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*More commonly known as a dressing gown depending on where you live, what your mum calls it or how old you are.

I spent my first 29 years calling it a dressing gown and switched to housecoat like a disloyal friend, after living with a Scotsman. 361 more words

Everything Else

Time to relax...

So yesterday I spent the entire day in my pyjamas, I literally mean the entire day…

And you know what? I don’t feel bad about it, at all. 389 more words


Kaftan Pyjama Dress

I have just returned from a holiday trip to Malaysia to visit family. While in Malaysia my auntie and grandma took me to a local fabric store.  226 more words

Must Have Cosy Pyjamas

Hello again!

It’s finally the weekend which means I’m ditching my mega ugly work uniform and spending two whole days lounging around in my ‘weekend uniform’…AKA my jammies! 446 more words


moose pyjamas

One of my life goals is to have an entirely handmade wardrobe – you might have noticed. I’m getting in that direction – I definitely have days when I’m wearing only handmade, or (more common) all handmade except my tights (that’s today). 549 more words

Halloween Lust Haves!

Hey Bootiful! Halloween is my fav time of year, it exceeds my Easter and Valentines Day ratings, but ranks below my birthday and Christmas, you feel me? 385 more words