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“I simply can’t resist a cat, particularly a purring one.” –Mark Twain

I am pretty sure I like this guy.

Can't resist...

I shouldn’t be up here. Actually, I shouldn’t be anywhere near here. I remembered the last time I was exploring on this console, I accidentally knocked over the turntable and broke it! 52 more words


“To err is human, to purr is feline.”
― Robert Byrne

We purr when we are happy. We purr when we are ill. The mystery of the purr is only between the owner and the owned.

Chinese New Year

Wishing all who celebrates the Lunar New Year, a very Happy and Prosperous Year of the Monkey!!!

Year of the Monkey

In this part of the world, people are celebrating the Lunar New Year tomorrow.

Gifts and goodies exchange are already in motion a week ago. My human brought home a little monkey. 19 more words

Hogging her shoes

I don’t like it when she has to go out on a weekend. As it is, weekdays are compulsory leave home days for her. Why can’t she stay home all weekend???