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My first PyPI package

I guest authored another post over at the YunoJuno Tech blog, about my recent integration of our Django codebase witht he BaseCRM API, and the creation of my first PyPI package. 257 more words

run commands shells in python

def run_exe_output_string(run_cmd):
p=subprocess.Popen(run_cmd,stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=None, shell=True)
return text

def run_exe_output_terminal(run_cmd):
subprocess.check_call(run_cmd,stderr=subprocess.STDOUT, shell=True)



I started back up on some of my computer vision projects this past weekend. One in particular was the mosaic and panoramic image stitcher. I had been stuck for some time on the image blending portion, but I had a break through this past weekend. 156 more words

Update: Currying in Python

If you have seen my most recent post about explicit currying in python, you may remember that I hadn’t bothered to wrap my head around trying to use keyword or default arguments. 164 more words

Functional Programming

Python filter array based on multiple masks

I used this in my fft transformed data to filter some wavelengths.

mask =

fftData then will output the filtered results. 11 more words


Random Notes on Python II

In continuation of an old post on Python, I’ve been playing around with an awesome new library built by P. Morissette simply titled BT. It includes numerous functions for back testing and displaying results & charts for daily strategies and lower frequencies. 175 more words


Dealing with deps in OpenStack

We’ve got a problem in OpenStack.. dependency management.

In this post I explore it as input to the design summit session on this in Vancouver. 1,741 more words