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Refusing to raise a doormat

My little girl got an award at school last week. An achievers award.
It is a token award that one child from each class gets at assembly each week, nothing terribly meaningful I suppose, but it’s a nice chance for their teacher to highlight something they are good at, something that they do well. 1,517 more words

Time to man up

I’ve put up with a lot of shit over the past few years but at the same time I have been the offender myself.

Given the opportunity I have been handed to attend University in September it feels like I once again need to establish myself as someone who isn’t a push over. 60 more words



I have been told by almost ever person I have met that I look like I’m really mean. In reality, I let everyone walk all over me and it hurts. 104 more words


Stop Being a Pushover

Dear self,

I’m not sure when you started reverting back into your insecure, pre-college, pushover state of mind, but frankly it’s disturbing. You worked so hard to stop being self-conscious, nervous, uncertain and honestly, wimpy. 280 more words

Philosophical Ramblings

Too close

All your life you’ve been told to be nice, but not a pushover. Be brave, but don’t cause a scene. Make sure you’re heard, unless we don’t like what you have to say. 80 more words

The Assertive Rules List

To meet my need to be more assertive, I decided to develop a list of rules that I will follow to ensure that I am not being a pushover. 223 more words