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Merhaba Python!

Üniversitedeyken çok sevdiğim ve değer verdiğim Bayram hocam vardı, bana söylediği şu sözü şimdilerde daha iyi anlamaya başladım; “Dile takılı kalma, bugün java var yarın kava diye birşey çıkar..”. 1,781 more words


I'm Definitely 'Learning Python the Hard Way'. And I like it.

The first time I tried learnpythonthehardway, it was three years ago at least, and I skimmed it – well, not skimmed, exactly; I did read the entire site/book.   520 more words

JA Howe

IPro7 IDE with both PyS60 1.45 & PyS60 2.0 Scriptshell for Symbian S60

Ipro7 v3.20 PyS60(Python for S60) IDE can be used for executing scripts/codes based on PyS60 2.0 as well as based on PyS60 1.45.I find this IDE more stable than other IDEs such as PED,Kaapython as it has separate “Inspect” window  for testing/executing any script.It has also Compilation tools.(See Screenshots) 61 more words


Search a List of Dictionaries in Python


I’m a Network Engineer learning Python, and these are purely my notes. I’m not an expert by any means. Feel free to use any of these examples and improve upon them. 786 more words


Installing TensorFlow with Python 3 on EC2 GPU Instances

“The following steps will get you up and running with GPU-enabled TensorFlow on an Ubuntu 14.04 Linux GPU EC2 instance. It’ll also walk through installing Anaconda Python 3.4, so that all of the important data packages (numpy, sklearn, jupyter, etc) are at your disposal…” 6 more words



This node will retrieve the file path for the current logged in user’s appdata. This begins to be useful when analyzing for dependencies.


Why is Testing important?

Why is writing tests for your code as important as writing code for your product?

We write Tests to check/test:

  • If the functionalities of the code you wrote or added are working properly.
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