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So who is Brandy?

Looking into the history of the Great Pyrenees dog.

This coming Saturday will be one month since Brandy entered our lives and to say he has been a gorgeous addition to our family is an understatement! 1,453 more words


A loving welcome to Brandy!

Yes, we are back up to ten dogs.

Funny how things go!

On Saturday morning Jean and two girl friends, Janet and Pam from close by, went to a $1 Clothing Fair. 430 more words


My Dog Dylan

Dylan is a Pyrenean Mountain dog and believe it or not only 2 years old. We bought him in France when we lived near the Pyrenees. 332 more words


Zack's new jumper

Hubby and I have never bought any clothing for our dogs before. However, since starting Zack on hydrotherapy, we were advised by the hydrotherapist to buy him a fleece jumper in order to keep his muscles warm after exercise. 429 more words


Making his presence known

Zack, our Pyrenean Mountain Dog, is getting well on in years. For a giant breed, his 8.75 years really represents quite a hefty number in human years, although I cannot tell precisely what that would be. 540 more words


Happy 2nd Birthday Elsa!

Typically I’ll be releasing posts every Wednesday but today is a special day. The star of the show, Queen Elsa, turned 2 years old today! Sadly I am not able to spend the day with her so I gave her a big treat last night and dressed her up in her birthday crown and her new Elsa costume. 12 more words

History of the Breed

To kick things off I thought we could all benefit with some background on the gentle giants that are the Great Pyrenees (Pyrs).

The oldest known record of the breed is that of its remains, which are found in fossil deposits dating as far back as the Bronze Age (1800-1000 B.C.). 420 more words

Great Pyr