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When do you know it is time to let go of him?

When do you know it is done?

Or when do you know that “he is just not that into you”?


10 little notes 

Yesterday I was was thinking about all you readers , and realized that you hardly know anything about me! I think I’m confident enough now to tell you all a few facts about myself because I believe an author and reader should have a relationship. 507 more words

Dan Alexe | Cabale à Kaboul

Poiecția filmului Cabale à Kaboul de Dan Alexe
sesiune de discuții
marți, 19 mai, ora 19.30
în Dianei Patru

Dan Alexe
Radu Jude


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Liebster Award!

Dear Readers,

So, even though I’ve already posted today, I was reading through the blogs I followed and I noticed I had been nominated for the Liebster Award by my friend over on her blog… 800 more words

Changes to Event Details + Registration Format

We have recently re-worked the way in which we provide our community with all the important information pertaining to our monthly events!

Hike Date Information + General Stats: 120 more words


What Is your Family Tradition!?

“I’d eat my hat” if your family doesn’t have a recipe they have passed down for generations! For mine it is my aunt’s apple and sweet potato casserole that is at every thanksgiving since I can remember! 70 more words