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My Mathematics Blog Abbreviated Statistics, June 2015

So, that was a fairly successful month. For June this blog managed a record 1,051 pages viewed. That’s just above April’s high of 1,047, and is a nice rebound from May’s 936. 608 more words


Pythagoras the Con-Artist

“Pythagoras confined himself in an underground hole and told his mother to tell people that he had died. When he reappeared, he told a lot of marvelous tales about resurrection and the things which happen in the underworld, and, to the living he related a full account of all the companions he happened to meet in the underworld; from this arose the belief that he was Aithalides son of Hermes before the Trojan War, then Euphorbus, then Hermotimus, then Pyrrhus the Delian, and then finally Pythagoras. 225 more words



June 27 – 178

Rhino 5.0. Pythagoras on a shelf. The Pythagorean theorem states that the square of the hypotenuse (the side opposite the right angle) is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.

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That Old Number 7

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Yes, that old number 7.

What follows is a short list I have compiled over many years about the numeral 7. There are literally countless other examples yet these are ones I find most captivating. 1,325 more words

Stars Wheel in Their Courses: Metamorphoses

… and sat among the people

Teaching them what was worthy, and they listened

In silence, wondering at the revelations

How the great world began, the primal cause,

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Post Number 39 (remember, my thoughts are somewhat random)

Yes, yes, that is also my age, 39, or is it 65? Sometimes I get confused…. (my knees, however, are about 102)

OK, seriously, folks… 648 more words

Earth : Sky :: Europe : Asia -- Varro, On the Latin Language, Book V, 31

“Just as all of nature is divided between the heaven and the earth, so too, reflecting the regions of the sky, the earth is divided into Asia and Europe. 138 more words