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I have the perfect antidote for busy-ness

Do you think if I curled up like that and sleep, Monday would vanish?

My human said this will be a super busy week for her work. 12 more words

Playtime with my new favourite toy

I love chasing feathery stuff around the house. This new toy excites me.

My human said it is good exercise for me to run around more. 60 more words


Each day we spend together with our loved ones, is one more day closer to the last day we will spend together on earth.

This is what I mean

I love you.

And when I say I love you, I mean my soul loves your soul.

Because our souls live on forever…
long after our minds stop to work and our hearts cease to beat.

Take turns

That’s me watching her.
She is busy typing away on the keyboard.
I am waiting for my turn to type at the keyboard.
I have a blog to write. 6 more words

The humidity at midweek 

I am just burnt out from the humid weather! Don’t move me to the bed. I am sleeping on the cool floor tonight.