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More Cool S#!t

Eli’s done it again. The kid loves playing with fire.

Based on my observations of Eli and his friends, based on my own experiences, twelve-year-old boys like to burn stuff. 355 more words


Weekend Update - Yarn Store

Hello all,

Just another weekend update from Mountain Hollow Farm over in Tazewell, Tennessee.

This week I spent hours and hours shovelling shit. It was good. 342 more words


My First Metal Band

As a child of the ’80s, there are so many genres of music influential to my early years. There is New Wave, Pop, Punk, Rock N’ Roll, Electronic, Hip Hop, and of course Heavy Metal. 529 more words


Fiction: ‘Firebug’

Skeletal trees splashed with silver and charcoal glare down upon the winding road. If you stand on the very crest of the hill, they look like an army of charred trunks and twisted limbs. 699 more words


Within the Fractures of His Mind

He lived with Her until  she couldn’t stand it so

she relocated him to a room in an old house next to a

gas station … 429 more words

(real) one-hit wonder of the week - “Turn Up The Radio” | AUTOGRAPH | 1985.

On June 15, 2014, Casey Kasem, host of the longtime countdown program, AMERICAN TOP 40, passed away at the age of 82.  From my first blog post (and prolly some more inbetween then and now), I explained how, in 1979, I was a geeky, lanky and somewhat lost 12-year-old living in Central Maine, had a few friends and not a lot of interest in much of anything, but at some point early that year, I discovered AMERICAN TOP 40, and was glued to it every weekend.  1,030 more words