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Without chasing angles

Here is an attractive geometry problem that doesn’t require much angle chasing. A friend posed this problem to me, although I believe the original source was from somewhere on Brilliant.org (the problem may have been slightly adapted). 193 more words


Pythagoras, Bean Counters and Natural Capital

“have nothing to do with the bean.”

We are all familar with Pythagoras who discovered that, for a triangle, the square of the hypotenuse is the sum of the squares of tte opposite sides. 550 more words

Natural Capital

Excerpt from Francis Bacon's Of Parents and Children

“Optimum elige, suave et facile illud faciet consuetudo.”

“Choose what is best, and habit will make it pleasant and easy.”

-A saying ascribed to the followers of Pythagoras, in Plutarch, On Exile, 8 (Moralia, 602B).

Francis Bacon

Bukti Geometris bahwa √2 Irasional

Bilangan irasional √2 telah dikenal oleh Pythagoras dan para muridnya, sejak abad ke-5 SM. Bukti klasik yang mengesahkan statusnya sebagai bilangan irasional berbunyi sebagai berikut: Andaikan √2 rasional, yakni terdapat bilangan asli… 309 more words


Oh Pythagoras

“You shall be a deathless god,
immortal, no longer subject to death.”
– From the ‘Golden Verses of Pythagoras’

What has changed

Since our ancient… 34 more words


Chapter 15 (Oblivion)

One day, a man named Cylon wanted to join the school. Cylon was a nobleman in Croton. He was rich and had high family reputation in Croton but he was cruel, brutal and tyrant. 604 more words


Pythagoras and the Square Root of 2

Pythagoras of Samos (569-500 BCE) was an actual person, but was also the founder of the Pythagoreans. He was a political figure and a mystic. 597 more words