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China Doll

Fragile china doll

A beauty on display

Nick her and she’ll break

Well put together

From afar, but full of cracks

Small and delicate


Colour Me Beautiful

Why is black the easiest colour to wear? On most days, that’s my go-to shade that rarely disappoint no matter how often I repeat the same outfit or style. 165 more words


Put Together in a Pinch

I enjoy feeling put together.  Yes, I love sweatpants when I’m home lounging and being comfy. But, when I have things to get done or need to leave the house I want to feel ready.   554 more words


How to Look Like You Have Your Sh*t Together

Just doing some thinking about how I like to present myself in a way that makes other think that I know what I’m doing. I have gained the skills over the years of how to look put together. 185 more words


Five Winter Style Essentials

With the days getting chillier, there is no doubt winter is just around the corner. Being prepared for winter means having the right wardrobe. So start shopping now, before the cold weather gets you. 228 more words

Pitching a Tent

– (Girl says to guy) So, you’re pretty good with your hands… I bet you can build stuff, right?

(Guy, with a smirk) Sure I can; I’m pitching a tent right now.

Highlarious Delicious Scenarios

Plan/ Be Organized

A big part of college and life is stress! When things start coming up so fast you tend to overwhelm and just resort to being stressed because you forget what you have to do then you procrastinate, and when its the last minute you freak out because you haven’t gotten anything done! 285 more words