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myR: How to control DC Motor -part 2

So, let’s first complete the wiring.

Each motor needs 2 signals, one for the clockwise movement, one for the counterclockwise movement.

I’m using the  GPIO 18 ,23,24,25  connected directly to the 4 inputs of the bridge.See the diagram below. 68 more words

Hw Config

January 2016 Plan With Me

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog, today’s post is a plan with me for the week of January 25th-31st! The sticker set I am using was put together by myself using Pages on my Macbook and images found online. 723 more words


Hi guys,

In this weeks post I’ll be showing you guys how to make a speed controlled fan using an arduino. we shall use a pc case fan and control its speed by turning the knob of a potentiometer. 456 more words


Theater lights

My son and I have started on his summer project while he is home for winter break—to build a moderately bright, adjustable color theater light for WEST Performing Arts, the children’s theater troupe he has worked with for the past 11 years (including the two years before they split off from Pisces Moon). 1,217 more words

A Tiny Servo Motor Controller

If you’re building a moving thing with a microcontroller, you’ll probably want to throw a servo controller in the mix. Driving a servo or two with a microcontroller takes away valuable cycles that just babysit the servo, making sure all the PWM signals are in sync. 170 more words


PWM on the Lattice iCEStick

Last time, I showed you a simple PWM block and an open source UART core. This time, I’ll put these parts together to create a PC PWM output peripheral. 1,963 more words

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Taking the Pulse (Width Modulation) of an FPGA

I like to think that there are four different ways people use FPGAs:

  1. Use the FPGA as a CPU which allows you to add predefined I/O blocks…
  2. 2,405 more words
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