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Papucho at National Library in Santiago 

It was seventy degrees in Santiago and my dad and I sat down in my sister Pauly’s living room when I began tying away. 1,521 more words



Again, I know this was meant to be posted two months ago. It’s May now. It’s actually the 22nd when I’m writing this, so it’s Indy’s birthday! 1,059 more words


A few people have asked me to make a Q&A video. Here is my attempt at an #AskCam Thanks so much to everone who sent in a question I am really sorry if your question didn’t make it into the video this time but I am sure I will do another video similar to this! 41 more words


Ask The Author

I’ll be fielding interview style questions for the next week and publishing the answers for selected questions on this post next sunday. Anything regarding my currently published works, future projects, or writing in general are acceptable. 34 more words


Where Have I Been?!?

Hey guys!

So i am really sorry for not writing a blog post in about 2 weeks! If you don’t already know it is currently exam season here in England and i have been up to my eyeballs in studying and exams and other stressful stuff. 131 more words


College TAG!

Hello there again! I am back for another tag question. This time, it is about college life. College is a roller coaster ride, for me. You laugh, cry, scared, and any other feeling you have when you ride a roller coaster. 345 more words