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The Twelfth Month's 12 bloggerz!

Rory is the mastermind behind this series.  There are some cheeky questions this time.
You can find out more by clicking on the link below: 573 more words


The Guilty Reader Tag

Happy December, fellow book lovers! I haven’t done a book tag in a while. Mostly because people don’t tag me. I love to blog and read other blogs, but I’m not as active as I’d like to be. 541 more words

Book Blog

Questions 3: Being an Author in 2020

Coming to the end of a very strange year, I was thinking of something I could do for the December Thursdays.  I began to think about how writing, reading, publishing, and the whole thing took a very odd turn thanks to Covid-19.  135 more words


Q&A | Sive

“I think particularly during the early days when everyone was locked down, there was a real intimacy and sense of togetherness with online gigs, and so I loved having the banter in between songs and taking a shot at whatever it was people wanted to hear.” 349 more words


[Q&A] Taylor Curreysmith (Fight Item Run: A Pixelated TTRPG)

Whimsy Machine#9283
I’m Taylor Curreysmith and I publish games as Whimsy Machine Media.

Whimsy Machine#9283
My pronouns are he/him. I work a day job (reason why I was late today) and so ttrpgs are my side hustle/passion project. 4,422 more words


12 Bloggerz - Random Questions for a Random Reason

Here’s a fun one! 12 random questions…a get-to-know-you, of sorts. Challenge offered by, A Guy Called Bloke. Follow the link to participate :) https://aguycalledbloke.blog/2020/12/02/12-bloggerz-december-2020/ 557 more words


12 Bloggerz -- December 2020

Rory, over at A Guy Called Bloke, has this monthly “thing” he does where he poses 12, oh I don’t know, irreverent questions. Here is what he is asking us this month. 971 more words