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Purr Cat Cafe Club

Name: Purr Cat Cafe Club

Address: Soi Sukhumvit 53 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok, Thailand 10110

Website: https://www.facebook.com/PurrCatCafeClub

Phone number: +66 2 108 3604

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Hear me ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meow. Purr purr. (Got your attention though, huh?)

Us cats here, whilst enjoying not having to dodge the rain whilst performing our ablutions, are quite thoroughly and heartily sick of this hot weather. 25 more words

Cat Language! Communicate Better with Your Cat

How can you tell whether your cat is happy, or hungry, or scared? Just look — and listen.
Some breeds are more vocal than others like the Siamese who are known for being especially talkative, but most cats at least occasionally get their messages across by making a variety of sounds such as hissing, growling, chirping, and clucking. 625 more words


Happy kitty, sleepy kitty...purrpurrpurr~

I gotta say this, Saphyre has the purrrfect idea. It’s sunny and warm but with a nip in the air with the wind still, she’s stolen my blankets haha, I tried to fluff them a bit around her but she used her paw to ‘fight’ me off, stole back the corner I had grabbed and stuck her nose in the fold…..sooo cute!! 25 more words

Story of me

Me: "I'm confused. You seem sort of irritable and disapproving yet you're purring." Cat: "That's because I'm purring at you, not with you."

— Tom Cox (@cox_tom) …

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Some people prefer cats than other pets. Cats are playful and good hunters like dogs but more independent. Even in the ancient times, cats have been staying with humans as proved by the Hieroglyphics of Egypt. 646 more words