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What is Mathematics?

Mathematics is the science that deals with the logic of shape, quantity and arrangement. Math is all around us, in everything we do.

History of mathematics… 151 more words

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Department of Statistical Anomalies: Texas Rangers Division

Of all of the ‘new fangled’ stats (so new that I read about many of them in the 80’s), one of the ones that’s seemingly accepted is the Pythagorean Record. 708 more words

Baseball Humor

Is the Universe Made of Numbers?

We are not to tell nature what she’s gotta be . . . She’s always got better imagination than we have. — Richard Feynman

Ever since the Ancients developed the first principles of mathematics, there’s been a notion that… 614 more words

Religion & Philosophy


Empedocles (c. 490 – c. 430 BC) was a Greek pre-Socratic philosopher. He thought himself to be a god among men, and as legend goes, jumped into a volcano to prove that he was immortal; needless to say he died. 250 more words

Ancient Greece

Chapter 15 (Oblivion)

One day, a man named Cylon wanted to join the school. Cylon was a nobleman in Croton. He was rich and had high family reputation in Croton but he was cruel, brutal and tyrant. 604 more words


Pythagoras and the Square Root of 2

Pythagoras of Samos (569-500 BCE) was an actual person, but was also the founder of the Pythagoreans. He was a political figure and a mystic. 597 more words

Updated Pythagorean Tables

With the Premier League season drawing to a close I thought I’d go back and see what the ‘Pythagorean Expectation’ for the current league table currently looks like. 273 more words