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It's Caturday!

And I plan to stay on her lap for as long as I can! Purrr…

I've waited five days!

I don’t care if I am treading on forbidden ground! I am going to stand wherever I can to be as close to her as possible. 8 more words

Is there something in there for me?

What a huge bag! And a box in there!!! Ooooo, I hope it’s something for me!My human threatened to change my name to Mr Nosey if I continued to nose around in the bag. Ugh! :/

Bird watching, but safety first

Every morning, I watch the birds by the window. My human meshed the window grills to prevent me from jumping to my death should I get all excited with the bird watching. 27 more words

Just too tired

What?!? It’s only a day after Monday? I am going to shut my eyes real tight and sleep away the weekdays…

A circle of comfort for me

My human was at it again. She made something for me. As usual, I inspected my gift and tested it out for size. All seemed well. 40 more words