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Quilting Season Again 3

Don’t like the black quilting, but like the design of both the quilting and the applique.


Quilting Season Again 1, 2

I was trolling through project files and found a heap of files titled¬†Quilting Season 1, 2, Jan 2005, 2A … I cleaned some up and put them in the ZZZZZ Used Projects folder, leaving just one active. 56 more words


Kelly's Custom Quilts 6

I love it!

I would do more quilting … but boring stuff like cross hatching or straight parallel lines in matching thread.


Lovin' Spoonful 25, 26

I am planning a quiet day of recuperation, leading up to another weekend of celebrations with the extended family mob next week.

During this week I am going to share designs from some of my favorite project files. 16 more words


Pecinta Kopi Pahit

Menurut gue kopi itu pahit dan kenapa orang suka?

Kopi itu mahal  tetapi kenapa petani kopi masih susah?

Silahkan komen di kolom komen ya !!!


Ferns and Flora 10

Love it.

The quilting is not really distinct, but if it was a real quilt and quilted in thread similar, or the same, as the background, the quilting wouldn’t be very clear in a photo, and needs light from the side for the quilting to be seen clearly anyway … and that is what I love about quilting!