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MAVProxy on a Raspberry Pi

To handle the command sending between the buttons on my controller (powered by an Arduino) and the UAV, I am using a Raspberry Pi.  This RasPi now has MAVProxy installed on it, and can successfully connect to the UAV. 405 more words


Faster Alternatives to FTP for uploading files from Linux or Windows

FTP is great, but when your looking to send files quickly over the network you may want to look at the commands: scp, rcp, and pscp.  176 more words


putty and ssh keys

If you have a Windows computer, no doubt you’re using putty for your ssh needs. In order to use keys to sign into remote hosts, you’ll need to run puTTYgen program, generate a new pair of keys, and then copy/paste the public key to your remote host, and cat it to the remote authorized_hosts file. 39 more words


Using Putty for remote GUI applications

1 Introduction

Remote connections can be established with system over a network through SSH (secure shell) easily, we can login, perform actions or send commands to another system remotely trough this conection on the commandline. 512 more words


putty 파란색 색 변경할 값 참고

putty 기본 설정에서는 리눅스 접속 시 디렉토리 색인 파란색이 잘 보이지 않음…

putty 창 열기 -> 왼쪽 Category의 Windows 내 Colours 선택 -> 우측 하단의 색상 목록 중 “ANSI Blue” 와 “ANSI Blue Bold” 를 다음의 색으로 변경 8 more words

Stained Glass Puttying: It's a Dirty Job, but Someone's Got to do It

I’m fresh from a day of puttying windows, and after being at it for hours, I’ve started to feel a bit philosophical about the whole ordeal. 750 more words

Stained Glass

Configurar una connexió remota a la RaspberryPi2 des d'un PC Windows

Enllaç a la pàgina de Raspians amb la informació sobre com realitzar una connexió d’escriptori remot cap a la RaspberryPi2.

Setting up a Remote Desktop view the Pi on your Windows PC