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Learning To Code All Over Again

This week I took a step back from learning about nonparametric statistics to focus on something that I have been wanting to do for some time. 502 more words

Python: Central Limit Theorem

The Central Limit Theorem is one of core principles of probability and statistics. So much so, that a good portion of inferential statistical testing is built around it. 477 more words


Final Project Report

Internet of Things for RF Noise Measurement


This post will serve as the final report for the project I’ve been working on for the past couple of months. 2,432 more words


Kaggle BNP Paribas 93. Derece (Top %3) Yöntem ve Kod

Çocukluk arkadaşım Alp Yurtsever ile geçenlerde BNP Paribas Kaggle yarışmasında 93. olduğumuz yöntemi ve kodu paylaşmak istiyorum. Bu yarışma bittiğinde toplam katılımcı sayısı 2900 kişiden fazlaydı. 794 more words


Simple Django Tutorial


  1. Prerequisites
  2. Create a Project (Site)
  3. Hello App
  4. Contacts App


  1. Installed Django 1.9+
  2. Above is Running on Python 3

Create a Project (Site)

Run django-admin startproject… 91 more words


Word Cloud - Whatsapp group chats

Word Clouds are pretty common these days, and with massive amount of online text, these become extremely important for intuitive insights

The featured image is a word cloud that I created from one of my Whatsapp group named “Dumbledore’s Army” 386 more words

Image Processing