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Come, laze with me

The weather is sooooo hot. What do you think of my efforts to make my human laze with me instead of studying for her exams? I’m hoping it’ll work out…purrrrrrrr….

Let's let go soon please

I was in a car crash in 2008/ now it only hurts when I breath. There’s pain/ like a little man pushing back when I exhale./ The air I breath comes back in memories. 162 more words




The gentle kissing breeze,
Smoothing strain into ease,
Loved over me as it pleased.

The gliding introduced a steady stir—
The feeling seduced a concealed cure— 10 more words


WordPress - #Daily Prompt - Suspicious

I do not want to seem superstitious

But it seems a little suspicious

That a black cat just crossed my path

Do the math

Oh sure, I get that it was just a Bombay Cat… 71 more words

Photographs & Memories

Learning Points from Tony Buffington's TED-Ed Talk on "Why do Cats Act so Weird?"

Whether you are a cat lover or not, perhaps you’ll understand cats a little better after listening to this TED-Ed talk on the explanations for the cat’s various behaviors. 198 more words

TED Talk


contented kitten—

the space heater at my feet

purring and purring


Love, February ~ Day 4, 2018

Dear Readers,

Because I find pick up lines way too amusing, I’m going to continue my post from yesterday! This time with a cat theme! I hope someone out there enjoys these too! 88 more words