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Q and A: BCAA Supplementation

Q: Does the timing matter when it comes to taking Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s)?

A: You need ALL of the amino acids (aka, protein) for protein synthesis to occur.  176 more words


Ask me anything

As part my celebration over The Game Begins reaching 16th in its category  on Amazon, I’ve set up the giveaway, but I still don’t feel like that’s enough. 87 more words


Fun Question Tag

I’ve realised that you don’t actually know a lot about me and then I saw this tag of my friend, Liv’s blog (https://bubbloflife.wordpress.com/). It was really fun to read so I’m going to do it as well. 509 more words

Duncan Storrar Once Had Overdue Library Book

A special investigation by The (un)Australian has revealed that so called Q&A “hero” Duncan Storrar is a late library book returning fiend whose opinions on the inequalities of the Australian economy can now be safely disregarded. 291 more words


Q&A - Answering Your Questions!

Hey everyone!

I recently posted asking if you could comment some questions for me to answer! Thank you to everybody who did, they were all great questions. 948 more words


What is Duncan Storrar really asking for?

Q and A audience member Duncan Storrar has become an online sensation after questioning the government lifting the upper end of the 32.5 cent tax bracket to help out people earning more than $80,000 a year. 504 more words