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Metal for Friday: Def Leppard "Love Bites" [video].

I’m back from a spring hiatus, and thought I’d give you a rock/metal classic to start your weekend! My choice for today harks back to… 292 more words


Liturgical pyromania at the hermitage

It seems that I’m getting a name for being adept at burning that which is liturgically inappropriate. This time I was provided with a large plastic garbage bag containing a polyester chasuble and stole, replete with some rips and tears, along with a matching green burlap altar… um… sack… I guess… The request was for me to burn them, since I had all the pyro-logistics eager to be put into action. 312 more words


Story Idea #21 "So, A Pyromaniac, A Clown and An Irishman walk into a Bar..."

Sounds like the opening to a joke, right?


This is no laughing matter.

Today’s story idea is a comedy, action, mystery, murder mashup (Think “Hot Fuzz”). 681 more words


Idiots Guide: The Def Leppard Collection (Full Videos)

It could be easily argued that Def Leppard was the premiere Rock and Roll band out of the United Kingdom during the 1980’s. They were also among the very first groups to have their videos played on the fledgling MTV network rotation. 106 more words

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Do you ever walk down the street and imagine everything on fire? You know, the houses, the trees, the bushes. Because in my mind, the bushes and the trees that are on fire, they’re living. 210 more words

Punk's Not Dead