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Adding audio to movies

‘Dance a merry dance, my dear boy!’ the judge said, whilst pouring me a generous brandy. ‘And if the gods should laugh, be sure to press record on your tape recorder.’ 463 more words



This game is a recreation of the famous game Simon. In the game there are four colors which form a sequence that is expanding every cycle. 837 more words


Learn To Program With Literate Programming

My heyday in programming was about five years ago, and I’ve really let my skills fade. I started finding myself making excuses for my lack of ability. 1,763 more words


Scratch is the new Powerpoint

I keep hearing the phrase “Scratch is becoming the new Powerpoint” – teachers all over the country (nay, the world) are using the same programming teaching tool to teach with. 644 more words


Koch Snowflake

In my collection of programs generating fractals this famous one cannot miss.
The Koch snowflake is generated by starting with an equilateral triangle. Every side of the triangle then gets cut into three equal pieces and the center one gets replaced with yet another equilateral triangle. 999 more words


Sliding Puzzle

This is my version of a sliding puzzle.
A sliding puzzle is based on a number of tiles (15 in this case) which are scrambled. 828 more words


Making a Python 2D game using Pygame Tutorial #1

Python is a great way to make video games quickly and we can easily find information online.  In this tutorial we’re going to learn how to code in… 716 more words