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a mystery solved - no, 2 of 'em!

So, I remembered from my brother’s grade school report on Pythagoras that root two being irrational might not have been  derived from  “can’t make ratio” (irr – not… rational — ratio), but that the little society fervently believed the deities made a beautiful universe that could always be reduced to integer ratios, and so since that wasn’t true of root two, this made them mad and they kicked Pythagoras out of the society adn so Pythagoras started sharing the knowledge which would otherwise have been secret. 204 more words



From 2005-2006 Chinese artist Po Shu Wang created this shapely seven foot sphere. Located between the Texas Tech Student Union building, and the library the piece titled “Comma” contains two knobs that when rung ignite tiny bronze bells within the sculpture. 102 more words

Pythagoras and Trigonometry Revision

I used these cards for revision of Pythag and Trig recently.

They are really nice and there are lots of them so you can decide how far you want to go.  111 more words


Hippocrates First Theorem

Another one from the fabulous Don Steward:

You could of course just go straight for the algebraic proof but it does require a level of confidence with surds.   101 more words

Circle Mensuration

A simple circle problem

My high attaining Year 9 class didn’t quite get this on their own yesterday but they enjoyed the challenge and were able to follow the explanation. 147 more words


Pythagoras on happiness

Happiness consist in knowledge of the perfection of the numbers of the soul

( History of Greek Philosophy Vol I, Guthrie, 164)

Dalil Pythagoras dan Buktinya - I

Berbicara tentang segitiga siku-siku, kita pasti ingat Dalil Pythagoras yang menyatakan bahwa pada segitiga siku-siku ABC dengan alas a, tinggi b, dan sisi miring… 149 more words