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This program lets you watch grains of sand fall. The grains shift in color, according to the color algorithm assigned. You also can build bridges to change the sand’s falling behavior. 520 more words


J-Filters III

This filter swaps the red and blue color values. It results in a rather soft image.

The original image (can also be found on my… 434 more words


Whac-A-Mole with Augmented Reality (Mark III)

Toad! Smelly toad!

Never mind that. In my last post, Whac-A-Mole with Augmented Reality (Mark II), I recreated the classic arcade game Whac-A-Mole with some Python code and a smattering of augmented reality. 2,276 more words



This program uses two positions and a color to create beautiful images.

  • ‘q’ saves the current image
  • Space pauses and resumes the image’s creation…
  • 635 more words

JClock V

This alternative clock design may not be particularly readable, but it is nice to look at.

# Python 2.7.7 Code
# Pygame 1.9.1 (for Python 2.7.7)
# Jonathan Frech 27th of August, 2015 502 more words

J-Filters II

Playing around with pygame and image manipulation, I created another set of filters. My previous filters can be found here.

For demonstration purposes I used an image from my post… 1,449 more words


Primes II

Inspired by my Cixel filter, I designed another prime visualisation program.

# Python 2.7.7 Code
# Pygame 1.9.1 (for Python 2.7.7)
# Jonathan Frech 22nd of August   , 2015
#         edited 11th of September, 2015 265 more words