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How I Hang Wallpaper On A Ceiling

Ceilings are challenging to hang wallpaper on, and go better if you have scaffolding and a second set of hands. Because I work alone, I don’t take on a lot of large ceilings. 229 more words

Happy, um... whatever...

Today, fun-loving people everywhere remember the incidence of Jamaican independence.

Or is that ‘sun’ loving people…?
I can never keep it straight.
Especially when I’m there. 612 more words

An Appreciation

Wallpapering A Ceiling With Just One Person

I don’t wallpaper a lot of ceilings, and when I do, I prefer small areas that are not too high. Here I am papering the ceiling in a closet that has 9′ ceilings. 99 more words

Things that I Need To Consider Before Deciding To Buy A Wallpaper | PicturePod.me

Choosing to wallpaper can be alarming for the beginner, however it doesn’t need to be in the event that you remember a couple of things before you begin. 1,198 more words

Etsy Promo

Late last night, my fiancé’s Etsy shop “went live” as he put it, and I would really like to show you all what is in store ! 109 more words

DIY Diamond Push Pins

We all have multi-color push pins somewhere in the house, usually way deep in our drawers. I hardly use them because they are not the cutest, but with some imagination we can turn those around. 83 more words

Push pins made from real 9MM bullet casings

These just might be the most unique push pins out there.  They’re made from bullet casings that have actually been fired at one point in time.   17 more words