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Chump: (n) a foolish or easily deceived person.

Self deception eliminates the possibility of blaming anyone else–and the best ways to be self-deceived are to be arrogant and defensive. 161 more words

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I found my spine! Perhaps,
I’ll use it, starting today.  By
Monday for sure. Why? You
know! Everything is born on
the day after doing nothing. 41 more words


A Simple Way to Be More Assertive (Without Being Pushy)

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Speaking up in instances of conflict can be difficult, especially if you’re shy, lacking confidence, or come from a culture where it is inappropriate to speak up. 1,147 more words

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Helpful Tips to Not be Pushy

Recently, I’ve personally been having problems with boys and their entitlement. Boys seem to think that just because I flirt or talk to them, they are entitled to a hook up or “hang out” and if I don’t follow through, I’m a tease or a flake. 351 more words

Not Being Pushy

I’ve met a few handfuls of vegans in my life. Most of those people had very strong personalities and wanted to inform everyone about their life choices and force their beliefs upon others. 586 more words