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Paper Towns: Movie Review

Quintin ‘Q’ Jacobsen believes that people get one major miracle in their life, and his just happens to be that his neighbour just happens to be the legendary Margo Roth Spiegelman. 306 more words

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"Paper Towns," a (Possibly Spoiler-Free!) Review

On Friday, July 24, Danielle texted me, “Paper Towns is today. When are we going to see it?” To which I replied, “Yes, how about Sunday?” Bing, bang, boom, we had plans to see the latest John Green novel-turned-film. 1,181 more words

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Should be written like so: June quarter of 2009. When the quarter modifies another word (in the following example, figures), hyphenate and bring the year to the front: … 11 more words

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When quoting someone, use double quotation marks. If ever a quote appears within a quote, use single quotation marks there. Example: According to Julio, “She said, ‘I need the report today.'” 44 more words

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Punctuation belongs within the quotation marks more often than not. The ONLY time it should be outside the quotation marks is if it applies to the sentence at large, rather than the quoted matter: … 12 more words

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