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you tell me to stop being so nice

because people will walk all over me

but i if you would look at my back

you would see… 25 more words

10 Of The Best Communication Apps For Small Businesses

Small businesses seem to face more challenges than anyone else out there in the market. It makes perfect sense if you consider the lack of a strong and constant base for the business and the fact that in most cases, a company that is starting out, is still trying to figure many things out and learning as they go. 802 more words


Oranges Are Nature's Medicine

I hate oranges. I hate their smell, their taste. I avoid touching them as much as I can, because they makes me nauseous. I don’t know why but they remind me of medicine- some traumatic childhood experience? 335 more words


to my former best friend...

They say people gain a pretty good idea about who you are by looking at who your friends with. Well I was seen as a push over and someone without a backbone and not because she was lacking her backbone as well. 456 more words

Aggressor or pushover?

As someone who hates confrontation, I usually avoid it by not saying anything when I’m annoyed by someone’s action. Until I went to America this summer to visit my friend I had met during my year abroad. 1,644 more words



Happy Sunday, readers! Did everyone have a great day? I know the game was on so I hope your team won and if you betted, I hope they paid up with NO excuses. 316 more words



Push messages can help to get status info of IoT nodes which can not always connected directly. There are different services that are suitable for sending push messages. 249 more words