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Databricks for Dummies - (Tech Talk 1 of 8)

You might have heard of Spark and how it’s the evolution of Hadoop… great for processing Big Data…. but have you heard of Databricks?

Think Spark-as-a-service, serverless Spark, the unification of data engineering and data science and you start to get the picture. 112 more words


Python: Digit fifth Powers

Python: Digit Fifth Powers
Projecteuler Problem No.30

This was an easy task and I solve it on my mobile during a brain resting session 😜. I will just copy the problem statement as it is in ProjectEuler .. 373 more words


Python Day 01 : Find All Numbers Are Divisible

Rules :
# find all numbers divisible by 7 but Not a multiple of 5 between 2000 and 3200
# solution should be comma separated on a single line… 30 more words

Post 1

Hey all,

Wanted to give an update as it’s been a little bit since I have posted here.

Previously I was trying to update here daily, but I think that might be too lofty of a goal for right now. 285 more words


Backtesting A Trading Strategy Part 1

How To Scrape S&P Constituents Tickers Using Python

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Backtesting is a tool to measure the performance of a trading strategy using historical data. 1,552 more words

Why is Python ideal for research software development?

Python is showing an incredible growth in many fields, including academia. By enumerating the challenges we face in sustainable research software development and how Python’s unique strengths are catering to them in this video below, I hope to explain this growth and encourage further adoption of python for research development! 43 more words

Python: How Many Primes Are There Less Than 1000?

  • Using Sublime Text instead of Notepad++, finally

Using Python to solve problems is quite fun. You can make use of lists, loops, boolean variables and built-in functions to directly solve a problem. 583 more words