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[Errno 2] No such file or directory - kivy-garden windows machine

1. Go to C:\Program Files\Python 3.5\Scripts

2. Open garden.bat on a notepad with Administrator permission

3. replace with belowtext

python.exe "%~dp0garden" %*
after run the garden command from Scripts folder 
>C:\Program Files\Python 3.5\Scripts> garden install xpopup

Connect to Oracle Table in Python

Install cx_Oracle module

> sudo pip install cx_Oracle
> python -m pip install cx_Oracle --upgrade

Python Code

from __future__ import print_function
import cx_Oracle

# Connect as user "hr" with password "welcome" to the "oraclepdb" service running on this computer. 36 more words

Learning Python

I’m going to follow what Gary Vee said, to document instead of “create”… for this blog I’m going to document my life this 2019 onwards. 91 more words

Learning To Code

Another Meetup at Aoyama

Meetup in Wikipedia.

Coding alone most of the time is inevitable when you are a self taught learner, at the same time asking explanation to someone is a necessary part of learning. 196 more words

Work Life Balance

Day 27: Python Pandas Part 1

Pandas is an open source, providing high performance and easy to use data structures and data analysis tools for the Python programming. More details on Pandas can refer to their… 466 more words

Experience Sharing

Connect to MsSql server in Python

Install pymssql module and dependencies

> sudo pip install pymssql 

Python Code

import _mssql
conn = _mssql.connect(server='MSSQL', user='sa', password='password', database='Test')

if conn:
    print ("Connected")
    print ("Not Connected")

def read(conn):
    conn.execute_query("select * from dbo.employees")
    for row in conn:        


Phil 3.19.19

7:00 – ASRC PhD