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We’ll Be Purrayin’

Meowllo everypawdy weez comin’ to ya’ fwum a flooded Oklahoma. MOL Well nuffin’ worked yesfurday so we never got meez posty out. And let me tell you da night afur…it sounded like da stowm was in da house. 923 more words


Why Do Cats Purr? Check Out Our Genuinely Insane Theories!

Cats and purring. Purring and cats. It were in the news t’other day – the cat with the loudest purr on Earth (as loud as a dishwasher) resides in London and purrs loudly. 539 more words


Just a Few More Minutes

Meowllo everypawdy how ya’ duin’? Me thinks meez growin’ fins. MOL Let me just say and then me won’t complain’ ‘bout it again today; that da Governor has declared a state of emergency and da weather guys are still tellin’ us weez in a drought. 650 more words


Cat Makes The Guinness Book Of World Records For Its Purr!

There’s nothing more comforting than a happy cat that snuggles up to you and purrs. Unless that cat is Merlin, his purr is said to be louder than a hair dryer, hand drill and even a lawn mower! 41 more words


Something good in day 11: Rolling your R's

Along with a couple of friends I have decided to try and learn Spanish so we did a little perusing of language courses, activity books, audio CD’s etc. 281 more words



It’s a blessed day on Halcyon Pond,  for awareness of gifts and unexpected moments.

As I passed the doors to our deck this morning, I saw a furry flash. 459 more words