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Lixux Server Freakout Day (aka Friday)

It is a seemingly normal Friday morning and, like any other morning, from your Windows pc, you attempt a Putty session into a Linux backup server to check the status of your backup tapes in NetBackup. 160 more words

Tech Tips

Solaris OS Commands

  • Command to get the Storage Utilization on Solaris
    df -h | awk {‘print $5’} | grep ‘%’| cut -d ‘%’ -f1

Create an ubuntu virtual machine

Create an ubuntu 14.06 Virtualbox virtual machine

I’m using a windows 10 operating system and I want to use an ubuntu virtual machine to do some stuff. 335 more words


Vagrant and Hyper-V

Having previously dismissed Vagrant as a VirtualBox tool I’ve revisited it and found it now supports (from v1.5 onwards) Hyper-V. THis is important if like me you have Windows 8.1 Pro or 10 Pro and have the Hyper-V feature turned on as VirtualBox will not work (see… 335 more words


15 min leak fix.

Epoxy Putty

This epoxy putty can be used when you have a small leak on a steel galvanized water pipe. It takes one hour to completely set and it has a fifteen minute work time.

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Putty 6.0.0 for Mac has been released | The Bordeaux Technology Group

(Source: bordeauxgroup.com)

The Bordeaux Technology Group released Putty for Mac 6.0.0 for Mac OSX today. Putty 6.0.0 is a maintenance release that fixes a number of small bugs. 490 more words


Windows + Putty : Connect AWS

Launch an EC2 instance, attached a security group with inbound rules of SSH & HTTP with a source of Anywhere.
Create a new private key and waited for instance to say “Running” 35 more words