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Configuring SSH with putty

Recently i joined a project where i had to access multiple servers. We had almost 20 linux boxes which include Development, QA and production databases. I had to frequently login and out of these servers and entering the username and password everytime has become a pain. 590 more words

Moving the Offline Folder Cache in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

WARNING:  This post involves playing around with your operating system’s registry.  You use this information at your own risk.  For other warnings, please see the… 405 more words


Add SSH publick key to CentOS server

Every time I connect to my server, I have to input the password, too lazy for that step I found new way accessing my server without providing password. 307 more words

Putty - kopiowanie tekstu z terminala

Shift + Ctrl + Insert kopiuje tekst z okna

(gdy siedzimy w edytorze mc tekst zaznaczmay z wciśniętym Shiftem)

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Super Magnetic Putty Makes "The Blob" Look Like Neighborhood Friend

Remember the days when silly putty was packaged in a tiny plastic egg, and you could imprint Sunday Morning comics onto it like magic? WELL THOSE DAYS ARE OVER! 26 more words

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Implementing a CentOS-based VM on MS Azure , adding LXDE GUI and accessing it remotly

In this post i’m going to show some simple steps to create your virtual machine (vm) add a graphical user interface ” Which is not recommended in production ” and accessing it through your windows remote desktop tool… 371 more words

Cloud Computing

[Putty] Using PuTTYGen to generate SSH private/public keys

Step 1: Open PuTTY Key Generator (puttygen.exe in the putty folder) which should look something like:

PuTTYGen supports 3 key types:

  1. SSH-1 (RSA),
  2. SSH-2 RSA,
  3. 229 more words