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Lasers, broken down.

The first game that I made using pygame was a remake of the classic Asteroids game. One of the biggest challenges I faced was properly colliding objects together. 320 more words

Animating, keyboard and mouse events

We will continue on Chapter 10 which is more animating but also looking at how to interact with keyboard and mouse events, follow along if you get a little lost: 186 more words


Moving Objects, Pygame

Today, we head back into Pygame in Python. In today’s tutorial, we will be learning how to move objects using loops. Here is the link to the lesson: 25 more words


Chp9 Functions Part 1

Today we will start Chapter 9 which is on functions in python. We will try to get to the end of section 9.5 on documenting functions. 32 more words


Chp 7 quiz on lists

Please take the following quiz on Chp7 which is on lists. If you need more practice, take the practice quiz first on the pygame website: 6 more words


Chp7 Lists in Python Part 2

Hello, we will finish Chp7 going over strings and string manipulation in python/pygame today,


When done, please take the practice quiz at the end of the section to practice for the real quiz.