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How to add Python 3 as interpreter in Eclipse

The PyDev plugin adds support for working with Python files to Eclipse. However, it is only auto-configured to work with a Python 2.x interpreter. Furthermore, Ubuntu installs Python 2.x by default and needs some manual work to work with Python 3.x. 102 more words

How to ignore PEP8 error or warning in PyDev

PyDev can be configured to analyze your code to check if it complies with the PEP8 guidelines. It generates errors and warnings if the code does not comply. 87 more words

How to install PyDev

PyDev brings support for working with Python files to Eclipse. Installing the PyDev plugin for Eclipse is very easy:

How to manually install PyDev

The easiest and recommended method to install PyDev is to use Install New Software as shown here. I found that this method was giving this error on Eclipse 4.4.1: 146 more words

Tutorial - Python unit test with Eclipse (1)

In this article, I will walk through how to set up and do a python unit test with Eclipse.

Prerequisite: Pydev has been installed in Eclipse. 286 more words


Geany - A Lightweight Cross-Platform IDE

For the past 5~6 years, I have been using Eclipse (plus Pydev) for Python scripting.  It is a great IDE, not only for Python, but for many other programing languages such as Java, C, C++, Fortran, etc. 160 more words


Setting up Eclipse for Django on Windows

This article describes how to set up Eclipse for Django development on Windows. The software used is as follows: