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Why I use Python

def why(language):
    if language.lower() == "python":
        print("Read Below...")

why("Python") 278 more words
Vecsei Gábor

nullcon HackIM - 2017 - Crypto 2

Below can be seen the information provided by nullcon HackIM for the challenge “Breaking Bad Key Exchange“:

Hint 1 : in the range (1 to g*q), there are couple of pairs yielding common secrete as 399.

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Using defaultdict in Python

Dictionaries are a convenient way to store data for later retrieval by name (key). Keys must be unique, immutable objects, and are typically strings. The values in a dictionary can be anything. 495 more words


Release of shorttext 0.2.1

The package shorttext has received attention for the past two months. A new release is released yesterday for the following updates:

  1. Removal attempts of loading GloVe model, as it can be run using…
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Natural Language Processing

First Game: Python Gin Rummy

I like card games, especially trump (bridge, spades, hearts) and rummy (500, gin, ascending) types.

I like that they take skill but also can be easily taught and have shared rules but variations that add ample variety and depth. 73 more words


Animating, keyboard and mouse events

We will continue on Chapter 10 which is more animating but also looking at how to interact with keyboard and mouse events, follow along if you get a little lost: 186 more words