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Throwing a bone

Why don’t we
For a change throw a dog at a pile of bones? Wouldn’t it be ecstatic?

Why can’t we
Why shouldn’t we do things the other way around, not the way prescribed? 23 more words



Sometimes, a guy just gota have his moment of thinking nothing and stoning out after a meal.

That’s call letting digestion run its course. When the tummy is doing its work, the rest of the body respects that hard work. 34 more words

Cat Purr Generator

they tell me cuddling up with a purring cat is great for reducing stress

so for any madhatter readers currently feeling a bit frazzled, but lacking a pussy to hand, click this link to listen to the sound of a purring cat and feel your cares just fading away – … 25 more words


t r u s t

We have come a long way for me to trust my paw to be held like this when I snoozed.

Our paws are one of those sensitive spots that we don’t really like people to be meddling with. 25 more words