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Mending Is Good For The Psyche!

Between each new project I mend something. I’ve done this for about a year or so and it has really helped me feel like I’m on top of things. 290 more words


Lazy Blueberry Bread

I am an inherently lazy person. Who loves to eat.

This morning, I wanted something sweet and delicious, that was easy enough  to whip up without having to leave my pyjamas. 204 more words


Bed Time Tag!

Winters are for staying in and snuggling! I wish I could hibernate! So, without further ado, here comes the bed time tag!

1. What are you favourite pajamas? 258 more words

I like it a lot!


I though I would share with you some random things I like….because….why not?

Top 10 things I like:

  1. Broccoli (#I’mSoObssessedWithBroccoliBecauseIt’sMyLife)
  2. My dog- She makes snorting noises in my ear which I find rather amusing…
  3. 249 more words

PJ's, appropriate to wear to the grocery store?

I am sitting here getting excited about starting a blog. Pick a name?? What do I write about? hmmmm but I should really get my butt in gear and go get some groceries….clean my apartment…prepare lunches for work…..see, mundane takes over….or I guess we could get all perspective about it and say….this is life, don’t think of it a mundane, but small little adventures that fill our days. 176 more words

Calling All Sleeping Beauties! Topshop Has You Covered

If, like us, your idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon is lazing around in your pyjamas and watching Disney films, you’re going to love these fairytale loungewear¬†sets from Topshop. 134 more words

Disney Princesses