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Interfacing servo motor on BeagleBone black

Load device tree overlay of PWM

Refer the following link for more knowledge about device tree overlay

it lists loaded overlays.

cat /sys/devices/bone_capemgr.8/slots

The bone_capemgr.? 71 more words

BeagleBone Black

H-bridge Class-D hum problem solved

I H-bridge Class-D works I mentioned

I was getting a rather annoying amount of 60Hz hum, probably from the microphone preamplifier.  I’ll have to play with it a bit tomorrow to see if I can avoid the hum pickup.

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Circuits Course

H-bridge Class-D works

The simplified class-D amplifier using a cMOS H-bridge works! Using an inverter chip (in this case a 74HC14N Schmitt trigger chip) to provide separate amplifiers for each nFET and pFET allows using the TLC3702 rail-to-rail comparator, despite its rather wimpy current output. 245 more words

Circuits Course

Plan With Me - TeaCups Theme

Plan With Me – TeaCups

September 7th – 13th

As you can tell, I did not do a plan with me last week for my vintage Alice in Wonderland theme. 720 more words


AVR LED candle flicker (atmega328)

It’s that time of year again, when you should be thinking about starting your Halloween projects. In the last month ive been trying to move away from arduino and to code streight c on the AVR platform especially the familiar atmega328. 614 more words


Pulse Density Modulation

was trying to drive a motor and naturally thought of using pulse width modulation (PWM) to control the motor speed. However, he found that even with a large capacitor, his underpowered power supply would droop before the PWM cycles were complete. 167 more words