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Installing Home Assistant using the All in One Installer

First let me say that I know nothing about Linux. As they say I know just “enough to be dangerous.” I have formatted and re-installed Home Assistant (HASS) more times than I can count. 154 more words

Home Assistant

Getting Your Raspberry Pi Ready to Install Home Assistant

Stuff You’ll Need:

  1. Raspbian OS
  2. SDFormatter
  3. Win32 Disk Imager
  4. Putty

These are some basic steps to get your Raspberry Pi ready for Home Assistant installation. Everything you see here will be based on my equipment. 558 more words

Home Assistant

Setup a Samba Share to Edit Your Configuration Files for Home Assistant

Editing your configuration files through Putty sucks. You can setup a network share using the Samba protocol that will be accessible through Windows so that you can use your text editor ( 380 more words

Home Assistant

Setup Putty to Automatically Login to Your Raspberry Pi

I’m all for saving time and taking shortcuts. When you first start to get into Home Assistant, you’ll be logging into your command prompt using Putty a lot. 125 more words

Home Assistant

Useful Linux SHELL Commands

  • wsimport =¬†use wsimport to generated java files from the wsdl
    • Generate only .class files –
      /cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/Java/jdk1.8.0_60/bin/wsimport.exe -p com.rampal.abhi.generated IdentityManager.wsdl
    • Generate both .class and .java files – …
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