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Day 3 - Text Editors and Placeholder Art

Now that it’s clear I may not have to make many of the game mechanics from scratch, I set up an intro scene with some stock photos and I’m going to initiate the calendar and farming system from there.  68 more words


Final assignment, Pygame

Well we have finally made it to the final assignment. I am really looking forward to what you will create.

Main Requirements:

  • must have an intro screen, that then goes to an instruction screen, that then goes to the main game (see the instructions program we created a few classes ago).
  • 361 more words

Looking at a couple of Pygame examples

OK, so last class, we looked at the bullets example, think of how you could possibly modify this game to your classic space invaders game: 154 more words


Saving High Scores to a File

Then we will look at how to read and write to a file to save the user’s name and a high score.

Copy and paste the following to your WingIDE: 6 more words


Day 2 - Tutorials

Digging around in the guts of Renpy’s included exmaple game is much less intimidating than I feared. Thanks to finishing Zed Shaw’s famed free Python guide… 188 more words


Adding Text and getting User input in Pygame

Today we will look at adding text to the pygame screen, and examples of instruction screens. Then we will look at taking user input in pygame. 58 more words


Pygame Tutorial, learn a lot and have loads of fun!

Pygame is daunting to look at understand initially. Especially to those uninitiated to programming or just initiated to block based languages like Scratch.

As a part of my work for a summer camp at  343 more words

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