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I knew he died

My byf had a cousin with pancreatic cancer. diagnosed 2 years ago. we heard he was close to death as he stopped eating.  I woke up 3 am to pee and as i stumbled outta bed i knew he had died. 85 more words

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Car crash

Dremt an ice covered road, on a hill, a car sliding out of control slams another as i watch. it went under the white jeep like vehicle and tipped it on it’s end, it was slow.   15 more words

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The Oracle - Counselor or Crazy

Everyone loves to hear stories of the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece. Yet little did  we know how crazy these stories were.  On a tour of mainland Greece, I was fortunate  to hear about some of these stories – even some I was not aware of. 534 more words


Through Me Tell The Story

Seven long generations since Landing and she sleeps through the alarm, wakes to find herself alone and abandoned in the ruins of Parnassus, no warm line of her brother/sisters pressed against her sides, no cool voice in the bones of her ear, just a sky swept clean of clouds and a half-finished road churned to mud. 200 more words


Out of body

This was interesting…..yesterday

In bed asleep early AM and I’m asleep I hear my phone ring and answer it, Hi, hows my baby the male voice says.   221 more words


The Medium - Ostraka

When I first looked at the Greek Alphabet Oracle, running through the various phrases and their meanings, my initial thought was, “This is too limiting. A lot of these are about agriculture.” But I was determined to explore it thoroughly, and it didn’t take me long to see that it wasn’t limiting at all, that the agricultural significance could be an excellent analogy for life. 388 more words


Explanation and Disclaimers: The Boring Part

I was looking for an image of the “plain Greek” tablet from which Heinvetter worked, but could not find one anywhere. I’m sure it must be in a museum somewhere, but perhaps I’m not searching with the correct terms. 337 more words