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Silence is better than unmeaning words.



Why the BBC needs to think again about axing Atlantis

*Warning! This post may contain spoilers for those who are yet to watch the series finale of Atlantis*

After watching the series finale of BBC’s… 987 more words

The golden number in Cosmocaixa

In the wonderfull wall full of formulas (already mentioned in this blog) that you can see in the Cosmocaixa in Barcelona, there also is the sacred equation which solution is the famous golden ratio: 785 more words


The Number 2: Dos, Duex, اثنان, Duo, Zwei, Kubili, Hulet

“…in divinity opposites are always reconciled.”
― Walter M. Miller Jr., Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman

In majority of the natural world, man finds his inspiration for the basis of all knowledge that seeks to emanate any level of profundity or depth, any iota of perceived intelligence that, regardless of how ‘removed’ from the natural world (natural denoting wild, relatively uncivilized life), is a direct reflection of it.

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Music of life = Dance of life

The wise presocratic philosopher Heraclitus once said – All flows or Panta Rhei. Likewise daoist philosophers are of opinion that reality can be described as a flow of water. 767 more words


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What goes around comes around. The ancient experiential grasp of physics is reawakening in us today. In some senses it never really went away. Reblogged with many thanks to Arrow of Awareness.

Pythagoras, History , Music, and Reality

Title: Pythagorean Theorem: the Story of Its Power and Beauty

Author: Alfred S. Posamentier

Genre: Mathematic History

Publisher: Prometheus Books

Length: 320 pages

I’m not sure why I picked it up.  692 more words


The Dalí Theatre-Museum

The Dalí Theatre-Museum, opened in 1974, is the largest surrealistic object in the World. It was built on the ruins of the ancient theater of Figueres and hosts the most important collection of Dalí’s pictures and sculptures. 748 more words