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This was how I sent her off

I made sure to be up on the refrigerator for her to see me when she turned round to shut the door.

And true enough, she came right back into the house to get me off the fridge. Teehee…

Trying to delay her

Today, I thought of another way to delay my human from leaving home. I wrapped myself with her scarf. I did not intend to let go. 12 more words

Will she bring me along?

I decided to hide behind my human’s dress this morning. In the hope that when she sees me, she will be reminded to bring me along with her.

Helping out

Today is Sunday, and I knew my human would be catching up on household chores. But she had a long work week. I wanted her to get more rest. 16 more words

I have to know what's in there

​​​Cat lovers will know how much we luuuuurve to put our noses into enclosed spaces. ​​I’m telling you there IS something in there…​

​See? I told ya


Gee…so early on a weekend morning, the neighbors are screeching away in their karaoke session. I am NOT impressed!