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Practice really does make perfect! Or almost perfect. Close enough.

I shot another roll of Kentmere 100 recently and pushed it to 400. I had tried this before and really liked the contrast and grain. I was mostly shooting to test my Canon AE-1 to make sure it was holiday ready for my trip to Mexico in two weeks. 372 more words


I Tested, He Pushed

I tested him
with words
Clanging bold
against his
red head
To me it was all
just a joke
Just words spoken
with a demeaning tone… 42 more words


What It Feels Like When I Have A Flashback

Something pushed the button. It s a wave of fear that consumes my entire body. Breathing doesn t help when the phantom of what was taken appears. 91 more words


“I am a child of God”

“I was pushed to fall, but the LORD helped me” {Psalm 118: 13}.

Maybe you have been pushed violently and have fall, but the Lord’s hand picked you up and helped you continue the journey. 474 more words


Negative Emotional Triggers or Getting Your Buttons Pushed!

We all have it happen – we get our buttons pushed and react in a variety of ways. Some brush it off. Some hold it in. 689 more words

He pushed me two days ago. It is messing with my mind and emotions!

The other day at school my ex-husband showed up early and took Mina (our daughter) out of school on my day. I tried to stop him and he pushed me and called me crazy in front of everyone. 323 more words