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Everything is code, everything is number. And the medievals knew this, of course.

Modern biology has been telling us that all living matter may be reduced to code stored in the DNA. Physics may be reduced to mathematical formulae, which in turn can be distilled down to numbers, the most elusive of all our objects of thought. 286 more words

Numbers: the Great Unifier of Knowledge (Part 1)

Until the utilization of numbers as a tool to measure our world, man had difficulty in making sense of the world around him. Ironically, in modern times students often comment (regarding subjects such as algebra or geometry) that they will never use these classes outside of school. 497 more words


The absent fourth

Εἷς͵ δύο͵ τρεῖς· ὁ δὲ δὴ τέταρτος ἡμῖν͵ ὦ φίλε Τίμαιε…[1]

After the three comes the tetrad […] As a number, it is the completion of the dyad, the unity that returns in itself, the production of the dyad, of the the opposite, that increases itself, the self-equality.

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Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arcsin

A 3700 year old maths mystery written on a Babylonian clay tablet has now been solved and the result means that trigonometry might be older than we think… Live interview with BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.


: popeye was right :

“I yam what I yam, and that’s all what I yam.”
Popeye the Sailorman

The dude was a flipping philosopher. And he was right on the money, too; we are what we are. 297 more words


Pythagoras was known in his time " as a wonder-worker who had a thigh of gold and who could be two places at the same time"

That’s what the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy says, but, can they be trusted? At one time I’d have, without hesitation, answered, “Absofuckinlutley”, but now, now I’m not so sure.