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Square Wave Generator and PWM with a Numato Elbert v2 FPGA

Last time we outlined how to divide down an FPGAs clock frequency using a basic counter circuit. This allowed us to have varying blinking frequencies for our LEDs depending on which bits of the counter register we tied them to. 2,332 more words

Elbert V2

MMDVMHost with HD44780 PWM backlight control

I’ve had this idea floating around my head after the YL commented (some time ago!) that the backlight on my DVMega/MMDVMHost Raspberry Pi was a tad on the … errr … bright side. 109 more words

PWM problems identified

People have been reporting problems with the PWM function on the ESP8266 causing resets for months, with others claiming rock-solid reliability for virtually identical applications.  There’s been a lot of back and forth on the ESP8266.com site regarding whether this was a real issue, or just a problem with layout/decoupling or perhaps just inadequate power supplies. 143 more words


April Plan with Me: Donut Spread!

Hello everyone and welcome back t my blog! Today I’m going to be sharing my Plan with Me for the week of April 18th-24th, and I choose to do a donut spread. 1,133 more words

Using Servo Motors (PWM) on the BeagleBone Black

There are two Python libraries which offer PWM support via Python on the BeagleBone Black:

  1. Adafruit_BBIO
  2. PyBBIO

Although Adafruit_BBIO is more popular (going on the number of followers on Github ;D), it has some real weird issues ( 683 more words


New YouTube Channel!

Hey everyone! I apologise that I haven’t been around much lately but since starting my PhD and my own YouTube channel it’s been hard to get motivation to write this blog too! 142 more words

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