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Long Lines

Click tiles to swap their positions.

Completed lines will pop off.

Five or more pieces in the line will give an extra turn.

Long lines get more points!

Play “long lines”

Hands On With Death Squared

Remember Portal? Who doesn’t remember the cake, right? Imagine if that diamond in the gaming rough had been more about the turrets and the need to solve puzzles with them, because we all loved the turrets and their creepy voices … or is that just me? 682 more words


Benefits of playing puzzle games

Generally seen as a source of entertainment, puzzles have always been a part of our lives. Since childhood, we jumped with joy when we finally nailed that crossword puzzle or even put together a few simple pieces of a jigsaw! 503 more words


One Year After The Witness: A Short Review

It has been nearly a year since I played The Witness and wanted to give it a second, although short, reconsideration. When I really liked (or hate) a game, it is easy for me to feel confident about my experience with a game. 261 more words

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Gravity Well 2 - Week 8

Here is the updated Gravity Well game. Is it any better for a 2nd week of effort? You tell me.

It is certainly more like my original vision of the game – you now set a launch angle and thrust and gravity does the rest. 98 more words


Obduction is the rare puzzle game that manages to make its narrative a vital part of its core puzzle-solving experience.

The puzzle game genre is an expansive one, and contains all sorts of mechanics, but the unifying principle that makes a puzzle game is the application of deductive logic to manipulating game mechanics, in order to accomplish objectives in the game. 704 more words

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