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Held to High Standard

In the thick of the fighting all that long summer: a leather-lunged voice raised in stern dispute, and a pen worn down to the rachis with writing, Pythia of Mericourt is hounded on all sides, by those who love her as much as those who hate her. 158 more words


Talking dead

I’m outside watering the flowers on my dead dogs grave 3 days ago.  No rain.

I glimpse a shadow shape behind me. I turn and see nothing but sense something near.   222 more words


An Epigram for Daphne, Loved by Apollo

In the Vale of Tempe, ancient voices sang

For a Laurel wreath on a sacred plain.

They praised the noble in the natural,

Where even wild nature once became the same. 18 more words


Pretty running girl, leg sliced

Yesterday-woke from dream about pretty running girls and then morning TV …….once again ……yep……. CATLIN JENNER! HA!

Today’s dream …..sliced my leg almost off….i dono how……….then morning TV……model looses her leg from TSS (toxic shock syndrome). 25 more words


Dad to dog comes true

The may 30th dream came true on may 31st.

My dad fell in the the morning of that day.

red die from his socks stained his sheets and looked like blood that night. 102 more words


Dad to Dog

I woke up crying from a dream……my dad fell off the cellar stairs and turned in to a boarder collie with bleeding feet and then vomiting blood, dieing.   21 more words


With Pan on Her Side

With the recent popularity of the Percy Jackson middle grade fantasy series, Greek Mythology has also grown in popularity among both preteens and their teachers. Fictional treatments of such iconic figures as Jason, Helen of Troy, Odysseus, and even the god Pan have made the Greek myths familiar to young readers in a way that textbooks can’t. 944 more words

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