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Emergence of Mathematics

Over a succession of Tuesday mornings in the spring of 1962 my brother Robert and I met infinity and took its measure. We wasted no time getting ready for school on Tuesdays, because the early morning math class taught by Mr. 1,003 more words

Searching For GSOT

Does a photon experience time?

My brother Ken asked me, “Is it true that a photon doesn’t experience time?”  Good question.  As I was thinking about it I wondered if the answer could have implications for… 727 more words

​“Ok, what does it mean to philosophize”, a friend of mine asked me very recently. Initially, I was not very clear with my answers to him, probably because I was consumed with the zeal to quickly defend Philosophy.

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Maybe the Earth is Round

I don’t normally do prompts, but I like how open and yet directional this one is. So here goes.

“Maybe the world is round,” said a certain Pythagoras, who wandered around his office one day, playing with his beard and questioning everything everyone knew, as was his forte. 596 more words


Is cyber warfare imaginary?

Rule One in hooking the reader with a query headline is: Don’t answer the question immediately.  Let’s break that one.  Yes, cyber warfare is imaginary, but only for a certain kind of “imaginary.”  What kind is that, you ask.  683 more words

Alter Ipse Amicus

It was during the first year of my college, that I learned about a day dedicated for friendship – the first Sunday of August – … 457 more words



Did you know that Pythagoras (yep – the triangle guy) invented vegetarianism, and that before the word was coined in the 1840s, non meat-eaters were known as ‘Pythagoreans’? 908 more words

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