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Rationalism and Empiricism in harmony

Rationalism and Empiricism are two concepts in epistemology that seem to oppose each other directly. The former is based on the concept of apriori knowledge such as innate ideas, deduction, and reason. 520 more words

Aleister Crowley, Pythagoras, and Sicily

I just came across an interesting note from David McGowan: Aleister Crowley’s Temple of Thelema was built not in “Italy,” but in Sicily. This is especially curious for a number of reasons. 169 more words


Pythagoras - A lot more than a triangle

We’ve probably all heard of Pythagoras. In junior high the Pythagorean theorem is a mainstay of math class.

For a right-angled triangle, the square of the length of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the remaining two sides.

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Pythagoreans: Ancient New Age Dirty Hippies

The only thing most people know about Pythagoras is that he created the Pythagorean Theorem…which he may not have actually created. In fact, he might not have existed at all. 584 more words




MANY also of the political actions of his followers are praised. For it is reported that the Crotonians being once impelled to make sumptuous funerals and interments, some one of them said to the people, that he had heard Pythagoras when he was  discoursing about divine natures observe, that the 0lympian Gods attended to the dispositions of those that sacrificed, and not to the multitude of the sacrifices; but that; on the contrary, the terrestrial Gods, as being allotted the government of things less important, rejoiced in banquets and lamentations, and farther still, in continual libations, in delicacies, and in celebrating funerals with great expense. 965 more words