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Brute forcing the Oracle Password file

If you want to remotely connect to your Oracle instance as sysdba, by default (ie. remote_login_passwordfile=EXCLUSIVE), you will probably use the password file (located in $ORACLE_HOME/dbs) to identify the SYS user. 1,691 more words


Ahhh Daniel Son, “Lights on.... Lights off.... Lights on.... Lights off”

***Coding post – If web/software development isn’t your thing, then reading this post may have the same effect as taking sleeping pills***

…But if your inner geek likes this kind of stuff as much as I do, then enjoy! 715 more words

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Python: parallelism using multiprocessing and multithreading

Have been working with Python since last few months. Was building some small modules. Quite excited about my new learnings. Recently I’d developed a distributed parallel data import process by following the generic… 938 more words


Three different ways of initializing deep neural network yield surprising results

While training deep neural net, there are many parameters to be initialized and trained through the forward and backward propagation. A lot of times we spent a lot of time on trying different activation function, tuning the depth of deepnet, and number of units and other hyperparameters. 263 more words


Mutable vs Immutable

In object-oriented, an immutable object is an object whose state cannot be modified after it is created. This contrasts with a mutable object, which can be modified after it is created.   304 more words


Digital Signal Processing (DSP) with Python Programming download

  • ISBN:1786301261
  • Author(s):Maurice Charbit
  • Publisher:Wiley-ISTE
  • Publication date:2017-02-13
  • Edition:1
  • Binding:Hardcover
  • Volume(s):—
  • Pages:290


The parameter estimation and hypothesis testing are the basic tools in statistical inference. These techniques occur in many applications of data processing., and methods of Monte Carlo have become an essential tool to assess performance. 24 more words

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Goodness-of-Fit (for Linear Regression)

My last post about linear regression ended with one of the take-aways that ordinary least squares (OLS) linear regression can be used on a dataset regardless of whether this makes sense  for this particular dataset. 486 more words