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J-Filters V

This filter runs an edge detection algorithm on a given image. For demonstration I used – as in my previous filter posts – an image from my post… 454 more words


PiDojo- Controlling A Robot From The Keyboard Using Pygame

We had another enjoyable session this week, we especially enjoyed the drone demo by Chris Tierney. We began by looking at using input from our keyboard with Pygame to control our robot. 106 more words


Colored Rectangles

This program lets you spawn in a rectangle with a randomly assigned color. This rectangle will then slowly move towards the screen’s edge, eventually fading away. 503 more words


Robot Mixing Desk using Python

Arkwood teased gel through his floppy black hair. ‘When are you going to make me a rock star?’ he asked.

As my buddy’s manager, I had failed to launch his musical career. 775 more words


J-Filters IV

As in the previous post, I used pygame’s rotozoom() function. This time to turn an image around the screen while shrinking it in size to get an unusual image filter. 489 more words


Phrase Translation using Python

I am Scottish. Arkwood is Belgian. Yesterday, he said, ‘I can never understand a word you say. It all sounds Greek to me.’

I told him to go fuck himself. 628 more words


Rotating Squares

Using the pygame.transform.rotozoom() function, a velocity argument and changing colors, this program rotates squares across the screen.

  • Left click spawns in a new square at current mouse position…
  • 432 more words