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Put a Pin in It: The Key to Bulletin Boards

College comes with a lot of flyers. You walk through the student center and there are papers everywhere urging you to come to this meeting or a certain color on Tuesday or join that club. 324 more words

Meanwhile in a Teacher's Life...

-Yesterday, during lunch break-

Student: Why are you eating rice with a fork?
Me: There are no spoons.
Student: Why don’t you use your fingers then? 49 more words

Noisy Contemplation

How I Hang Wallpaper On A Ceiling

Ceilings are challenging to hang wallpaper on, and go better if you have scaffolding and a second set of hands. Because I work alone, I don’t take on a lot of large ceilings. 229 more words

Happy, um... whatever...

Today, fun-loving people everywhere remember the incidence of Jamaican independence.

Or is that ‘sun’ loving people…?
I can never keep it straight.
Especially when I’m there. 612 more words

An Appreciation

Wallpapering A Ceiling With Just One Person

I don’t wallpaper a lot of ceilings, and when I do, I prefer small areas that are not too high. Here I am papering the ceiling in a closet that has 9′ ceilings. 99 more words

Things that I Need To Consider Before Deciding To Buy A Wallpaper | PicturePod.me

Choosing to wallpaper can be alarming for the beginner, however it doesn’t need to be in the event that you remember a couple of things before you begin. 1,198 more words

Etsy Promo

Late last night, my fianc√©’s Etsy shop “went live” as he put it, and I would really like to show you all what is in store ! 109 more words