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The Assertive Rules List

To meet my need to be more assertive, I decided to develop a list of rules that I will follow to ensure that I am not being a pushover. 223 more words


How not to be a pushover

In January I set myself the goal to ‘Be more assertive’.

This was a development on a goal I had originally set called ‘Stop looking after my friends so much’ 379 more words


Sending alerts to iphone or Android phone using python

I was trying to figure out ways to send stocks alerts to my phone when I came across the following blog which demonstrated this using the app called “pushover”: 233 more words



Last Thursday was my last day working as a mentor/tutor for middle school children at a local middle school. Although I have learned many things about myself while being a mentor for these kids, there is one aspect of myself that I have discovered and hope to improve upon. 168 more words

Sorry to Disappoint

But I am not that kind. I never was. And never will be.

YOU. Don’t you dare displace your crap on me. Do it and I’ll throw it back at you, with additional piss as a complement. 82 more words

Self Thoughts

Maybe I wasn't a Pushover After All

When my son was a teenager, I let one of his friends move into the tiny room that was once a side porch. It was after my first husband left, and there was a big empty space in my broken heart. 265 more words


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Letting your teenager's friend move in isn't always the right decision. But sometimes it turns out to be a good thing.