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Kill With Kindness: Being A Pushover

More often than not, I’ve always found it difficult to say ‘no’ to someone. I chalked it up to being polite all the time, but I realised that there is a fine line between being super nice and a pushover – I’ve also realised that I’ve crossed the line over to the other side. 1,055 more words

Food For Thought

Situations Don't Reveal True Colours, They Create NEW Ones.

So, for the longest time I’ve been so conscious about how I behave in general, under stressful situations, towards rude people, in sensitive conversations, when I’m involved in messy situations that may not be my own.etc. 586 more words

So I Was Thinking...


He calls me understanding.

He thanks me for listening and understanding him.

For understanding his problems.

Why he cant commit.

Why he backs off

Why he distances himself… 67 more words



F K A || J A N E D O E

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Nonlinear Static Pushover Analtysis Procedure

Nonlinear Static Pushover Analtysis Procedure

K.Kurojjanawong 13-Apr-2018

เป็นภาพรวมการทำ Pushover Analysis ของ Offshore Structure จากผลของ คลื่นและกระแสน้ำ ผมเขียนไว้สิบกว่าปีที่แล้ว วันนี้เปิดเจอในเครื่อง เลยเอามาให้ดู เห็นวันก่อน เคยมีคนโหวตว่าสนใจเรื่อง Pushover และ Ship Impact Analysis… 150 more words

Offshore Structure

How Do I Start? :v

Ok so let’s just start with this, I am someone who likes to keep quiet most of the time, sometimes I just share my opinion that’s all. 220 more words