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Python and pygame. First event management. Draw the circle wherever the mouse is clicked.

We remove the loop code and most of the variables that we don’t need.
We just need the code.

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Game Programming

Pygame and Python continued. Draw shapes randomly at random positions on the screen.

This is our next challenge! Are you ready?

Since we would be positioning the shapes at random positions of the screen instead of positions specified by us, we shall use a library for random(a library of code and we can borrow pre-built code from it). 941 more words

Game Programming

Pygame and Python made easy and fun for middle and high schoolers

Pygame is daunting to look at understand initially. Especially to those uninitiated to programming or just initiated to block based languages like Scratch.

As a part of my work for a summer camp at  911 more words

Game Programming

Chp 13 assignment

Your assignment is to modify the basic sprite program from chapter 13 in the following ways:

  • Make the black rectangles into blue circles/ellipses, keep them the same size.
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Chp 13 cont'd, moving sprites

Today, we will continue where we left off on Monday by going over moving of the blocks, chp 13.2. You can follow along here:

http://programarcadegames.com/index.php?chapter=introduction_to_sprites&lang=en#section_13… 8 more words


Chapter 13, Sprites

Let’s fix the sound bug from Friday’s class, login to your computer, and I will come by to run something in terminal, then rerun your file from Friday’s class to verify that the sound is now working. 78 more words