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Pygame, starting with Graphics

Today, we are officially starting pygame. You will need to run your programs using the command line as Wing IDE 101 seems to not close the window properly when running your pygame programs (you can also use Mac OSX force quit instead). 47 more words


How to install Pygame for Python 3

How to install directly from internet

Before installing pygame, you are supposed to install a python IDE/editor. Most people use Visual Studio and PyCharm. I’m assuming that you already have PyCharm, or other Python editor/IDLE. 129 more words

Piano Tiles - Week 1 (Python)

Hi guys, so from this week I’m gonna start working on my project 2 (final project) for my Computational Thinking course. For this project we were supposed to work in pairs (course requirement). 93 more words

Awesome Geek Gurl Diaries Video> How to program Python pictures with Pygame

Check out Carrie Philbin’s YouTube channel, I am not affiliated with the Geek Gurl Diaries in any way but I think it’s a really great channel with a variety of interesting and educational videos! 16 more words


Bodgers – Remote Controlled Robot With Webcam

Hi everybody, this week we changed from preprogrammed automated robots to remote-controlled robots. We converted our simple Pygame script from last week which controlled a small rectangle on our screens so it could control our robots. 154 more words


Unicorns everywhere - a Gamejam writeup

This blog post is about my first gamejam, that we did some weekends ago. 774 more words



Pygame is a set of  Python modules designed for writing games. Pygame adds functionality on top of the excellent  SDL library. This allows you to create fully featured games and multimedia programs in the python language. 86 more words

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