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Budget 2015 Cut on Wages by Nominated Member of Parliament, K. Karthikeyan

Reflecting the voice of the workers, What are the key things worrying?
Wage growth

I am concerned with wage and bonus growth with the slowdown of Singapore’s economic growth especially for the low wage workers. 250 more words

Labour Movement

Arduino-Motion follower

This example shows you how to make Motion Follower using Ultrasonic sensor.

What is motion follower?

In short, it is kind of device that detect your movement and carry out specify action like keep facing towards the motion, or follow the motion. 316 more words


Arduino-Fading LED with PWM

This example shows you how to make fading LED with PWM.

What is PWM? 323 more words


Coding Hard? or Hardly Coding? - New Developments

Good news everyone! I’ve adopted a github thing, and I named it “Motorized-Telescope-Project”. Isn’t it adorable?


I started exploring GitHub because I need a place to store my code online, and this seemed appropriate. 694 more words

PWM and Speed, Objects and Structs

I’m still determining how everything’s going to work…

Before we go any further, PWM refers to a number from {0-255} which corresponds to a voltage that the Arduino sends to the motor. 725 more words

TUT #4: PWM MSP430


Đã bao giờ bạn đặt ra câu hỏi: “Làm thế nào để điều chỉnh được độ sáng của một chiếc LED với chỉ 2 trạng thái bật và tắt?” 1,348 more words


Arduino based, voice commanded, Android phone navigated, Bluetooth controlled - robot car


As the title suggests, my latest weekend project was a very exotic kind of robot: it was a vehicle based on the AVR Atmega microcontroller that can be controlled using voice recognition system of an Android phone.   1,625 more words