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In Which I Am Insulted By My Reading

So I was enjoying some of my light early-summer reading, Carl B Boyer’s The History of the Calculus and its Conceptual Development, 1939’s feel-good hit of the mathematical history book trade. 331 more words


Distance from Pythagoras

We have a problem to solve, and – don’t worry – it’s an easy one. All we want to do in this post is show the relationship between two mathematical rules. 384 more words


Mathematicians: Masterminds or Maniacs?

Everyone knows about famous math concepts like the Pythagorean Theorem and Newton’s Laws of Motion, but what about the people who discovered them? I’m sure you’ve heard of Isaac Newton and Pythagoras, but did you know that Newton was known for his bad temper, or that Pythagoras founded his own religion? 1,112 more words

4. Greek Philosophy and Mathematics

I find the Greeks surprising: they developed a system of thought that was completely different from polytheism while they were still a polytheistic society.

In faith-based societies, life is governed by fate and magic. 612 more words


Music is invented by human, or no?

Some people says, that music is part of the human culture. But what, if music was before people? There are various questions, maybe without rational or logical answers, but with intuitive answers. 450 more words


Funbers 0, 1 and 1.4142...

I’m looking at numbers more closely than anyone really should to tell you the fun facts that you didn’t realise you’ve always wanted to know… 648 more words