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It's been 2 years...

It’s been two years, but seems like forever that I’ve been living with my human.

Today marks my second adoption anniversary and my human has decided to make this same day as my “birthday” too, since no one could tell her the exact day I was born. 25 more words

Counting down...

I’ll tell you why I am excited on a Monday. Tomorrow is OUR DAY! My human said she has taken the whole day off to be with me, and that she has a surprise for me!!! 12 more words

Sunday SMILE

I spy a smiley face. Let me be a good host and go say Hi!

The sun's in the right place

Checking the sun’s position. Perfect for a late morning snooze. Human, laundry can wait.

Old toy given a new life

My human decided to spruce up my toy. This ball has been badly scratched with all our play. Is my old ball really in there? 46 more words