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Delphi and its Sacred Ways

I have a connection with Delphi going back to my Armidale Teachers College days.

Ancient Greece gave such a lot to the world, including architecture, philosophy and theatre. 694 more words


Some cases of Burial Mounds (Part 2 of 3)

After being imprisoned in the cave of Polyphemus, Odysseus states that his name is “Nobody”: this or because the children that faced the initiation didn’t had a real, defined identity, didn’t had a real name and were not yet seen as true human beings or because his former self was dead after the entry in the burial mound (the cave of Polyphemus); or for both reasons. 504 more words

European Traditionalism

Model drawing nr 2

In my research (Omphalos project) I start making realistic sketches of women and then try to change them, make them more “Gaia”.

And I also use different materials (charcoal, siberian coal, acrylic paint, black ink) and different sizes of paper. 15 more words


This one is a sketch made with oil paint. 40 x 50 cm: MEDUSA

Model (drawings)

Some drawings I use for my “Omphalos project” (Earth-mother, Gaia, Pythia, Daphne, etc. etc.)

More to come!

Heavy-flavour production in MC

(By Giles Strong)

Alright pal? As promised, here I’ll be going into a bit more detail of heavy-flavour modelling in Monte Carlo (MC) generators. Specifically, b-quark pair production, which was the subject of my research at The University of Glasgow. 443 more words


Gaia-Pythia 2

Well, let’s say, this one is also rather strange.