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Redefining Disability

by Priyanka Agarwal,  a PwD (Person with Disability) employee with a visual disability based in IBM India.

I work as a Team leader for Secondary Control over the Activation/Deactivation Team in Strategic Outsource Delivery Business unit in India. 479 more words

IBMers In Action

International Day of Persons with Disabilities: Why Companies Should Prioritize Employing PwDs

Since 1992, the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) has been celebrated annually on 3 December around the world. For qualified people with disabilities, IBM provides reasonable workplace accommodations that comply with applicable law and enable employees to remain competitively productive. 291 more words

IBMers In Action

The Movement to L-O-V-E Ourselves

Remember Your Okay, I’m Okay? Whatever happened to that movement? Well, you might say it found new life in the disability community. Well, sort of… 1,423 more words

Estimate for Lightning Arrester

CLICK HERE to download MS excel file for Estimate.

This is the estimate for 500 sq. m (Height 8 m) building.

Moving through directories

To see what’s in the directory you’re currently in write the command ‘ls‘. As you can see I then used the change directory command ‘cd‘ to move into one of the folders. 34 more words


Dear Young Person In the Restaurant

I know you don’t know me or what it’s like to be me, but you said so many things that simply don’t apply to me and, since you didn’t know part of me was an activist, you had no idea the education you would receive yesterday. 2,900 more words

It's diabolical, spine-chilling for a government

A finance undersecretary revealed the government’s devilish plan to lift the tax exemption benefits enjoyed by Senior Citizens and Persons with Disabilities. The cancellation of such benefits will give the government additional income of 3 billion pesos.

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