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Kenangan Terindah

Although those 4 months of teaching primary school kids seem like so much work and pressure, I truly enjoyed it. I guess because teaching is indeed my passion. 278 more words


Tingkatan Qolbu Manusia - Said Aqil Siradj

Menurut Said Aqil, hati ada 5 tingkatan yakni:
Basyiroh  –>  Dhomir  –>  Fuad  –>  Asror  –>  Latifah

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Indonesia masih harus berbenah untuk membangun. 292 more words


...For Whom the Wedding Bell Tolls... It Tolls for Thee

It is that time of the year again! Happy times and free makan as the wedding bells are ringing, everywhere in Malaysia, now. A joyous occasion shared with families and friends. 529 more words

Master Minda

To run, or to endure.

Allah, the Most Loving, the Most Merciful.

Three types of Sabr, when mastered, we could be qualified as a member of the mu’minoon whom Allah loves dearly. 636 more words


Truly in the hearts..

Truly in the heart there is a void that can not be removed except with the company of Allah. And in it there is a sadness that can not be removed except with the happiness of knowing Allah and being true to Him. 51 more words


Secrets of Heart Part.2

The Voice of The Heart

It does speak, your heart, and it says valuable things most of the time.

When I first heard, or actually read, that expression “The Voice of the heart”, I thought it is just a hypothesis by the author to add some drama, or to make the boy’s journey worth taking. 626 more words