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Beyond Unit Tests: End-to-End Web UI Testing

On October 4, 2019, I gave a talk entitled Beyond Unit Tests: End-to-End Web UI Testing at PyGotham 2019. Check it out below! I show how to write a concise-yet-complete test solution for Web UI test cases using Python, pytest, and Selenium WebDriver. 69 more words


Dummy File Generator released to PyPI

I recently spent some time extending the “dummy file generator” Python project I wrote last year, to be not only a command line tool, but also an importable package you can import into your projects, integrate with your codebase and generate dummy text files during your code runtime. 57 more words


Hands-On UI Testing with Python (SmartBear Webinar)

On August 14, 2019, I teamed up with SmartBear to deliver a one-hour webinar about Web UI testing with Python! It was an honor to work with Nicholas Brown, Digital Marketing Manager for CrossBrowserTesting at SmartBear Software, to make this webinar happen. 631 more words


Tutorial: Web Testing Made Easy with Python

Have you ever discovered a bug in a web app? Yuck! Almost everyone has. Bugs look bad, interrupt the user’s experience, and cheapen the web app’s value. 277 more words


Creating a Python Web Application using Python Flask Part 6: Intro to frequently used AWS Services


  • Create an IAM user
  • Create, Read, Update, Delete a Users table
  • Add test coverage for our new Dynamo and Users helper
  • Add the project to git…
  • 2,383 more words
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Python and the mocking trickster

Recently I needed to do some testing that required mocking out some items to a degree I hadn’t encountered before. The project I was working on was a Django app, but I was developing in a location that didn’t have access to all the items imported within the class I was going to test. 870 more words


Testing Decorated Python Functions

Decorators are a great way of adding functionality to a function with minimal impact on the function itself. On top of that, decorator logic can be re-used on other functions that also require the new functionality. 1,084 more words