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My brown rat

My human’s sister bought me a toy. A brown rat. It’s not soft like my white rat and it can move on its own sometimes. … 19 more words

Monday antics

If I pretend to be sound asleep on her purse, she won’t be able to get it and leave for work.
I am not letting go of her purse. 19 more words

New spot for grooming

I found another spot to own. The top of the new shoe cabinet! My human said I spoilt the decor of her home, leaving fur everywhere and messing up the position of the table runner. 36 more words

My home. My rules. 

My human thought she could just use MY cat tree as a barricade to “her” shoe cabinet. Well, to be honest, I let her have her way for a while. 16 more words

The day after

It is customary for my human to take an extra day off work after her travels to spend an entire day with me. I must admit I am totally worn out by my whole night of chiding her.