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Pythagoras & His Cult of Mathematics

Pythagoras is perhaps the worlds most famous mathematician (although perhaps that’s not saying much) and we are all aware of his theorem about the triangles. What people often don’t realise about Pythagoras is that he was more than just a mathematician he was also a musician, wise man and cult leader. 1,779 more words


Two Lessons on Animal and Man, 1: Antiquity


Gilbert Simondon (1924 – 1989) was arguably one of the most original and innovative thinkers in contemporary French philosophy. A student of Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Simondon’s work has has had an influence on a wide variety disciplines ranging from philosophy and anthropology, to media and cybernetics. 1,062 more words


on the modernity of vegetarianism

I am often asked whether I am a vegetarian, in large part because I usually resort to the vegetarian options whenever I have to eat out, due to my adherence to the dietary teachings of Islam 2,422 more words


Mathematics of Consciousness

Can mathematical truths be identical with divine truths? Are numerals possibly symbolic of spiritual realities?

I wonder. Mythosophy begins in wonder.

The spiritual master Pythagoras has come down to us, primarily, as a mathematician and progenitor of the Pythagorean Theorem:  a2+b2=c2… 115 more words


Angka 1: untuk alasan.

Angka 2: untuk opini.

Angka 3: untuk potensi.

Angka 4: untuk keadilan.

Angka 5: untuk perkawinan.

Angka 6: (referensi masih ditelusuri) 23 more words


Circles in a square

A friend of mine sent me this picture some time ago, telling me to solve this. I thought this problem pretty interesting so I thought that I should try to solve it. 221 more words


Your raincoat, babe.

Once you get to the grind, you never really stop. Until maybe when you are 60. Yesterday and today I heard that dreadful Ed Sheeran song and did not flinch. 46 more words