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Breaking Free: Una Familia Segura Author Q&A with Annie Hughes!!!!

Author Q&A for Breaking Free: Una Familia Segura

  • When creating Anna did you ever play around with the age on her character or did you instantly know she was going to be in her late teens?
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Ring of Honor will NEVER be able to compete with WWE - Here's Why

Being a journalist myself, I always keep a watchful eye on the news of wrestling. From all the rumors to the updates, I have to get myself clued up on the backstage goings-on in the world of wrestling… even if it does get me in a right mood sometimes doing so. 1,144 more words


"Why is Hamlet's father also named 'Hamlet'?"

About a week ago, my younger brother asked me quite earnestly why Hamlet and his father have the same name. When I read Hamlet, it never occurred to me that the double name could have any special significance: after all, it was common enough in the Middle Ages and afterward for sons to be named after their fathers. 626 more words

William Shakespeare

Q + A vol. 1

What is your favorite color combination?

Orange & Pink

How do you prefer the pillow you sleep with?


Do you garden?

Yes. Absolutely. As much as possible. 308 more words


Reader mail, the "Armageddon's Arrow Edition," #2.

All righty, then.

As I did about a month or so ago, I got another e-Mail from a reader of Armageddon’s Arrow containing a question that I think makes for good blog fodder. 696 more words


Matthew 9:20-22

Pastor John,

If the woman with the blood disease, in Mathew chapter 9, had said within herself, “If I could only see Him, I shall be whole”, Instead of,  “If I may but touch His garment…”  would she have been made whole when she saw Him? 133 more words