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Music is invented by human, or no?

Some people says, that music is part of the human culture. But what, if music was before people? There are various questions, maybe without rational or logical answers, but with intuitive answers. 450 more words


Funbers 0, 1 and 1.4142...

I’m looking at numbers more closely than anyone really should to tell you the fun facts that you didn’t realise you’ve always wanted to know… 648 more words


3D Pythagoras

I have taught 3D Pythagoras for several years now. Some students have such a hard time visualizing it on a 2D projection, so I’ve been trying to come up with new ways of introducing it. 437 more words


Concentric Equilateral Triangles

The red equilateral triangle side length 4cm sits inside the larger pink equilateral triangle such that the “border” is 1cm wide.

What is the ratio of the height of the red triangle to the height of the pink triangle? 84 more words


Phil. Week 2 - Pre-Socratics, Pt. 1 (Metaphysics)

This week and next will be dedicated to the pre-Socratics.

In Russell, feel free to read the chapter on “The Rise of Greek Civilization” and “The Milesian” school; but I’d like to start with… 216 more words


Broadcasting the Seeds of Veganism - a radio history of vegetarianism

Did you know the backstory to today’s vegan movement goes back at least two dozen centuries? That there was a vegan hermit in 17th century east London… 462 more words