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> Managing Control

As development of this game moves forward, it becmes clearer and clearer that it would fit in nicely with my Cyberpunk/Lovecraft transmedia project… 347 more words


Life Goes On: Done to Death Review (PlayStation 4)

Deep down inside ourselves, how often do we want to kill our video game protagonists?  I don’t just mean metaphorically, I mean straight up murder.  Probably a lot more than we want to admit.   1,967 more words


Mystery Castle Review (Xbox One)

As I keep harping on over and over again, I’m an old man.  I grew up on the NES just as it launched.  Back then, we didn’t have crazy shooters like DOOM and BioShock, or monstrous story based adventures a la Tomb Raider and Uncharted.   2,033 more words


Lost Secrets: Ancient Mysteries the Pyramids - Irving's Review

Irving moves on to the next game in the Lost Secrets series, the Pie Rammids (the game uses Egyptian spelling). What’s the story, how does it compare to the others, and what is a pie rammid?


Review: Beneath the Lighthouse

  Beneath the Lighthouse (from Nitrome) is a quick puzzle game that is perfectly designed for a touch screen. You have to press and pull, using the touch sensitive screen to maneuver the little ball through the mazes. 337 more words

Game Review

The Talos Principle Review

A couple weeks ago, I was searching through Steam and I stumbled onto the hidden gem called The Talos Principle.

The Talos Principle was released December of 2014, and was made my Croteam, the creators of the Serious Sam franchise. 311 more words

Atomas [APP]

Rating-4 Ketchups

Don’t continue scrolling because it sounds nerdy and brain racking. In fact, it’s an interesting puzzle game and a lot of fun to play. 100 more words

Kernel Ketchup