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Alien Afternoon

Alien Afternoon

My blog is one year old today!



Petition: making our voice heard

Let’s get behind this petition and make our voice heard.  Numbers are important so please circulate to friends, family and colleagues wherever they may be.  Just click on the link below – it’s a piece of cake! 7 more words

“Peace At Last”

Date of writing: 02/07/2015

I shall begin by apologising for the recent hiatus in my hieroglyphics, which was in no small part a result of my unfortunate accommodation situation, as previously described. 1,325 more words

Transportation | Power Pylons

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Description From Photographer if Any:

By LungWei

Source: 500px.com


Access to Justice in Environmental Matters: the Aarhus Convention

Reading the Aarhus Convention today in relation to Scottish Power Energy Networks (SPEN) Strategic Reinforcement Project I came across Article 6, Clause 3.  This says “… public participation procedures shall include reasonable time-frames for the different phases, allowing sufficient time for informing the public … and for the public to prepare and participate effectively …” 167 more words