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8 Ball Pool in Python

If you guys have been checking your tweeter, I asked which Android Game should I code as this week’s challenge, and the votes decided “8 Ball Pool”! 308 more words

Coding Is Fun!!

Bodgers – Making Headway

This week our teams started coding their their projects for the Pioneers challenge.

The Zombie Trolls and the Zombie Herders started by playing audio for their Raspberry Pi projects  79 more words


Chain Reaction in Python

So a few days back I tweeted asking whether I should code an Android Game called Chain – Reaction, well their were a few responses, but all positive! 483 more words

Coding Is Fun!!

CP12, Pygame Project

For your pygame project. You have 2 choices:

  1. You can take your project from last year (I have all of your code). And you can continue it and build on it.
  2. 98 more words

CP12, Review Answers, More Pygame

Today, we’ll go over your answers for If statements and Looping.

Then, I’d like you to review the following programs that we ran in Pygame at the end of last year, copy and paste the code into Wing and run them to familiarize yourself with the code, 72 more words


Tough Pi-ano can Take a Punch

There will be no delicate solos for Tough Pi-ano. It was built to soak punishment from aggressive youngsters in musical therapy, specifically those on the autism spectrum and those with Down’s syndrome. 205 more words

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