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You Asked, The Gymternet Answered

It’s time for the 136th edition of You Asked, The Gymternet Answered! We apologize if we haven’t gotten to your question yet, but we try to answer in the order in which they were received (unless they are super relevant and need to be answered in a timely manner). 2,480 more words



A couple of days ago on my Instagram, I asked people to comment some questions for me to answer on a blog post. This is the blog post. 1,457 more words


Book Review - Q&A by Vikas Swarup

It’s okay if you haven’t heard of Q&A by Vikas Swarup. I certainly hadn’t before. But I’m sure you’ll know the movie adaptation of this book: it won 8 out of the 10 Academy Awards it was nominated for, and was a critically acclaimed success, raking in over 300mil against a budget of 15mil. 686 more words


1k Q&A | Instagram Edition

Hello everyone,

I can’t believe that I hit 1k!!!!!!!!

These questions are from instagram but I also wanted my readers input to so if you’d like, you can comment a question below and so there is a part 2 to this Q&A.

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Q&A: Financial Analysis and Valuation Books

Someone who reads the blog emailed me this question:

Hi HurricaneCap!

I’ve been following your Twitter handle and blog for quite some time now, and have to say, it’s an amazing repository of knowledge. 503 more words


The Liebster Award

I was very surprised on Thursday to win the Liebster Award! As I haven’t written on here for months I was absolutely shocked! The Liebster Award is awarded ‘to bloggers, by bloggers’ as my friend Jocy put it. 924 more words


The A-Z Tag!

Hi everyone! I hope your week went really well! Mine kinda did…just the boring old usual really. Nothing much to report on that front!

This is one of the last posts in this avalanche of tags, The A-Z tag. 330 more words

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