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PVC Compounds Manufacturing, Processing and Other Applications

The PVC cable compounds are normally manufactured by processing the compositions of polyvinylchloride that are produced as granules.  The process involves application of stabilizers, modifiers and plasticizers. 475 more words

PVC Compounds

Spend Least &Turn Your Home Into a Classic

A Classic?

Yes, your read it correct.
We all got fed up looking at those old Tube lights, CFLs and the latest bulged boring Led Bulbs. 128 more words

5 Easy Facts About albuquerque plumbing reviews Described

Did You Know?

Post indication valves were developed and patented by innovators Crookham and Lee in 1972 for Clow Corp., a pipeline manufacturing company, and were publicly installed for the first time in 1974. 715 more words

Pvc round pipes

1/2inch diameter



3/4inch diameter
1inch diameter


PVC & TPR Granules Manufacturer

Tongxiang Juli Plastic Co., Ltd is a company established as a manufacturer of plastic products specializing in production of granules used for further production of plastics. 527 more words

PVC Compounds

Busy Bars

Okay, guys. This bad boy right here is the reason I’ve been so sporadic about posting for the last year.

I’ve been completing my 63 page  thesis… 809 more words


Cute Gardening Pegs for Small Indoor Spaces

At the moment, Mig is lost in his gardening. He has about a hundred seeds, half of which he has already planted (repotted, resurrected, etc.). I’m happy to report that most of them are healthy and doing good. 239 more words