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School with POTS & EDS

After writing my first blog post, I felt so great. Finally having an outlet and a place to keep everyone I love informed on my life is fantastic. 1,002 more words


Disabled does not mean less abled

I have got a bad habit of watching news first thing in the morning ,most of the time there is always one bad news which causes stress for the rest of the day, last year on doctor’s advice I have stopped watching news and talk shows to avoid stress, for a change few week ago I tuned a news channel which was showing a protest of the people with disabilities, who were demanding from Balochistan government to ensure implementation of quota in government services and few other demands and in few minutes Police started manhandling the protesters to clear the route for a government official. 782 more words

Watch "Problems of a Deaf and Dumb - Support Us Deaf" on YouTube

Recently we have uploaded our survey results that what are major problems that a deaf and dumb really face in real life

Support Us Deaf

Watch "Deaf And Dumb School LUDHIANA - Support Us Deaf" on YouTube

Our nature is the most beautiful creation by god that given us a kind nature to help others one of best example is Ludhiana School that is for Deaf and Dumb… 12 more words

Support Us Deaf

Watch "13 questions on Deaf - Support Us Deaf" on YouTube

In a survey we got several many questions but a major questions are seens check out the video

Support Us Deaf

Watch "Job for Deaf In India - Support Us Deaf" on YouTube

Many job are for general catalog not for handicapped of all kind one of major are deaf and dumb

Support Us Deaf