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Q&A: White Collar Crime

What have you done to most qualify you as a white-collar criminal?

Uhhh… I have no idea.  I was late paying my taxes once?  I got nothin… 13 more words


Q&A: Crimes

What’s the worst crime you have ever committed?

Speeding.  And I got caught.  Goddamn speed cameras…

Check out The Llama’s answer and post your own in the comments!


Q&A: Death Penalty

What is your strongest argument against capital punishment?

I can’t put this any better than John Oliver did last year.  Enjoy.

Check out The Llama’s answer… 31 more words


Get To Know A Twenty Something Girl | Travel Q & A

Well its been a whole month since my British adventure came to an end and upon arriving home, as per tradition, I got the flu! Is this something that happens for anyone else when they travel? 1,133 more words

Adventures Of A Twenty Something Girl

Q and A Tag

Hai world,

The awesome bloger A Teenage Diary Online ominated me to do this Q and A tag thingy so go give her some love as she has an awesome blog and she’s an incredible person. 620 more words


[Flashback] I didn't shit myself today, where's my pat on the back?

Call me a narcissist, but jeez Laura-past can make me chuckle. Do the funnies, like beauty, fade with age? I know both of mine are. 605 more words

Old Things