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Theme II: A Grain of Salt, Advice from a Psychic

By Amy Tiong

I was a bit skeptical going into the psychic reading. I’ve heard the rumors. People have told me things ranging from, “they’ll take all of your cash” to “don’t get kidnapped.” A friend of mine warned me, “Beware. 632 more words

New York University

Confessions of a New Age Failure


My Karma’s hit a snafu

My third eye’s on the blink

My Chakra lights are dimming

And my Guru is a fink


My mantra it has asthma… 109 more words


Who's Provoking Who?

I hate scary movies. Hate them. With a passion that burns hotter than the place that all those scary demons and stuff come from. You know where I mean. 1,024 more words