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Paranoia is a normal operating mode for the human mind.

Sad, but true. Case in point: I was sick recently. The details aren’t important for this discussion, so I’ll spare you the unpleasantness. 455 more words


Still Standing

Look, I know you’re getting bored with the Bay Bridge. I sympathize. But really, that’s just what Caltrans wants. “Let’s just keep dragging this mess out. 990 more words


8 questions

21. Who has influenced you the most?-Probably my mom. Hearing her struggles from before I was born, how important my birth was for her, and how amazing she’s been during my life, makes me so thankful to have her. 381 more words


9 questions

12. If you had to choose between using Internet Explorer forever, or permanently using an AOL e-mail address, which one would it be? -Cringe!! Can I be selfless and give both options to someone else, teehee. 251 more words


11 questions

1. Who are your top three lady heroes?-My mom, my aunt, and Lea Michele. Strong women who’ve been through a lot.

2. When you were little, what did you want to be? 322 more words


Have what it takes to become a UI Designer!

So you all know that this blog is closely linked to the creative industry.

As a final year undergrad, I’ve been starting to think about my future career options in digital marketing. 600 more words


Going Up!

Today’s post is a bit later than usual because I spent my morning wandering around San Francisco looking at the construction.

Not that I’m a construction fanatic* by any means. 678 more words