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Roadtrip 2016 Day Six: In which Morgan eats herself sick

This is part six of an eight day series. Click here for the rest of the blog posts!

Despite the feeling sticky from the humidity, I slept well at Tsali. 1,580 more words

Outdoor Adventure

Links I liked, Sep 6 – Sep 16 (Join the Plodders, Air Force One on 9/11, College Blacklists)

1. Stop the Revolution.  Join the Plodders.

As great as it is that Bono is using his fame for some noble purpose, I just don’t believe that the happy future of the church, or the world for that matter, rests on our ability to raise up a million more Bonos (as at least one author suggests).

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About Par for the Course

I am not a golfer.  I never have been and at this stage of my life the odds are that I never will be.  If someone asks me if I want to “split a bucket” I take it as an invitation to go to KFC.   371 more words


Most. Beautiful. Scenery. Ever.

We’re exhausted! And you would be too if you haven’t had much rest after 7 days on a vacation with 15 members of your extended family. 879 more words

Waiting Family

Small town with a BIG heart...and a long blog post

First things first, I must start this blog entry with an apology. To the state of Indiana.
Indiana, I am sorry, please forgive me.

As I am discovering with each mile we travel, assuming the whole of the USA is identical just because it is technically one landmass is ridiculous; this simple coincidence of geography certainly does not make all states alike. 6,535 more words


Golfin with the Fam!

33 pts for Amanda, and since she became the champ…i think that’s worth 17 bonus pts.
50pts Amanda

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