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Breakup Journey Day 7

I had a major crash yesterday missing him but bounced back with a major ephiphany: WHY MEN LOVE/MARRY BITCHES.

The why I have been looking for. 171 more words


How not to be a pushover

This post on assertiveness was originally posted on March 2015.

I set this development goal on something originally set called ‘Stop looking after my friends so much’ 362 more words



Push through the pushback,
He said.
Count up what you lack,
He said.

Break down to break through,
He said.
Paucity is boon,
He said. 14 more words

Am I a pushover?

This seems thickly ironic when I watch old toddler videos of me stomping about in my pajamas, demanding and snatching toys and grunting. However, I’ve recently taken a hindsight on my life and tied up my days into a string of apologies and personal regrets. 152 more words

My First Post

Freewriting: Bullying

Few things are more shameful than people who make fun of others and exert their authority over those who they deem as weak. Deep down, bullies are miserable human beings. 157 more words


Trump signals US is not a pushover

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

The volley of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles did more than just pulverise a Syrian airbase – it also served to signal that the United States under the Trump administration is willing and able to use its considerable firepower should it choose to. 791 more words

Current Affairs


you tell me to stop being so nice

because people will walk all over me

but i if you would look at my back

you would see… 25 more words