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Emulating Tuple Types in Python

In our previous post, we discussed a method of mimicking Python’s built-in list type. This was accomplished by implementing the methods necessary to duplicate the exact behavior of a Python list (up to type checking). 493 more words


SparkFlex launch script

In my last update, I wrote about what I call SparkFlex, a better way than my old method of launching Spark jobs on a Grid Engine based HPC cluster. 1,602 more words


A bug in object tracking

Hell on earth! I only want to track an object using OpenCV computer vision.

I plug 4 webcams into a single PC (2 webcams on the front USB, 2 on the rear). 128 more words


BitCluster Brings a New Way to Snoop Through BitCoin Transactions

Mining the wealth of information in the BitCoin blockchain is nothing new, but BitCluster goes a long way to make sense of the information you’ll find there. 770 more words

Security Hacks

The Good, Bad & Ugly of TensorFlow

A survey of six months of rapid evolution (+ tips/hacks and code to fix the ugly stuff) using TensorFlow. Get some great advice from the trenches. 6 more words


Automated Astrophotography with Python - Part 1a

The very first step in this process is to verify that Python and Python Extension for Windows are properly communicating with a suitable Windows application. 820 more words


Automated Astrophotography with Python - Introduction

As anyone past the beginner stage of astronomical imaging quickly finds out, an executive software application that controls all aspects of the imaging process becomes a desirable tool. 1,394 more words