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Cult Game Review - Papers Please

Back in 2013, this sleeper hit was met with high praise and tons of examination from critics and games alike.  In Paper’s Please, you are a citizen chosen from a work lottery to maintain a border patrol agency for Arstotzka, a strict Communist country.  832 more words


Multisystem: Puzzle Zombie

Survivors escape from zombies to flood, kill zombies using puzzle.

Making weapons for zombies to kill after match 3 or more blocks.
Kill zombies for survivors who could escape after collect more weapons. 91 more words


Much More Than Just A Kidnapping - The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Review

Where did that boy go? In the trap? Ran over by the rail car? Only you can find out. As Paul Prospero, a man with the paranormal ability to see the spirit world, and an almost Sherlock-like deductive reasoning ability, figure out exactly what happened to Ethan. 368 more words


RPS - Rock Paper Scissors (Roshambo) - my first game on the App Store


RPS – Rock Paper Scissors (Roshambo)

Three days ago I placed my first game on the App Store (iPhone & iPad). To do that I had to pay $99/year. 31 more words


Machinarium First Impressions [PC/MAC]

With the artistic visuals of LIMBO wetting my appetite, I went on a grand search for some creative and imaginative puzzle games and I came across a true masterpiece; Machinarium. 468 more words


PC: Phyersoft's Barricade

So in a nutshell. The game is a 2D pixelated arcade puzzle game. That draws very heavy influences from the older 16-32bit arcade & console titles from the late 90’s. 320 more words