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I'm included too

My human received a greeting card. It was addressed to her and ME! She told me that’s because everyone knows I am family too. Awww….

Poem: Living Carefree

Living Carefree

Let the world talk, let the clouds sway
They will never understand you the way you want them to anyway
Focus on the good, leave the bad… 39 more words



It’s just one of those days when it has been rough for my human. I am her solace even though I am the one sitting on her lap.

Kitten Purring

I figure I’d test out uploading videos to YouTube through my phone by showing off this quick video of my mother’s kitten Loki purring.


Bring me along

My human is filling up this bag with stuff to bring to work. I will show her what’s the most important stuff to bring to work.


Just a bit off

Hmm…looks like I need to shave off some overflowing “blessings” to fit this new scratch perch.

Another festival is here!

And since Eid falls on a Sunday, my human is offs work tomorrow! Woot!