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Curses Cam

Normally a shell lets you input via a text command and outputs via a text message. When using curses you can extend its capabilities and program for example games with limited graphics. 958 more words


14 days left until Sappho “jack-o’-lantern"

Sappho v0.14.0 “jack-o’-lantern” release is due in 14 days (August 31, 2016), with 9 open issues and 11 closed (55% complete). The remaining issues are cleanup/QA/release prep tasks. 56 more words


Creación de videojuego: RasInvaders

Creación de videojuego inspirado en juegos de invaders y similares.

Está programado en Python 3 y he utilizado gráficos de terceros.

Este videojuego lo he creado con el ánimo de aprender Python. 79 more words


My Final Year Project (pt2)

Hi guys! After my previous post (found here), I had many requests to write an in depth post about what I did for my project. 661 more words

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Sappho "jack-o'-lantern," other projects

I’ve been working on a lot of open source lately. The thing I’m excited most about is the new Sappho release, called “jack-o’-lantern.” It introduces efficient mask collision, with a CollisionSprite api, and particles! 139 more words



Interpreting the hour hand on a clock as a two-dimensional object on a plane, the hand’s tip can be seen as a complex number.
This clock converts the hour hand’s position into a complex number, sets the number’s length to the current minutes and displays it in the form . 580 more words


Adding audio to movies

‘Dance a merry dance, my dear boy!’ the judge said, whilst pouring me a generous brandy. ‘And if the gods should laugh, be sure to press record on your tape recorder.’ 463 more words