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So I might be

So the death might be

So we each are

Does anyone win?


We change


trade places


Keep telling yourself that as you watch a body wither




Drabble 5 - Pythia

I have been in love with Greek mythology as long as I can remember. Artemis was one of my first girl heroines (they typically left the story of Niobe out of mythology books for kids), and I found myself loving the idea of living in the woods with a bunch of animals, a bow, and my friends. 209 more words


Podcast: Delphi and the Pythia


A number of years ago, I did a group of podcasts for my students on various themes in ancient Greek history.  This one, about the Oracle of Delphi and the Pythia, was one of the longer ones, about 7 minutes. 33 more words

Magic & Spirituality

Oracle of Delphi aka Pythia

This one is the last painting. After I finish it my job is done.. for a while. I’m considering of continuing this series of mythical creatures/human who have received a mythical status. 21 more words

The wider world (1)

The wider world (1)

‛η δε Πανδωρα μετα της Σοφιας ελθων εις τας Δελφους μεμνηται πολλα καλα. παλαι ποτε ‛η νεανις Πανδωρα ειδε και τον αυτον ‛ηλιον και τας αυτας πετρας. 95 more words

The Wider World

'Pythia' (2015)

I’ve taken to a little abstract sketching too loosen up my work a little, it’s been getting a little constrained lately.

‘Pythia’ – Commonly known as the Oracle of Delphi, was the name of any priestess throughout the history of Temple of Apollo at Delphi, located on the slopes of Mount Parnassus beneath the Castilian Spring. 22 more words