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Episode 23: Homeric Hymn to Apollo Part 3 (Conclusion)

We pick up the pace of our analysis and finish off the Homeric Hymn to Apollo in part 3, covering the second, or Pythian, half of the hymn. 219 more words

Homeric Hymn

She Holds Up The River

Slow work, this.

Pythia has need of her, so has stirred her from sleep and set her loose. She leaves the colony behind, leaves the still-sleeping forms of her sister brothers, moves beyond the anserine gate with nothing on her back but the water-resistant coat the sunken ship wove for her and her own rust-red teeth, but it will be enough. 165 more words


oracles of delphi in Chicago, O'Hare

big-woman body on
little-kid legs, how you
belch crudely and
chopstick along

little girl feet in
big hooker heels, how you
chime your bells and… 34 more words



“Know thyself”? If I knew myself, I’d run away.



Three in Canaan

This is Pythia’s one Law: in a closed system, every part has to work. Disobedience means death, if not immediately, then soon, death without appeal or mercy. 177 more words