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Through Me Tell The Story

Seven long generations since Landing and she sleeps through the alarm, wakes to find herself alone and abandoned in the ruins of Parnassus, no warm line of her brother/sisters pressed against her sides, no cool voice in the bones of her ear, just a sky swept clean of clouds and a half-finished road churned to mud. 200 more words


Out of body

This was interesting…..yesterday

In bed asleep early AM and I’m asleep I hear my phone ring and answer it, Hi, hows my baby the male voice says.   221 more words


The Medium - Ostraka

When I first looked at the Greek Alphabet Oracle, running through the various phrases and their meanings, my initial thought was, “This is too limiting. A lot of these are about agriculture.” But I was determined to explore it thoroughly, and it didn’t take me long to see that it wasn’t limiting at all, that the agricultural significance could be an excellent analogy for life. 388 more words


Explanation and Disclaimers: The Boring Part

I was looking for an image of the “plain Greek” tablet from which Heinvetter worked, but could not find one anywhere. I’m sure it must be in a museum somewhere, but perhaps I’m not searching with the correct terms. 337 more words


Held to High Standard

In the thick of the fighting all that long summer: a leather-lunged voice raised in stern dispute, and a pen worn down to the rachis with writing, Pythia of Mericourt is hounded on all sides, by those who love her as much as those who hate her. 158 more words


Talking dead

I’m outside watering the flowers on my dead dogs grave 3 days ago.  No rain.

I glimpse a shadow shape behind me. I turn and see nothing but sense something near.   222 more words


An Epigram for Daphne, Loved by Apollo

In the Vale of Tempe, ancient voices sang

For a Laurel wreath on a sacred plain.

They praised the noble in the natural,

Where even wild nature once became the same. 18 more words