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So Lucky!

Finally weekend! Finally time to relax and to enjoy the new high spirits in Gryffindor house.

But alas, I caught a cold and now I’m lying in my bed, shivering despite being accompanied by Jeannie and a hot water bottle and a nose that is not so much running as flooding :( 43 more words


On August 26, 1966.

On August 26, 1966, “Sunshine superman”, the third Donovan’s album was released. The album material was recorded from January – May 1966 at the
“Columbia Recording Studios”, Hollywood, and “EMI Studios”, London, and was produced by Mickie Most. 74 more words

폐 (pye) [Word of the Day]

안녕하세요! (Annyeonghaseyo!)

For all my Grammar of the Week Viewers::

This week ends the “Back to Basics Review”. Like I said before, I don’t want to go back over things I’ve covered before.

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Word Of The Day

Positive Youth Engagment

Support to equip and form Lebanese youth on designing and implementing small community projects and public events that bring together the wider community of Saadnayel, Ali nahri and Kfarzabad/ Faour .  100 more words


Pye's Journey to healing both mind and body.

Sometimes a journey is revealed over time, especially when it comes to the life of a horse. At age 7ish we came across Pye dumped in a field near us as dangerous, bit, kicked, reared and bucked with a vengeance. 287 more words


Will you have a week 53 payroll year end in 2015?

Monthly payrolls never have a week 53 but weekly, fortnightly and for-weekly paid employees will have a week 53 if the process date is Sunday 5th April 2015. 156 more words

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