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I managed to solve two annoying problems today:

1. .ntvs_analysis.dat, created by Visual Studio when building a Node.JS project, was being checked-in to my private repository at GitHub. 360 more words

SSH Tunnel for Chrome

Chrome will use the system proxy settings by default, but if you want to tunnel *just* chrome through SSH, here’s how:

  1. Download Putty
  2. Download Chrome…
  3. 137 more words

Trojanized, info-stealing PuTTY version lurking online

This is an important heads up I received from a colleague concerning a malicious version of the popular tool PuTTY floating around in the wild. 8 more words

Security News

Installing drupal and joomla with a database - monday 18/5/15

Today we managed to install wordpress, drupal and jommla CMS with a database which is what we were missing, by default mysql creates a test database when you install it and we had to use a database but had to tell the server that is the one we needed by default. 414 more words


Raspberry Pi 101

Setting up a Raspberry Pi for Beginners – Blinking Lights Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to set up and install your raspberry pi, and perform your first experiment – Create a blinking light. 1,340 more words


getting drupal installed using PuTTY - Tuesday 12/5/15

Today we got drupaled installed the problem, when we extract the tar file we have to move it to another file so the install file would run and that was it. 95 more words


Using PuTTY to install drupal - Monday 11/5/15

Today in class we used more PuTTY stuff and we learn’t about PSCP which means Putty Secure CoPy and this basically sends files from a server to a computer encrypted. 258 more words