REALLY know about Islam? By Sh Khalid Yasin - Part II

Part 2 of a lecture I transcribed, you can find part 1 here, What is the purpose of life?

What do you know about Islam? 2,521 more words


What Am I Doing Here?

Probably everyone’s thought about what the purpose of life is.  Why are we really here and what are we meant to be doing?  For me, this question never leads to a very satisfactory ending.   489 more words

The purpose of life

First of all, I would like to say that I truly believe that we always discover something about us when we travel. And when things surprises us we have the biggest revelations. 326 more words

Ayn Rand : "highest moral purpose of a man is the achievement of his own happiness

Q: Ayn, to begin with, I wonder if I can ask you to capsulize… I know this is difficult… Can I ask you to capsulize your philosophy? 283 more words