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pushed no limits

nothing in the way

and everyway

and how it  solved

and danced from in out of the cold

and its  own purity

and how it was the charming… 54 more words



Am I a burden?
Or just your forgotten?
Maybe your cast aside.
Guess I’ll blame my pride.

You won’t hear it,
But silently my heart is aching. 8 more words




so yeah i like music but i hate musicians because i envy their creativity, and disapprove of their degeneracy, or their success with life or women. 1,461 more words

X Factor Contestant Lauren Murray Pushed Away 4th Impact! UNBELIEVABLE!

The 4th Impact is an all girl group that was able to make it through the live performances of the hit singing competition, the X Factor UK. 29 more words

Book Summary/Review of: Pushed by Jennifer Block

Ultimately this was a very informative book. It was fairly easy to read but you’ll need to know some common medical terminology dealing with pregnancy and childbirth to get the most out of it. 2,358 more words


BlackBerry Priv shipments pushed to November 30

It looks like the BlackBerry Priv turned out to be a success as the Canadian phone maker has pushed back the smartphone s shipping date. Ships on the 30th of November Earlier, BlackBerry UK said that the Priv would ship to buyers who pre-ordered the device starting on the 9th of November. 124 more words

pushed around

took a word

and it was used as weapon

and how it was zoomed

and ran on by

and then it was the crazy aspect… 47 more words