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Haiku III

the crickets do hum

matched frequency frequency

magic in the sound

The Early Church - What Did the First Christians Believe?

In the book, Hail Christ!, dictated by the spirit Emmanuel to Francisco C. Xavier, there are passages on what the early church was like for the first Christians. 823 more words


Geometry As A Religion

Above you can hopefully see a main symbol of freemasonry. There should be a prominent “G” displayed. (If you can’t see the “G” – I had some difficulty with the file – do a Google image search on “Freemasonry”.) 797 more words

Pythagoreans, lore, science... and sadness

Last week, the classics community learnt of the passing of Walter Burkert. I never met Walter Burkert, and I don’t usually feel entitled to write with sadness about people whose paths I have never crossed. 584 more words

Ancient History

Historytime with Abby: Musical Notation

Song of the Week: Ut Queant Laxis - Guido d’Arezzo (Skip to 3:11)

We may take it for granted, but musical notation is essential to the evolution and preservation of music. 558 more words


Day #622:Pythagoras and the fifth hammer(The Misfit)

Pythagoras, the guy who invented the hypotenuse, led a cult of brilliant but sometimes confused mathematicians. They believed that harmonics held the key to understanding how things functioned. 304 more words

The Museum of Mathematics in the Collegius Maius

Another interesting museum located in the Collegius Maius of the Jagiellonian University is an exhibition about mathematics where children can play and learn a lot! There are old calculators from the 20th century… 133 more words