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Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) pada NUC140

Apakah PWM itu?

  • PWM memiliki kepanjangan Pulse Width Modulation;
  • Bisa digunakan untuk pengendalian kecepatan motor DC;
  • Bisa digunakan untuk menentukan posisi/gerakan motor Servo;
  • Bisa digunakan untuk mengatur gelap-terang nyala LED;
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Plan With Me | January 16-22

If you want to listen to me talk to myself for forty minutes while I plan, then this video is for you! I feel so silly when I talk myself into using certain stickers or argue with myself for putting certain stickers together, hah, but that’s part of the planning process! 7 more words

Plan With Me || Snowflake

January 16th-22nd

Hey loves! Sorry I keep changing the way I write the plan with me title, I just can’t seem to find a way that I like. 174 more words


Plan With Me : Week 3 : 15/01/217

Ok so this week has been crazy busy and I’ve been flirting here and there, the blog and blogs haven’t gone out as schedule but there is a vlog coming this week that will explain all so please bare with me. 143 more words


Obligatory Welcome.

Thanks for stopping by!

I’ve recently become obsessed with planning, and I thought this would be a perfect way to fuel my obsession! I’m sure everyone in my life isn’t cray about listening to me go on for days about stickers and washi tape, but I looove it all so much!

So here we are!



Plan With Me: January 9th-15th

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today I’m sharing my weekly plan with me for January 9th-15th. My boyfriend and I moved over this weekend to Concord, New Hampshire for his job, so this week is a bit busy with everyday tasks and job searching on my part. 845 more words

#2 Plan With Me 2017

Hey loves! Starting to get back to normal now trying to juggle school, home life and blog so lets get on with our weekly plan with me. 160 more words