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Silence is better than unmeaning words.



"Why I didn't study journalism to learn maths"

I do not remember a single student who I went to school with who loved maths. Nobody loves maths unless you are a relative of the  404 more words

What are you seeking?

A.W.Tozer wrote:

The Greek philosopher Pythagoras divided men into three classes:

  1. Seekers after knowledge;
  2. Seekers after honor;
  3. Seekers after gain.

I wonder why he failed to notice two other classes: those who are not seeking anything and those who are seeking after God.

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Bhaskara for President!

Typing just key into the Search box makes it easy to browse WordPress blogs like this one.   Here, the button (atop the vertical black bar) reveals widgets like the Search box. 617 more words


22 MASTER DAY - 4.9.2016

Happy 22 Master Day – A great day for setting intentions, dreaming big and for writing cosmic orders

Hello beautiful ones, it brings me great pleasure to let you know that… 1,410 more words


What Life is - It's written in the stars (May 16th, 2016)

Looking at the night sky, one might wonder how important one relationship with one person really is. There are solid arguments for the significance of a personal relationship, for the elevation of that relationship above all else. 1,313 more words

Principia Mathematica and Kurt Gödel

Is reality mathematical? The ancient Pythagoreans thought so.

In the last blog, we saw how George Boole in the mid-1800s combined logic and set theory in a new algebraic formulation, which prefigured subsequent advances in statistics and digital computing. 2,399 more words

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