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I know its been a while, but here I am, back at the keyboard. The truth is that I haven’t really been away from it but my last few blogs have been written for others and my own ramblings have been somewhat neglected. 878 more words


Fat and carbs and carbs and fat and protein

There are always summer fairs and carnivals and events. And they always have fried food. The Calgary Stampede is no exception – and in fact, I think part of its allure is how creative the fried foods can be. 145 more words


Avail PWD Discount on your GRAB Rides

Below is the steps to avail of the 20 percent PWD discount in GRAB.

  • DOWNLOAD THE GRAB APP. You may download the GRAB APP from the AppStore if you are using iOS devices, or from Google Play Store for Android devices.
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Okay, so this is a blog about diabetes mellitus, specifically the Type 1 flavor of the disease. So what the heck is DeTickles?

It’s fun. 179 more words


Is The Grass Always Greener?

I can’t remember a life without diabetes. Which isn’t entirely true: I can remember one party, when I was six. The day was sweltering (which was unusual for my British Columbia hometown). 420 more words


Chakma district-ah hnathawh chak, bill a chhuak hma an tih chu CAG-in dawt a ti

Chakma Autonomous District Council (CADC)-a lei dawh leh kawng siam hna te chu thawh zawh tura ruahman hun hma daihin thawh zawh an ni awm a, contractor te hnenah pawh bill pekchhuah zung zung a ni bawk a. 979 more words