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Pushing Daisies S01E07 (Smell of Success)

Napoleon LeNez (Christopher Sieber) is a smell expert who’s about to publish a self-help book on how smells can stir up beloved memories. A few days before the release of the book, one of his students, Anita Grey, tragically dies in a mysterious explosion. 244 more words

Perfume Quotes In Tv Shows

Let's talk about... Unfinished Business

Well, I think we can all agree that I am an awful blogger.

At present, I have ignored approximately five deadlines and owe no less than three video reviews to you all. 363 more words


diy - Shrinking Plastic Brooch

Recently I found out about shrinking plastic (and that you can actually buy it for a few euros) and since I’m very fond of brooches since a few months, I made some. 893 more words


Pushing Daisies S02E02 (Circus, Circus)

Chuck Charles (Anna Friel) is wearing a MAC Slimshine lipstick.

I asked David De Leon (the show’s make-up artist) if he remembered the exact shade, but he didn’t. 44 more words

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Curious about Cadavers?

“Cadavers are our superheroes: They brave fire without flinching, withstand falls from tall buildings and head-on car crashes into walls… What a shame to waste these powers, to not use them for the betterment of humankind… Death.

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Meat, Prey, Love: A Farewell to NBC's 'Hannibal'

By Jason Seligson

SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses plot details from the final episode of Hannibal. 

Brilliant. Beautiful. Grotesque. Hannibal was all of these things, and then some. 1,446 more words


Peter Pan Collar Dresses and a Mushroom Twinset

So, since I’m back home from Hamburg, I decided to spend my time sewing. It was a lot of fun and also work (of course), but I made a lot of things I wanted to do before. 661 more words