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Getting Too Close to the Fire

There is something intriguing about fire.  Perhaps, this may explain why boys are drawn to experiment and play with fire.  In January of 1983, English Rock Band Def Leppard introduced their latest album entitled Pyromania.  264 more words


2:39 a.m.

Its the dead of the night,

Her mind is a leaking concoction

Of things that ignite.

She walks into her own fire

She dives and she burns… 82 more words



There’s fire in my eyes;

It travelled from my mind.

There’s fire in my mind;

It travelled from my heart.

There’s fire in my heart; 357 more words

DC Police Blotter: Pyromania

DYSTOPIA–Around 3 p.m. today, Dystopia College campus police responded to reports of an unusual odor coming from a chemistry lab.

Police spokesperson  Capt. Cranky Lawless said callers reported “a funny smell” coming from the Pearl E. 85 more words

Metal for Friday: Def Leppard "Love Bites" [video].

I’m back from a spring hiatus, and thought I’d give you a rock/metal classic to start your weekend! My choice for today harks back to… 292 more words


Liturgical pyromania at the hermitage

It seems that I’m getting a name for being adept at burning that which is liturgically inappropriate. This time I was provided with a large plastic garbage bag containing a polyester chasuble and stole, replete with some rips and tears, along with a matching green burlap altar… um… sack… I guess… The request was for me to burn them, since I had all the pyro-logistics eager to be put into action. 312 more words