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Data Science Experience

Apologies in my long time updating, life has been a bit crazy busy at the moment. I have a few entries cached to go, but couldn’t get around to finishing. 111 more words


Spatial join points to polygons using Python and SPSS

A recent use case of mine I had around 60 million points that I wanted to assign to census block groups. ArcGIS was being problematic to simply load in the 60 million point dataset (let alone spatial join it), so I wrote some python code and will show using python and SPSS how to accomplish this. 1,517 more words


Visualizing Generative Adversarial Networks

Yesterday, I wrote about Generative Adversarial Networks being all the rage at NIPS this year. I created a toy model using Tensorflow to wrap my head around how the idea works. 108 more words


xgboost is a very popular machine learning library and widely used (for example on kaggle). However, contrary to a lot of other popular libraries it can not be easily installed with conda or pip. 87 more words

IPython Notebooks

Come into Numpy

ecosystems: Scipy, Numpy, Pandas, Jupyter, Matplotlib, Sympy.

ndarray object:

dynamic size,

import numpy as np,

very fast!

Indexing: 1D, 2D.

Filtering: array

vectorize your function first. 293 more words


#bMonth.py by aesyuga

print(“Hello! I’m going to guess your birth month, using only two questions. Ready? Let’s go!”)
zodiac = input (“What is your zodiac sign? 764 more words