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run firefox on a remote Linux server

I have a python script which opens firefox. I can ssh to my mac and run the script without issue. But when I ssh to the raspberry pi 2 (running Ubuntu Mate 15.04) and try to run the script, it shows “No Display Specified” error. 23 more words


Coached Mooc - Introduction to Big Data with Apache Spark



  • Learn how to apply data science techniques using parallel programming in Apache Spark to explore big (and small) data.
  • Study online but work in group…
  • 687 more words
Brussels Data Science Community

Hello SugarLabs!


I have started working as a developer at SugarLabs, those who don’t know SugarLabs is The award-winning Sugar Learning Platform promotes collaborative learning through Sugar Activities that encourage critical thinking, the heart of a quality education.( http://www.sugarlabs.org/) 51 more words


Software Soldering for Physical Computing

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I’ve been turning over lots of ideas as various projects have come and gone.  I think this topic is worthy of a series and I have a particular bent on it that I want to share. 503 more words


SSH made easy with Paramiko

Scripting remote commands via SSH is one of the most common tasks required as part of automation procedures and the Paramiko Python module makes this easy to achieve. 175 more words


Another IDS rule downloader - rulecat

I didn’t mean to do it, but I created yet another tool to download IDS rules, with a specific focus on Suricata.  Like some other people, I’ve always used my own scripts for downloading rules instead of using existing tools, and I finally pulled some of that together and dropped it into my… 320 more words

Debugging PyODBC Install

I had some problems installing ODCB, FreeTDS and PyODBC. I was connecting to a remote MS SQL server using an SSH tunnel. After roughly following… 43 more words