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First Light - Sunday Photo Fiction

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge presented by my old friend Al Forbes.
The idea is to write a short story (200 word max) inspired by what you see in his picture (below). 248 more words

Sound Bite Fiction

1983 – Volume 3 –Pyromania and Metal Health Are Breaking The Chains In Europe.

Being different was a uniqueness when I was growing up and it was the space heavy metal and rock musicians occupied. It was us vs. them mentality. 4,913 more words


The Marvellous Tailor 

The marvellous tailor made cloth kites, montgolfiers, clothing for kings, tapestries for commoners and even bindings for books. Throughout his life he distrusted librarians, rodent shadows, hawkers, linguists and surgeons. 172 more words

Analyzing the pyromaniac

In the wake of the many wildfires that repeatedly torment our planet in the summer seasons, frequently reported so in the media from Canada, the US, Australia and Southern Europe, it becomes obvious that quite often what ignites such fires is malicious arson. 716 more words

General And Other

Getting Too Close to the Fire

There is something intriguing about fire.  Perhaps, this may explain why boys are drawn to experiment and play with fire.  In January of 1983, English Rock Band Def Leppard introduced their latest album entitled Pyromania.  264 more words


2:39 a.m.

Its the dead of the night,

Her mind is a leaking concoction

Of things that ignite.

She walks into her own fire

She dives and she burns… 82 more words



There’s fire in my eyes;

It travelled from my mind.

There’s fire in my mind;

It travelled from my heart.

There’s fire in my heart; 357 more words