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I think the whole Smile when you talk on the phone, Smile when you're writing something that should come off joy-filled when you're ordinarily not or simply not IRL works. I don't know that I did this while working on anything all day--a general thought is all. | I finished the website draft and am waiting for _ to send along _s for the 3 _s and I worry that _ won't _ back _ _ with them _ _ _. But I tried to stay positive about it. While working on the website draft/update stuffffffffffff, my mind kept running with new projects and all the people with whom _'d like to run. The oddest thought was to someone I don't quite get along with who once wrote (and other verbed), _ is _, true _ the _ the _ know, the _ sustained by _ that _ on its own _ and _s of it at last. I have been repeating versions of the sentiment all day--the sentiment is perfectly worded and I'm guessing the person who I don't quite get along with has always been his own editor. | Erase the signs. | I bought tickets for the next League lecture but am not going because I have to do one of those things that sits in the Take Care of Yourself container. The only thing I do on a monthly basis that really makes me feel better even though it's around someone who may not really get me. Who cares and understanding is impossible. But she doesn't interrupt. Just like the decent Finance bro ex-roommate and his decent friends. I have been better with keeping that whole promise not to interrupt. Maybe to the point where I just never get a word in. | I used to write someone often--letters, whatever. Since we were 7 or something. We stopped writing last year after he visited New York. I have a few guesses why this happened. I don't miss the exchange and strongly recommend that relationships built in words are kept at words. Who knows why that just crossed my mind. | Other weird blank that is on the brain, a bit of Nietzsche: It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages. (The sentiment written by the homeboy I don't get along with is more perfect that this even). | When I think of my mother and the home we grew up in, I sort of hate that she never changed the wallpaper that came with my room when we moved in. I think we would have had a better relationship had she. | I have been listening to the same five songs on my headphones on repeat for the last 5 hours. This describes me really well. When I took my headphones off, I realized I also had Dvorak playing full blast outside of headspace. This describes how shit has been pretty well. | Despite whatever I wrote about C in the last post, I sent her a template for a b_. I'm the sort of ahole that trusts the value of friendship no matter how crappy the other person treats the time that sits between us. Maybe I'm a bit of a pushover. A pushover who's got great hair and looks tough. | I'd like to be high with Chopin and Haus Arafna playing simultaneously. Or maybe that's a good funeral request. Maybe it's all too much. | That sentiment, that sentiment, that sentiment, that sentiment, repeat—

Say No to This

To all the spineless pushovers out there, I feel your pain. For I, too, have trouble turning down even the smallest of requests from people–even if they’re a mere acquaintance. 505 more words

Organized Ramblings


a desperate desire;
to be liked, to be needed,
to please you,
cries out from within.

a cloying, sickly perfume
seeping into skin. 54 more words

The Ugly Truth About Being 'Too Nice'

I never say no.

Whether it’s an imposing favor or an insistent invitation, I couldn’t say it. Not that I don’t want to. It’s just that I don’t know how to without feeling like I’ve let them down. 1,004 more words

Say NO harder

Are anyone here?

Have you ever say yes to something you don’t want to? Because of peer pressure, or any other pressure for that matter. I remember several times in my life where I did just that. 239 more words

Shout Out

A Non-Ode To A Pushover

You are proudly called

A people pleaser

Getting a “Yes” from your

Mouth is so damn easier

Those who approach you

Aren’t at all hesitant, 147 more words


I propose a day!

A day when girls don’t talk in high-pitched voices, instead opting for a monotonous tone like Daria. I call this Be a Bad Bitch Day. I think all girls should embrace their inner bitch on this day. 725 more words