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Apple Picking 2k16 & An Exhibition of Clumsy

Let’s rejoin things on the 25th of September, which involved me participating in something that I had no idea was popular in the U.S., Apple Picking! 1,397 more words

Pushing Daisies

I really love describing Pushing Daisies to other people who have never heard of it. “Its a beautiful, colourful, sappy romantic show…” “Oh how lovely!” “…about violent murder and death.” “Whaaaaaaat.” 383 more words


Pushing Daisies S2E3, "Bad Habits"

Dir. Adam Kane. Starring Lee Pace, Anna Friel, Chi McBride

Late in the first season of Pushing Daisies, Chuck (Friel) discovers the Big Secret that Ned (Pace) has been keeping from her since they were little kids: Ned killed Chuck’s dad. 1,711 more words


Going to the Good Place

I don’t watch a lot of television this time of year, what with my officiating duties swamping my schedule with football games three to four nights a week.  1,181 more words

Ten Shows I Love

I posted this in my other blog so might as well post about it here! The prompt was anything about TV but I chose to write about shows I love. 1,349 more words


TV Review - Pushing Daisies (2007-2009)

This is the best show that you probably never saw.

Dead revival powers + lighthearted mysteries + awkward (and dangerous) romance = Pushing Daisies.

BQB here with yet another TV review. 400 more words


Praising: My Favorite TV Shows

I’ve found that lately this blog has mainly focused on film more than any other form of entertainment, so I thought I would throw in a TV post. 1,897 more words