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Coding Hard? or Hardly Coding? - New Developments

Good news everyone! I’ve adopted a github thing, and I named it “Motorized-Telescope-Project”. Isn’t it adorable?


I started exploring GitHub because I need a place to store my code online, and this seemed appropriate. 694 more words

PWM and Speed, Objects and Structs

I’m still determining how everything’s going to work…

Before we go any further, PWM refers to a number from {0-255} which corresponds to a voltage that the Arduino sends to the motor. 725 more words

TUT #4: PWM MSP430


Đã bao giờ bạn đặt ra câu hỏi: “Làm thế nào để điều chỉnh được độ sáng của một chiếc LED với chỉ 2 trạng thái bật và tắt?” 1,348 more words


Arduino based, voice commanded, Android phone navigated, Bluetooth controlled - robot car


As the title suggests, my latest weekend project was a very exotic kind of robot: it was a vehicle based on the AVR Atmega microcontroller that can be controlled using voice recognition system of an Android phone.   1,625 more words


The Pi Candle

I spent a bit of last weekend experimenting with the Raspberry Pi, and I came up with a fake candle! I used the cap of an old Christmas light, a yellow LED, some small dowels drilled with holes, and a lot of superglue. 83 more words

Raspberry Pi

Fun With Direct Digital Synthesis

You know that good feeling you get when a project comes together? Thats what I felt when I saw this sine wave on my oscilloscope.  It’s a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) signal generated by an Arduino using a Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technique and a lookup table of amplitude values. 2,236 more words


Arduino Based Iambic Keyer(s)

Version 1.0 – ATTiny85 Port

Richard Chapman KC4IFB published an article in the Sep/Oct 2009 QEX magazine (subscription required) for constructing an Iambic Keyer on the Arduino platform. 2,508 more words