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27th April 2015: Theme from 'Belle et Sébastien'

Language – French

French kids had the best TV programmes.  This is a joy.


Hey, Zacketty!

‘Hey, Zacketty!’ That is my call and my call only. No one else in our family calls Zack, our beloved Pyrenean Mountain Dog, by that silly nickname. 615 more words

Blenheim Lodge

Our 5-day jaunt - Day 5

I have been writing about our 5-day, 4-night break away over the past few weeks, interspersed with other posts, such as Valentine’s Day weekend break offers. 746 more words

Blenheim Lodge

Our 5-day jaunt - Day 4

Day 4. This would be our last evening away before heading back to Blenheim Lodge the next day. Earlier in the week, in light of Zack’s limping, we had already made an appointment with our vet to see him on Friday. 806 more words

Blenheim Lodge

Our 5-day jaunt - Day 1

On 1st December, Hubby and I set out on a 5-day jaunt that had only been vaguely planned in terms of itinerary. This was the first time we had taken a break away in years as the recession has been hard on us. 839 more words

Blenheim Lodge

Santa Claws - The Christmas Tree Mission

The bipeds decided to put up the Christmas decorations at the weekend. Pippin found himself a comfortable spot for a nap as soon as he saw the bipeds getting boxes out. 421 more words

Great Pyrenees

How to feed a Pyrenean Mountain Dog

I am answering a couple of Frequently Barked Questions about food today. The first part of the post is about the appetite of an adult Great Pyrenees and the second part will tell you about feeding puppies – they eat a lot more! 917 more words

Great Pyrenees