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Solve Puzzles for Science!

Citizens are called on to help scientists work towards understanding and solving some terrible human diseases. Are you up for the challenge? 470 more words

Video Game

Deadlight: Video Game Review

This is an older game but I’ve played it a while back when it first came out in 2012 and I revisited the game again now I have a much better computer that runs games far better then the old one. 911 more words


Learning And Fun Game For Kids - Town Of Prince

Kids love being treated like a prince. But being a prince is so much of responsibilities and duties which he has to fulfill towards the people of his kingdom. 196 more words

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Puzzle Game

Life, oh Life,

What is that you hide,

Behind these trees,

And under my feet?


My heart beats,

My ears ring,

My hands clap,

And my feet stamp. 81 more words


Quantum Conundrum

A wacky scientist has messed with the fabric of reality and gotten stuck in a pocket dimension! Well, since he’s your uncle you’d better go rescue him. 364 more words


The Talos Principle

It isn’t often that I have the pleasure of playing a game this brilliant.

The Talos Principle is one of the best puzzle games I have ever played. 853 more words

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