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Aum (Om): The Song of the Cosmos and Celestial Harmony

Aum (Om) isn’t just a chant that yoga instructors use to open                                             and close a yoga class. It is the “sound” of the divine energy that reverberates throughout the cosmos. 353 more words

Astrology & Astronomy

The Illuminati "Researchers"

David Icke believes himself an expert regarding the “Illuminati” – shape shifting, pan-dimensional alien lizards, apparently. He’s an expert in his own fabrication of the “Illuminati”, not in anything to do with the actual Illuminati. 877 more words

Esoteric Knowledge

Inspiring (and surprising) vegetarians

I love Rosa Parks. Thinking about the courage and strength of character she demonstrated in racially segregated Montgomery, Alabama puts a lump in my throat. In Alabama, in the ’50s, buses had seats set aside for “colored” people and seats for “white” people. 397 more words


Book Review: Presocratic Philosophy - A Very Short Introduction by Catherine Osborne

In my efforts to educate myself, I have been growing in appreciation of good philosophy over the last decade or so. But I’ve not really looked at it in any kind of systematic way. 1,123 more words

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Notes of Change

Rock and Roll
Epiphany 42

Wisconsin is generally known for being the home of the US football team Green Bay Packers and cheese. The people of Green Bay are proud of having the only publicly-owned American football team franchise as well as the many dairies that produces its fine cheeses. 684 more words

Pythagoras' Theorem

Hello all!

Answer to Wednesday’s conundrum: This concerned a person locked up in a prison cell (if you can all remember that far back). I will outright tell you the answer to this one as I shall explain it throughout this blog post. 712 more words