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Book Review: "Dakota Days" by John Green

One thing leads to another…

I found out about Dakota Days by John Green (1983) from reading a book that I had previously reviewed. Who is John Green? 302 more words

Book Review

Searching for Answers

I had so many questions, and I wanted answers, and wanted them quickly.  I had so many questions about the affair, the end of the marriage, the other woman.  919 more words

Eternal life? Yes please 

So many signs and symbols have come to me lately of eternal life understandings
This is just a breif record of my experiences and views of it ☺️ 383 more words

Food For Thought

3.30pm pick me up. Don't reach for the sugar, sugar!

The Four of Cups asks you to turn around and look what is on offer. You keep  looking at the same thing over and over again and it is boring the shit of you. 28 more words


Teatime Reading: Aether Spirit

Aether Spirit is another brilliant story in Cecilia Dominic’s Aether Psychics series. I’ve been with this steampunk series since the beginning. Like its predecessors, Aether Spirit… 664 more words

Book Recommendations

Pyscho or Pyschic?

I can guarantee you that every single girl has been called a psycho in her lifetime. Whether it’s because of her personality, her wants and needs, or her lack of trust, I bet you $10 she’s been called a psycho for some reason or another. 438 more words

Magical uses of Bay

Another herb that I always seem to have on hand at any given time I dried bay leaves. I began using it when teaching myself how to cook, and now I use it more often for magical purposes. 311 more words

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