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Vikram Vedha seemed like any other cat and mouse race with a cop and gangster flavour to it. More or less the film is all about it but it also has lots more in store for you. 641 more words


Vikram Vedha: A wholly satisfying, smartly conceived thriller

Vikram (Madhavan) is a stone-cold encounter specialist who can sleep soundly, regardless of how many lives he’s ended that day. “Korattai vittu thoonguven,” he says, and explains that he’s able to do that because of his conviction that he’s the good, and he’s putting bullets into the bad. 860 more words

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The Vijay Sethupathi interview: The actor, the philosopher

Vijay Sethupathi opens up about playing the ‘devil incarnate’ in Vikram Vedha

It’s a question actors are often asked. What would they be if they hadn’t become actors? 910 more words


What do you do when your car breaks down in India? Pushkar

Pushkar, not only does it make for a corny joke, but it’s also a great place for three days of relaxation and lassi! Located just over 8 miles from the city of Ajmer, it represents one of the most holy cities for Hindus. 3,240 more words


A 40 hour bus ride!

I bought a bus ticket to Goa. that was the only thing I could get last minute. From Pushkar to Goa, there’s a 24 hour sleeper bu to Mumbai, and from Mumbai, it take 12 hours to get to Goa. 158 more words


Gotta let go when it's time

I spent 4 days with Andy, Nico, and Julie, and I will be fair, I had a great time, and I liked each and every one of them, but it came a point that I felt like we have some differences in our travel styles, and it’s the best for myself if I split and continue to travel on my own terms, and my own style. 407 more words


The Rajasthan Road Trip

Joining Andy and others for the road trip was way out of my comfort zone, and that’s why I accepted without hesitation, I wanted to go out of my comfort zone. 379 more words