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Oxfordshire to Yangedine (#3)

John Taylor set off from Caversham Rise into an area that was largely unexplored, probably wondering where the road would lead, in terms of his future. 1,377 more words

Shelley's Ancestors

Oxfordshire to Yangedine (#2)

Boats were rowed backwards and forwards from the ship to the shore, transporting passengers and their personal luggage. Then it was 19 year-old John Taylor’s turn to climb into one that drew alongside. 1,661 more words

Shelley's Ancestors

Oxfordshire to Yangedine (#1)

On a cloudy day in March 1841, John Taylor and the other passengers from the barque Sterling gazed on the white sands of Fremantle. Feelings of anticipation or apprehension, or both, may have descended on them as they imagined their lives in the coming weeks, months and years. 1,299 more words

Shelley's Ancestors

Westeros Bastards: Pyke

There was a mad bastard named Pyke
Who when raiding decided to strike;
He wanted more gold,
Demanded tenfold,
So his head went on top of a spike.