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Playing around with Pygame I tried to create programs which are pleasant to look at. ‘Rectangles’ generates – as it may sound like – rectangles with different size, color and position. 543 more words


π Generator

Using Python and Pygame I created a program which approximates π. On the square screen points will randomly appear. Based on the distance to the middle the points get a different color. 414 more words


pyinvaders and a Pygame cheat sheet

Recently I had a bit of a blast from the past when I found an old Pygame project. If you’ve not used Pygame before;

Pygame is a set of…

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How to Setup an Advanced Servo with a SBC

These are the items you will need to successfully setup an Advanced Servo onto a SBC that is running on wifi.

You are able to replace the joystick in the picture with a xbox controller you would just need to find an axis you’re most comfortable with. 293 more words


Audio with Python

Arkwood, my corrupt Belgian buddy, has long harboured a wish to be a rock star. He’s done his fair share of auditions, but, alas, rejection is an all-too-familiar bedfellow. 1,154 more words


Arm visualization with PyGame

So, in my neverending quest for better arm visualizations so I can make prettier pictures / videos and improve my submission acceptance rates I’ve started looking at PyGame. 2,183 more words


Raspberry Pi on the catwalk

Anyone who knows Arkwood, my Belgian chum, will tell you that he is a sexist pig. So it came as no surprise when he told me, ‘I have a ticket to a fashion show. 889 more words