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Without You, There Is No Us (review)

I have written this book with the knowledge that it will anger the DPRK regime, the president of PUST, and my former colleagues there. Although I am sorry to cause the president and faculty of of PUST distress, I feel a greater obligation, both as a writer and as someone deeply concerned about the future of Korea, to tell the stark truth about the DPRK, in hopes that the lives of average North Koreans, including my beloved students, will one day improve.

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fly: small and glad, day 14

In three days, my PhD student fiancé is going to fly to the other side of the world for an academic conference. He’ll ride in an airplane over the Pacific Ocean. 298 more words


John W. W. Zeiser on 'Without You, There is No Us'

Secrets and Lies

Originally found on December 19th, 2014, by LA Review of Books

WRITING ABOUT Dennis Rodman’s forays into diplomacy earlier this year, director of the Choson Exchange, Andray Abrahamian, reminded readers that, “in media discourse, North Korea is the classic enemy. 4,175 more words

North Korea


Jeg har skrevet tidligere om meditativ vintervandring – noe jeg gjorde igår når solen skinte og himmelen var blå. Idag er det litt gråere og litt våtere – i alle fall hos meg her jeg sitter ved Mac´en og ser ut på regn og skitten snø. 164 more words

Meditasjoner Og øvelser

Hva er meningen med livet?

Er ikke dette et av de vanskligste sprøsmålene å svare på? Jeg syns jeg leter og leter og leter, gjør yoga, leter litt mer og mediterer enda mer…. 333 more words

Erfaringer Med Kundalini Yoga