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I have my own mat

You know I am the owner for sure when you see how my human has to lay out two mats at prayer time. One for her and one for me, of course.

I wonder what's outside

I can hear the birds chirping. I can hear the leaves rustle in the wind. I am curious to see what’s out there…but the window reminds me of my past…of the time my sister and I were thrown out of the window. 18 more words

Oh Monday feels so lazy...

I am too lazy to move. I wonder how my human can drag her feet to work today? It just feels sooooo laaaazzzyyyyyy…

Delightful Sunday

A lil’ Sunday bouquet for everyone. Have a truly rested and blessed day!

Too lazy to play

​​It’s Saturday​. It’s Caturday. It’s a weekend. Call it whatever you want. It’s just another lazy day for me. I can barely lift my head up.

Stand guard

I must keep my eyes open. Guarding her purse so she cannot leave home. I need to stay awake to do my job…Oh man! I think a two second eye shut won’t affect my guard duty. Zzzzzz…