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Indian Philosophy and European Science – Pythagoras to Heisenberg

Indian philosophers’ subtleties make most of the great European philosophers look like school boys.
– T. S. Eliot
Firstly, it’s my great love for the country. 2,028 more words


Azimuth | Music of the Spheres

Major celestial bodies, like the larger, nearer planets or lower magnitude stars are easily found in the night sky without much need for computerized assistance or even coordinates. 229 more words


The Cuisine of Sacrifice

I recently finished another of my favorite sort of book, the sort that brings order and intelligibility to a mass of fascinating facts, many of them new to me: … 2,457 more words

Sex & Gender

Be silent, or say something better than silence. – Pythagoras

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Music of the Spheres: Sci-Fi Soundtracks and the Classical Tradition

There has always been a connection between space and music despite their differences. Long before the space opera genre rose to prominence, space and music were both viewed as conveyors of awe and mystery, respective wonders of the natural and human worlds. 891 more words

Space Opera

A Very Brief History of Vegetarianism

When the label “Vegetarian” is uttered most people know what the meaning behind it is but few know of its history and origin, so let’s remedy that with a brief look into its roots and evolution through the ages. 1,208 more words



What is the one thing that ticks you about the Greeks? Is it Aristotle’s philosophy or Greek mythology.  Hercules or Cupid? Or is it Pythagoras, yes… that so common mathematical formula that anyone who’s been a class six pupil can recite to you if woken up at the middle of the night is named after a Greek mathematician? 645 more words

Political & Economic Battlefield