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Art have always been a major source of inspiration in fashion. Personally I’ve always  believe fashion is art which is worn on the body and as fashionistas, our bodies is a blank canvas which we use to express ourselves to create an artwork thru clothes every single day. 329 more words


Stepfathers - and how they can affect your research.

Stepfathers – and how they can affect your research.

I have discovered that where there is a blended family or an illegitimate child within a family; the fact that the individual I am researching has a stepfather can influence the recording of their surname in later documents. 184 more words


Bimbo Akintola ati Francis Duru be awon ti Boko haram so di alaini ile lori mo ni ilu Maiduguri

Oseere onitita, Bimbo Akintola ati Francis Duru, ni ojo isinmi ti o koja lo be awon eni yan ti won fara gba isele, boko haram ni ibi ti won fi won pamo si, ti ijoba ti n toju won, ni Maiduguri. 6 more words


Femi Solar ati Mega 99 Abel Dosumu gbe orin jade

 Pelu Awo Orin titun ti o n bo lona, Femi Solar ti n gbaradi lati se awon naa sita, fun awon ololufe re.

Omoba Abel Dosumu ti inagi re je Mega 99  ti darapo mo Femi lati ko orin jade, eleyi ti yio wa ninu awo orin titun naa. 37 more words

How I started listening to Shortwave radio

In 1978 an uncle of mine came to my home in Calicut in a new car. In India in those days there were only a few car models available and this one was an Ambassador. 800 more words


Pop-up Café | Bangkok, Thái Lan - PYE

Nội thất

Từ các kiến trúc sư.

Thiết kế concept dựa trên ý tưởng không gian triển lãm đặc biệt để mọi người có thể dạo chơi và thưởng thức nghệ thuật thị giác cùng các đối tượng trong một bầu không khí thư giãn ở giữa trung tâm mua sắm phức hợp thú vị nhất của Bangkok. 430 more words

Noi That

So Lucky!

Finally weekend! Finally time to relax and to enjoy the new high spirits in Gryffindor house.

But alas, I caught a cold and now I’m lying in my bed, shivering despite being accompanied by Jeannie and a hot water bottle and a nose that is not so much running as flooding :( 43 more words