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Final Project-WKMG News 6

Company Analysis

WKMG-TV, now known as News 6, is a CBS-affiliated television in Orlando, FL. Formally owned by Post-Newsweek Stations, the 61-year-old station now is housed under the renamed Graham Holdings Company media sanction, Graham Media Group. 461 more words


Push/Pull Marketing Integration (or Why I Can't Get Away From Donald Trump)

The primary difference between push marketing (also known as outbound marketing) and pull marketing (also known as inbound marketing) lies in how
consumers are approached. Push marketing promotes products by bringing content to the user – byfiguratively (or literally) pushing them onto potential customers. 1,439 more words


Push, Pull, and Integrated Marketing

A push marketing strategy is when a brand advertises its product to garner awareness from their target demographic, while the pull strategy released content in the market to reach audiences, which have an existing interest in the brand or product. 883 more words

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More Than Coffee in a Styrofoam Cup...

More than 70 million Starbucks customers are served each week in over 65 different countries around the world. (Davis, 2015). With that HUGE number of people to serve Starbucks has to stay on top of keeping their customers in the know and must be readily available  with that information at all times. 675 more words


Taco Bell Part 2: Push and Pull

Push Techniques

While Taco Bell primarily uses its website for pull marketing. There are two ways to sign up for push marketing on their website. The first way to sign up for push marketing is to sign up for their email, and the other is to download the app. 993 more words


American Eagle: does its marketing technique work?

Last week we looked at American Eagle’s (AE) consumer outreach, and learned it does a great job at it. What about its marketing technique? How does AE get consumers buying their products online and in store? 953 more words

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Pushy is Not Attractive

It is always amazing to me how different the same brand looks, when you apply a different set of questions and criteria to your examination. Last week I look at the Mercedes Benz with an eye toward integration of new and old media and saw a very competent and savvy brand, that seems completely in control of its image, messaging and relationship with its publics. 745 more words

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