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Pushing the Pushover too far

There’s only so many times someone can be screwed over and still be okay. I don’t know how many times I have been messed around and yet as a forgiving pushover I always end up being the bigger person. 520 more words


The Importance Of Being Someone Who Can Say "NO!" At Will

Written by: Ruminator

Say No To Saying Yes.

Yes Men are essentially people who are willing to agree to just about any request they have been asked to fulfill as long as it makes the person asking for a favor happy. 353 more words


People I dislike.

Not that I have the time to tell you all the people I dislike. But I will tell you one of them. I hate quitters. I dislike people who do not try to show any leadership skills or any confidence. 221 more words


The Perils of Being Too Nice.

There’s this misconception that being a nice person is, well, nice.  Sometimes this is true, the warm glow when you help somebody out, the gratitude, the appreciation, the recognition.   908 more words

Sorry about that...

I really think we say sorry too much. If I clash with someone coming out of the gents as I am going in 9 times out of 10 I hear… 467 more words


If I had a voice

If I had a voice I’d
say no.

If I had a voice I’d say i really can’t.

If I had a voice I’d say stop asking. 59 more words

Bratty Kid- Walgreens

Dear mom with the bratty kid in Walgreens,

It took everything I had not to smack your kid today.

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