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Passion pursuits

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Dhiren Doshi

DHAULAGIRI is the seventh highest mountain in the world. But in terms of technical challenge, it is possibly more dangerous than its famous Himalayan cousin Mount Everest, with casualty rates double that of the latter. 2,084 more words

Money Matters

Disney Teases Star Wars Hotel in Park Investment Flurry

Walt Disney Co. said it will build an immersive “Star Wars” hotel at its resort in Orlando, Florida, as part of a flurry of investments announced Saturday by the company’s theme-park division. 466 more words


In creative pursuits, the appearance/feel of simplicity is made possible through long, boring hours of mucking through complexity/imprecision.

via Musings — Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha



The thing is beginnings are always hard. You know that. You circle and circle, filling in, wasting and passing time. Then you get sick of the nagging, weighty thing dragging your butt down and down. 279 more words

How Crazy is Crazy?....

It’s indeed a crazy world we live in. Every one seems to be running on a high speed and patience is the word most dreaded today. 540 more words

Healthy Living

Perhaps the saddest, sadness in the world isn’t being sad. Perhaps the saddest feeling in the world is the quiet lonely room in one’s heart, that is no longer surprised by the sadistic evils that pervert the purest things in this world like love. 130 more words


Since I quit my job..... Update

So today is my second day of ‘freedom’ from the corporate world. I’m sitting in a super chilled communal working area in Amsterdam hanging out with other Entrepreneurs. 755 more words