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A Colourful Code

You are taking part in a gameshow. The above image flashes up onto a screen and you are required to say the code word to win. 146 more words


Solve it Sunday: A Curious Thought

This one might be a bit trickier than you think. It got me when I first read it, but read it carefully before you think you have the answer. 38 more words

On My Bookshelf

Press Round-up – Spring 2019

Reviews posted on VGchartz from April to June 2019. Click on the titles to access the reviews.

Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists (PSVita)

When Atelier goes the Sim City route, it gives the best installment in the series since Atelier Firis. 372 more words


Daily Chess Puzzles

Today is just a first step. I’m using rated puzzles as an integral part of my chess improvement journey.

Clean slate. Taking my first steps today toward playing better chess.

8 more words

[Riddle] Suicide or Not?

A dead female body lies at the bottom of a multistory building. It looks as though she committed suicide by jumping from one of the floors. 72 more words


Know the GBV terms!


In the light of education to avoid relating amiss when it comes to sexual and gender based violence; in addition to a fun learning experience, this is for everyone and even more, if you like puzzles, this is for you! 31 more words


I Have to Work all Day and Night

I have to work all day and night and if I stop, someone will die,

If you break me, accidentally or not, then a person will cry. 42 more words