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This morning before a job recruiting event

my anxiety was through the roof. My stomach was cinched with nerves and nausea; my tongue felt like a whale in my desert mouth. I was under the covers of my bed shaking, wondering if I should stay in bed or go to the event.  201 more words


DLL Hijacking təməlləri

Dll Hijack texnikası

Salam dostlar. Bu gün sizə məşhur texnikalardan biri olan Dll Hijack-dan danışmaq istəyirəm. Mövzuya girməmişdən əvvəl gəlin anlayaq nədir bu DLL?

DLL- Dynamic Linking library (Dinamik birləşdirilən kitabxana) Windows  ƏS-də kodun paylaşılması üçün istifadə olunur. 523 more words


SSH Administration over a DirectAccess Connection

From a client perspective, DirectAccess is an IPv6 only solution. All communication between the DirectAccess client and server takes place exclusively over IPv6. This can make things… 454 more words

Remote Access

Permanent SSH Tunnel


You need a SSH tunnel to another machine which is still alive after you close the bash or the Putty window.


The command to solve the problem: 55 more words


Character set display issue on Raspberry Pi ssh terminal using putty

Scenario: when connecting to Raspberry Pi using putty ssh terminal over default configuration, some output includes show strange characters (garbage characters) instead of the proper line drawing. 152 more words


How To Log-in To Linux Server From Windows Machine Without Password

Many a time, there is a need to access Linux server remotely from a Windows host. Of course we use putty (also MobaXterm for GUI) for that. 435 more words


First experience with DigitalOcean's virtual private server (VPS)

I just bought my new .xyz domain from namecheap.com, it only cost me a dollar. Renewal might be more expensive but still.

I also grabbed a 5-dollar virtual private server instance from DigitalOcean. 119 more words