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Facebook Carousel Ads: Why You Should and How You Could Use Them to Promote a Campaign

Benefits of Using Carousel Ads

Facebook Carousel Ads are not only interactive, but they also promise multiple images and relevant information. Because of these features, they engage potential consumers more than traditional Facebook ads. 513 more words


Book Subscriptions Website Analysis

I was unaware that there were so many subscription boxes available to consumers on the market, let alone book subscriptions. Regarding push and pull marketing, Book of the Month has a balance of both. 1,088 more words


Push & Pull Marketing

With push marketing, as the name states, it when a marketer is trying to push a product or service on to a customer. For me this conjures up the door-to-door… 219 more words

Push and Pull - Winning Strategies for Websites

Companies often use  push and pull marketing strategies in order to reach their target customers, develop their brands and boost their sales. Push marketing refers to companies ‘push’ their products and services to customers using online or offline advertisements – emails, pay-per-click ads, pop-up ads. 1,543 more words


Too many messages = no communication at all

I was sat in the waiting room of my local doctor’s practice recently, idly staring at the walls and hoping that I’d be called in soon for my appointment. 1,318 more words


The Benefits of a Blog as Part of IMC

Is a blog worth it?

When you consider the time and effort it takes to get a blog up and running and the ongoing costs of generating fresh, timely content, the thought of starting a blog can be overwhelming. 3,101 more words

Intro To Multimedia Communication

Power Life Yoga | The "Push" for an Integrated Marketing Strategy

In my last blog, I highlighted the importance of having an intentional and purposeful brand, like Power Life Yoga. While having an intention and purpose for elements of who the brand is are certainly important aspects of a brand, they represent only one part of the consumer experience.  1,691 more words

Intro To Multimedia Communication