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Blendoku: Look at All the Colours

Hey it’s Hump day! Here is a game that might make your day a little better.

Blendoku is a deceptive game. They give you a six blocks of colors and you have to put them in order of shade. 255 more words


PuzzleByte is released!

And here’s a slick trailer! And some screenshots:

Grab the game for free on Google Play now~

It’s been a long time coming! Much too long for my taste, and probably yours as well, given that the last update (and the game hitting alpha) was nearly a month ago. 187 more words

Game Updates

Dokusen: The Art of Domination (iOS puzzle game) --- A month later

It’s been a month since I released my latest iOS game Dokusen on iTunes. At first I considered polishing some aspects of the game and releasing an update, but to be honest the idea of developing a new game from scratch is more attractive, so I’ve stared down that path instead. 452 more words

Game Development

Stretchmo Review

Stretchmo is a joyful collection of bite-sized puzzle challenges which stretches the Pushmo concept into what feels like its logical conclusion. It succeeds in expanding upon that original concept in a way that the previous sequels have not, and basically just gives you more Pushmo with new mechanics to use, which is a definitively Good Thing. 755 more words


Jumbl Review [iOS]

I usually stink at playing competitive word games, which is why I usually stay away from games like Scrabble or Words with Friends. That doesn’t mean I dislike them, I just hate playing with other people because I more often than not, lose. 484 more words

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Super Exploding Zoo: PS4 Review

Ever had that itch that only a puzzle game with exploding zoo animals can scratch? Well ‘Super Exploding Zoo’ is just what you are looking for, but behind all the cute animals and crazy gameplay is the game worth playing? 285 more words


TORTURE CHAMBER | Tormentum - Dark Sorrow (Part 2)

More puzzles are discovered and I find the Torture Chamber as I play more Tormentum – Dark Sorrow.