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Push Vs. Pull Marketing

I am amazed that even in 2017, local businesses still place expensive, relatively untargeted radio and newspaper ads for their push marketing strategies.  Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t gone fully to the dark side of digital for push I still believe in direct mail and use it often but the world has changed and reaching consumers has changed as well.  523 more words


Pull and Push SEO strategy

Search engine optimization campaigns are also a pull and push strategy. This strategy is well known to be a promotional strategy used to persuade a target market to buy a product. 466 more words


Push v. Pull Marketing

Every business that does marketing has some kind of push or pull strategy. A push strategy involves using all your efforts to get your brand’s name out to the world. 362 more words


Facebook Carousel Ads: Why You Should and How You Could Use Them to Promote a Campaign

Benefits of Using Carousel Ads

Facebook Carousel Ads are not only interactive, but they also promise multiple images and relevant information. Because of these features, they engage potential consumers more than traditional Facebook ads. 513 more words