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My Birth

My whole blog thus far has basically been setting the foundation for what I do next, by allowing you a glimpse into my past. It shows you exactly why I choose Authenticity over any other kind of self expression. 446 more words

Self love

A year ago, I had a reading done by a medium ( psychic that can communicate with those who have passed). He told me that the guy I was with was not “the one” and that I needed to let go of the relationship. 453 more words


Reading The Bones~ A Unique Experience

The first time I heard of a bone reading I was thrilled, and intrigued at the first time~~ a tradition with African, Hoodoo and Native roots, this unique reading brings insight and understanding to current life situations…  475 more words



Remember that poem I wrote yesterday? Well…today I found a single playing card frozen in the lake. Whoa. 🤔

This is not the first time something weird like this has happened…


Book Review: "Dakota Days" by John Green

One thing leads to another…

I found out about Dakota Days by John Green (1983) from reading a book that I had previously reviewed. Who is John Green? 302 more words

John Lennon

Searching for Answers

I had so many questions, and I wanted answers, and wanted them quickly.  I had so many questions about the affair, the end of the marriage, the other woman.  919 more words

Eternal life? Yes please 

So many signs and symbols have come to me lately of eternal life understandings
This is just a breif record of my experiences and views of it ☺️ 383 more words

Food For Thought