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Puzzle #28: Yajisan-Kazusan

This is a Yajisan-Kazusan puzzle.

The rules for Yajisan-Kazusan can be found here: Rules Page


The Last Guardian Review

Developer: SIE Japan Studio

Publisher: SIE

Format: PS4

Release Date: 6th December 2016

It’s been almost a decade since the TLG was originally announced. After skipping a whole console generation and having no news on its development for long periods of time or if it would ever go gold, suspicions started to arise on whether it would ever get released at all. 1,401 more words



God I love infinifactory.

At the time of writing this is the greatest game that I’ve ever written about on this site.

Welcome to my first post… 1,079 more words


Thoughts in a Nutshell #22

Their fingers interlaced like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, as if they were meant to stay together forever.


We have an Announcement!!

We have an announcement!!!!

But first… a little back story…

In August 2011 my husband, Adam, and I introduced into the world our very first beautiful little girl named Karily Summer and we quickly became the three musketeers. 954 more words


PSVR New Release: Statik

VR puzzle title for Playstation VR “Statik” has been released. This is a game that is developed by Tarsier Studios.

This game is set in a laboratory or sort, and the player’s hands are confined within a puzzle box (with dials, wires and such). 105 more words

Sony Playstation VR

Cookie Cutter Faith

If there is one thing that God has been showing me this year about faith, its that faith is not a ‘one size fits all’ kind of thing. 344 more words

I Am Christian