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Jak zainstalowac pygame dla Pythona 3.4 na Ubuntu 14.04

Poszukiwałem dziś jakichś fajnych narzędzi do zrobienia chmurki tagów.  Postanowiłem wypróbować kilka opcji. Moja aplikacja będzie działać pod Pythonem 3.4 stąd i instalowane moduły powinny działać pod tą wersją. 149 more words

The classic Snake game remake in python using pygame module

This is my first time, as i tried my hands on python’s pygame module. I have been learning to use the pygame module for the last few weeks. 98 more words



Continuing with my arcade game replicas, I programmed Breakout.
This version is fairly simple. Your lives will be displayed at the lower right corner, your points in the screen’s caption. 901 more words


Menger Sponge

Normally the Menger Sponge is a three-dimensional cuboid. This program works in a two-dimensional space, so it only shows one side of the sponge.
Because a computer has its capacities, I capped the maximum square count to 10,000. 545 more words


Virtual LCD Using Python

got hold of a Raspberry Pi, a 16×2 LCD display and got down to writing a simple game in Python. Pretty soon, he realized that it was cumbersome to have the Ras-Pi and LCD connected when all he wanted to do was write the code. 155 more words

Raspberry Pi

Breadboard Videogame Controller + Pygame Rectangle Animation

I was inspired to work on a homemade videogame controller for my Raspberry Pi using a breadboard after taking apart two old video game controllers… 406 more words


Circle Mover

Playing around with angles and my getCirclePos() function, I came up with these little entities. They have a center, a distance to that center and an angle which constantly increases. 623 more words