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My nap is more important than laundry 

My favourite nap spot is the top of the washing machine. No one can move me elsewhere. Laundry will have to wait.

I own the stove too

I overheard that there would be a party today. That would mean…cooking time! Which would also mean…I wouldn’t be allowed in the kitchen. Boohoo!I am marking my scent and leaving some fur around the stove now, to remind them that I own the place yo.

A little extra time of lovin'

My human said she had some extra time before she should head out for work. So, she just laid herself beside me and listened to my purring. 7 more words

Sometimes, I let her be

My human started on a project to crochet beanies for underprivileged kids. Usually, when she starts her crochet, she will not be distracted until a beanie is completed. 101 more words

A little delay won't hurt

I knew she wouldn’t leave home without her sunnies on such a blazing day. So, I took her shades from the drawer and sat on them to hide them from her. 69 more words

Cat in Profile

Silhouette cats in Profile crossing paths

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Wakey, wakey human

Pssst…almost 5am. I had been trying to wake her for the past few minutes. Without opening her eyes, she just gave me a “not time yet, Zeke”. 19 more words