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Microbeads - Helpful for the skin, or Deadly to the World?

Browsing around the skincare world, I noticed that Western skincare products had these little tiny beads in their cleansers to buff away the dead skin cells. 636 more words


Q&A with Anthonay [ 9 ]

I’m slowly becoming more and more lazy; I’ll try and schedule these posts to publish at 8AM via WAST rather than whenever. But alas, I’m back again with another Q&A with Anthonay where every Saturday, I will answer your beauty, off-topic, stupid or thought provoking questions. 1,279 more words


Weird Questions Tag!

* not my photo I found it on Google so credit to whoever made it.*

Hello Muffins!
So recently I have seen this tag floating around and it seems like fun so I thought I would share my answers to the weird question tag. 840 more words

Q&A with Anthonay [ 8 ]

Welcome to Q&A with Anthonay, where I answer your beauty, off-topic stupid or thought provoking questions every Saturday. You guys have sent a lot of questions through messages these days haven’t you? 973 more words


25 Beauty Questions Tag

With my daily blog stalking of DorkChops, whom, might I add, is my inspiration, I came across a tag, called the “25 Beauty Questions Tag” which I thought would be fun to do, and give you guys a little insight to my makeup life. 1,486 more words


Update - I'm a Workaholic

Throughout my posts, I’ve mentioned I work, a lot. One, as a kitchenhand, and second, as a beauty angel at a cosmetics store called Cosmehut. Both are located at Westfield Carousel. 353 more words


Having a real-life stunt double…

So as some of you may already know, I have a twin sister called Jess. Whenever I tell people this, I am instantly bombarded with what I call fondly as “the questions”. 638 more words