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Azure Key Vault programming with Python

This article shows how to use the Azure Python SDK to create an Azure Key Vault, and  use it to manage secrets. A simple Python-based password keeper tool is shown as an illustration of how to use the Key Vault API. 850 more words


Chp7 Lists in Python and Snap!

Today we will go over lists in Python and Snap!. In other programming languages they refer to them as arrays. We will try to get to the end of 7.5, summing and modifying a list. 13 more words


Backup Multiple ERS Configurations

Here is a python script which will backup the running-config of multiple ERS switches listed in a text file. This script will send Ctrl + Y code sequence to the switch and run the copy command to a local TFTP server. 234 more words


Duplicates in Python #Pythonic

Problem Statement – Given a word you need to check for the occurrence of an alphabet in the word. If the count of the alphabet is greater than 1, it has to be replaced with “)”, else it has to be replaced with “(“.  216 more words


Define: quiz.py

def : to show what the code for the questions look like.

score: to determine the score of user of what he got correct.

questionAnswered :to know what the user input for the question answer. 41 more words