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Pikuniku is too cute!

Hidden within the Rezzed area of EGX is the Leftfield collection; an assortment of unique indie games aspiring to build more attention. It’s within this assortment of treasures I stumbled upon… 203 more words


I Have No Idea What I'm Doing (Kairo)

The somewhat jokingly but later canonically termed “Walking Simulator” genre gets a lot of flak for being a lot of nothing. Walking Sims are filled with games such as Everyone’s Gone to the Rapture, games which contain little more gameplay or story than what the title will already tell you. 467 more words

Game Impressions

REVIEW: Cubicolor

You have a board of squares with a cube in a starting position. Placed around the board are coloured + signs and coloured squares. You have to choose a route for your cube around the board to intercept each + followed by the square of the same colour. 739 more words


Fall Week 6: October 3-7


Leaf Stamp

Stamping is one variety of arts and crafts for your child that will not only highlight the characteristics of whatever they are stamping, but also develops knowledge of colors and textures, as well as being a great activity for fine motor development. 848 more words



Discover what happened to a derelict spaceship and interrogate its sole crew member: a computer.

PC Release: September 14, 2016

By Ian Coppock

Everyone knows the real reason why appliances have power cords, right? 1,921 more words