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The Solar System is in gear

Pythagoras was onto far more than he knew.  He discovered that a stretched string made a musical tone, but only when it was plucked at certain points… 694 more words

How A Handful Of Pebbles Contained The Universe, Part 1.

For thousands and thousands of years, people had only two words for quantities:  “one” and “many”.  Even ancient languages reveal this fact.  When people saw an aggregate of stones, they referred to them as “many”.   497 more words


climate/science deniers excommunicated Galileo

Reading that facts don’t seem to matter to many humans, so they scoff at science I flashed to something I learned in grade school, about the long human certainty that the earth was flat versus those who belived it to be round. 319 more words

Morning Preview

As is well known, there are various references in the ancient Stoic (and other) texts to performing a morning preview to set the scene for the day, and then an evening review to round it off. 1,071 more words


Did Pythagoras Really Exist?

Pythagoras is probably one of the most famous names in mathematics; almost all high school students will know the beloved Pythagoras Theorem. But did he really exist? 275 more words


The Divine Triangle

According Faith Javane, The Divine Triangle possibly originated with Pythagoras, but she has no evidence (she freely admits this), and her book is the only place I have encountered it. 2,179 more words


The Music of the Spheres

The Music of the Spheres

The music of the spheres
Pythagoras coined,
those words he joined,
found a harmony in the planets,
space and random stones, 126 more words

Chimneys And Clouds, A Collection Of Poems By Philip Dodd