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The async framework that calls you back! ✨ Enable ridiculously fast and easy module-to-API transformations. Learn in minutes, implement in seconds. Raw developing speed and ease of use, that’s why. 6 more words

How to write a great Dockerfile for Python apps

In the previous article, how to containerize a Python application, we created a Dockerfile and containerized our application from scratch. Now we really want our Dockerfile to stand out, make it more production-ready, that’s the goal of this article. 6 more words


Waybackpy is a Python package that interfaces with Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine API. Archive webpages and retrieve archived webpages easily. The package doesn’t support second argument yet. 14 more words

Art Finder Run-Through, Part 4

I’ve trained a good logistic regression model, and I gave up on training a neural network because it was taking far too long. Because the entire art finder project will be running on Python, I’ll have to either use my current model, or find a similar model, in a Python program. 1,660 more words


Art Finder Run-Through, Part 1

Given some thoughts I’ve had about what kind of programs I would like to build given my new knowledge of machine learning, I’ve decided to write an exciting program: the program will grab a bunch of artworks from the internet, show them to me, and have me rate them. 474 more words


#1 Learn Python: Data Types

Welcome to lesson #1 Learn Python Data Types. First we’re going to explore some Data Types by doing some simple calculations with math operators.

NO. . 850 more words


TouchDesigner | The Big Bad Ass Lister | Part 1/3

The Big Bad Ass Lister

This one is a different in part because we’ll be looking at something from the TouchDesigner pallet in depth, and also because… 2,645 more words