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Heavy-flavour production in MC

(By Giles Strong)

Alright pal? As promised, here I’ll be going into a bit more detail of heavy-flavour modelling in Monte Carlo (MC) generators. Specifically, b-quark pair production, which was the subject of my research at The University of Glasgow. 443 more words


Gaia-Pythia 2

Well, let’s say, this one is also rather strange.


Finished Gaia-Pythia

Strange painting. Don’t know what to think of it, yet. But it surprises me. And that’s what I always tell my students: “Surprise Yourself!” So that’s probably a good thing. 21 more words

Plutarch on the Pythian Responses



“Why are the Pythian Responses no longer given in verse?”


I. Bas. “You have made it late in the evening, Philinus, by escorting your guest about amongst the dedicated things: I lost all patience in waiting for you both.” 10,466 more words


The Battle of Thermopylae, 480 BC: The Gathering of Armies

The Battle of Thermopylae, 480 BC

Part 1: The Gathering of the Armies

by Ludwig Heinrich Dyck

What nation of Asia, did not Xerxes lead against Hellas? 2,923 more words

Net Article

Pythia, oracle of Delphi

Two sketches, part of the Omphalos Project.

Ink on paper, 12 x 20 cm

Woman lying in a pool of blood

This morning woke from a dream about 4  am.

The short of it is……

A woman lying in a pool of blood still alive and seemed to have face injuries. 63 more words

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