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Americas Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Replaced by Robots

America’s working class is falling further behind.

The rich-poor breach — the difference in annual income between households in the top 20 percent and those working in the bottom 20 percent — bagged by $29,200 to $189,600 between 2010 and 2015, based on Bloomberg estimates use U.S. 464 more words

LVMH to Gain Control of Dior After $13 Billion Arnault Deal

French billionaire Bernard Arnault moved to consolidate control over Christian Diorfor about 12.1 billion euros ($ 13.2 billion ), folding the style house’s operations into the LVMH luxury empire in one of his biggest transactions. 853 more words


D-I-Why is Michelle’s brainchild whose aim is to crush budding crafts lover dream and telling them that, “Yo, DIY’s torture. Succumb to capitalism and consumerism and be done with it.” I thought, wow, how reflective. 84 more words


Global Entry Passengers Swept Up In Trumps Travel Ban

U.S. Practices and Border Protection lifted the enrollment of beings in the Global Entry program and other U.S.” relied traveler” categories within the framework of the Trump administration’s travel ban on seven primarily Muslim nations. 1,145 more words

My take on choreography ~ ideas and statements as how I wish to continue

Like the changing tides, every reaction had an equal reaction. I want to be sucked into your orbit propelled through space, held there in a vacuum of nothingness reaching out amongst the matrix that makes up your very being. 245 more words

Fostering Dreams

My 16-year-old son has an interest in photography. To pursue that interest, he started posting his pics on Instagram (@nathaniel_osborne). He also has an interest in cooking. 341 more words

Progressive Parenting

the self-proclaimed nice guys

“I don’t get it. I’m a nice guy, why won’t you go out with me?”

We’ve all heard this line before from some creepy guy that we’ve either just met or one that has been on the chase for quite some while and it’s crazy because you’ve probably never realised how often you’ve heard it until it has been brought to your attention. 937 more words