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Using Python with Microsoft Reporting Services (SSRS)

Using Python with SQL Server 2017 SSRS should not be an obstacle, since the framework and the technology is the same as with R language. With SQL Server 2017, Python got a full and functional support for native SSRS. 1,545 more words

XFrames: Another Convenient Python Interface to Spark

Currently, pyspark might be the most popular python interface to Apache Spark. However, the xframes package (https://github.com/cchayden/xframes) definitely is an alternative worth trying. … 261 more words


How to Easily Draw a Horizontal or Vertical Line on a Matplotlib Plot

Sometimes you need to draw a vertical or horizontal line on a plot to mark a certain threshold value or something like that. Matplotlib is a very nice plotting package for Python and is used as the default plotter in… 160 more words


Natural Language Processing (NLP) 101

Below are the excerpts I took from my workbook in Datacamp, for record purposes.

1. Building a Counter with bag-of-words

  • using Python

# Import Counter… 345 more words


Interacting with Plotted Functions Using Jupyter Notebooks ipywidgets with matplotlib

When exploring the properties of an individual function or a system of equations, I often find myself quickly writing up code in a Jupyter Notebook ( 866 more words

Python vs. C++

In the past, I’ve written an article in which the comparison was decided against Python. To be fair, this time I want to select a different winner, namely Python. 1,365 more words