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A Network Map Arranging Itself

A map created using Quid showing news articles about neuroscience discoveries made possible with DTI (Diffusion Tensor Imaging). DTI reveals tracts of white matter connectivity in the brain, allowing us to see which regions of the brain are talking to one another. 318 more words

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Google's Deep Dream Does Instagram

Social networks are abuzz with Deep Dream, Google Research’s trippy new inceptionism AI that sequentially enhances what it thinks are key features of images. You can tweak a number of parameters, producing pictures that range from… 155 more words

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I love to create, to build things. Especially things bringing people together. Here are a couple ideas I’ve been working on lately. If you think any of them are interesting, connect with me. 408 more words

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July 3, 1776 and thoughts on revolutions

“The furnace of affliction produces refinement, in states as well as individuals.” John Adams

Last night we watched the fireworks in Boston. I marveled at the pyrotechnics. 542 more words

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Robots and Jobs; Man and Machine

A recent article in Harvard Business Review hit several key points I frequently find myself debating with colleagues who exhibit less than an optimistic stance toward the future of robotics and tech in society. 646 more words

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Thoughts in Egypt

Hope and optimism. Notes I wrote recently in Alexandria.

Low on time, pardon my not typing them all up. It starts with an adventure to a citadel and evolves into a story of a day’s conversations and realizations. 20 more words

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Map Mysteries

Screenshots mysterious things to identify exploring Google Earth.

First, this is beautiful. On a coast of Egypt.

Curious (tweet me your thoughts @amyleerobinson):

1. What made these tracks? 49 more words

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