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Volpone and Nano Technology

When Nano the dwarf bursts on the stage in Act 1 scene 2 of Ben Jonson’s Volpone (1605), along with his companions, Androgyno and Castrone, he has an important message for the audience: 901 more words


NOVA "The Great Math Mystery"

“Mathematics is the alphabet with which God wrote the universe.” – Galileo Galilei

This NOVA special is an entertaining exploration of whether mathematics is a product of human discovery or invention.   31 more words

Pierre van Hiele and an interview in 2005

In 2005, Gerard Alberts (mathematician, historian) and Rainer Kaenders (mathematician, educator) interviewed Pierre van Hiele (1909-2010). The interview was published in the journal of the Royal Dutch Society for Mathematics, as G. 1,826 more words

Anatomy Of Holland

A formula for peace

I saw an advert for ‘Educating Cardiff,’ on the television, and was struck by a girl denouncing the Pythagoras theorem and the pointlessness of it all. 137 more words

The Croesus Interview

Of all the self-indulgent figures in history, Croesus – king of the ancient realm of Lydia – figures in the top ten just a titbit behind Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. 1,133 more words

Comedy Fiction

Music of the Spheres - by Mike Overly

What would it be like in an era when music and astronomy were sister sciences?

According to the ancient Pythagoreans and many later writers, all of nature is a musical scale. 146 more words

Music Theory