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Q&A: Why is groundwater a major issue in the Middle East, despite many projects being located in desert environments?

Dewatering the Desert 
Despite being in a climactic environment where summer temperatures can reach in excess of 120 degrees, groundwater is generally very close to the surface in many developed cities throughout the Middle East (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Doha, and Jeddah, in particular).   474 more words


December Q&A

You ask—we answer!

  • Is it “Oh, dear” or “Oh dear”?
  • Is there a difference between recur and reoccur?
  • Does a comma go after the year in a month-day-year date?
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Q&A: Aaron Lerma


My name is Aaron Lerma, I’m a Science Fiction/Fantasy author! I was born in the Midwest (Poplar Bluff, Missouri) to a family with a rich hispanic heritage that I cherish very much. 942 more words

Q&A: Tammy Ferebee


Tammy Ferebee, or Tams to her friends, lives and writes in Baltimore, Maryland. She is the proud mother of two, a hardworking grad student, and of course, has a deep love for writing. 707 more words

Brillz, Party Favor, Ghastly and Willy Joy @ Soundgarden Hall.

Text and images by Dylan Long.

Brillz and his gang of beat freaks, the Twonk Team, made their way to Soundgarden Hall on Saturday to launch fans into another dimension of utter weirdness. 981 more words


Countdown to Christmas: Daily Posts! + Xmas Tag

Hello my lovelies! It’s been a while, sorry about that. But I’m excited to announce my Countdown to Christmas project! A post everyday from December 1st until 24th. 336 more words


Question of the Day

Just wondering , what do you say to your crew after a training session and they say “Thanks cox”?

Alright, this probably sounds really dumb and I  331 more words