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Video: Will I Get Higher If I Hold In My Hit?

Is it true that holding in a weed hit will get you higher? The answer may surprise you. As we previously explained, it isn’t as simple as it seems. 19 more words

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Q&A: King Complex Discuss Swamp Records, New EP, & More

King Complex is an experimental electronic band that we first interviewed back in April. Since then, they’ve released their second EP, Phase //. We were able to catch up with them to discuss it along with playing in Gainesville, influences and more. 966 more words


Q: How is euthanasia seen spiritually?

Posted:  02 July 2012 (updated: 15 December 2017 @ 16:50) by Jason Remfrey

This is quite an emotive subject.  The lines can seem so blurred when it comes to understanding this topic, trying to determine what is right and what is wrong. 510 more words

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2nd Day of my Blog Tour Featuring Julie Ryan


Today I have the great pleasure of welcoming Julie Ryan on this the 2nd day of my blog tour. Julie has already very kindly welcomed me to her 12 Days of Christmas Blog Tour. 507 more words

[Q&A] How Expensify Helped a Bookkeeping Newbie Manage His Company's Expenses

Expensify customer Hubdoc has (temporarily) handed the bookkeeping reins to a novice – Senior Product Marketing Manager, Geoff Gualano.

As interim bookkeeper at Hubdoc, Geoff has been tasked with learning his way through the company’s bookkeeping tools (including Expensify) and using his fresh perspective to uncover workflow inefficiencies. 505 more words

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Q and A with Mr and Mrs NW

Hi everyone. We thought we’d do something a bit different today and quiz each other. I actually didn’t know the answers to most of the questions I asked Mr NW (we’ve only been married 5 years 😂), so this has been a fun learning experience.  352 more words



Can you handle a buck or a rear better?

I’ve had a serial rearer when you asked too much and my first pony used to buck like stink but i’d rather sit on something that bucks. 47 more words