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Teddy Fight: One week left

We are down to the final week for this month of May, and I’ll finally have a game up and running! Hurray!

I’m actually quite pleased with my own development as a programmer. 320 more words


Secretly Themed


The game above was created by me and requires the use of your keyboard. It is a game where the theme came first, and the enjoyable gameplay came second. 274 more words

Teddy Fight (early version)

This is the version of a game that I made for the Themebound Game Jam. The game jam ended on May 8th, 2015 at 12AM Central Standard Time. 385 more words

Game Jam

The Typing Of The Horseshit

I am in a rock band. I write the songs and play guitar. Arkwood, my debauched Belgian buddy, is the drummer. Monita – oh, my lovely Hispanic maid Monita – well, she sings backing vocals in the tone of a screeching alley cat. 597 more words


Week 4 Day 1 - Floundering & Finding A Track

Week 3 Recap: Week 3 was a really floundery kind of week … I didn’t really get a lot done until Thursday, when I pulled an all-nighter, and wrote the first draft of the game project I’m working on now.  291 more words

Week 2 Day 2 - I got work done!!

I think the biggest difference between Week 1 & Week 2 is that I feel so much more settled and at home now.  Coming to Recurse Center every day is routine, and it’s familiar.  510 more words

Text To Speech using Python

Arkwood is lonely. Arkwood is sad. Arkwood is also the most vile and repulsive human being on God’s green and concrete-strewn earth. So when he asked me to build a robot girlfriend to ease his solitude, I felt it a duty to society to do so. 678 more words