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Over Stretched

Picture is the Anazing body paint artist Gesine Marwedel, edited by myself.


Question For Sufferers Who Have Ever Pushed A Loved One Away.

I have a question for those sufferers who have ever pushed a loved one away (friend,family member or spouse) or have purposely sabotaged a relationship. After pushing away and retracting from the relationship did you regret it or just completely forget (or try to anyway) about that person? 58 more words

Connecticut Woman pushed out of moving vehicle

SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn. (WTNH) — A woman was found laying on the street after police say she was pushed out of a moving vehicle in South Windsor. 108 more words


Therapist Pushing Me

My T said she pushed me today. She said she wasn t sure if it was too fast for me and wants me to really pay attention to the after effects. 67 more words

pom.xml file missing when pushed to git

When you push your project to git if the pom.xml or some other files (with specific type of extensions) are missing at the git but they are in the project then you should check your… 27 more words



At the far end of a garden,
Stands a flower, drooped and alone,
The rugged flower sheds tears,
Camouflaged by beauty of its petals, 97 more words

Why Am I The Only One Being Pushed Away?

Hi all I m new here and have been reading posts all night. It is really helping, so thank you. I have a “friend” (because he is too scared/incapable of commitment to label it anything else) who is a combat vet suffering from ptsd. 70 more words